KaiserTone - Audio Player Music App Review (iOS, $9.99)

  • Category: Music
  • Publisher: CyberFort LLC
  • Updated: Oct, 22 2013
  • Version: 1.0.5
  • Size: 17.31 MB

Languages: English, Japanese

Seller: CyberFort LLC

1. FLAC files support.
(1) Maximum 192kHz/32bit as high resolution sound source input data format
(2) If the sound source file has the lyrics and album art images, display them
2. Additional support for the sound files within folder by the Zip file to the Hi-Res DB.
3. Added a function to display the sample rate, sample bits, etc of playback song into the playback position slider of vertically oriented screen.
(The display on-off is switched by tapping the playback Song Title)
4. some fine adjustment

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With KaiserTone, Let you enjoy more luxurious music life.

1. Enjoy the best sound quality.

This Amazing Quality Sound Engine II (with Equalizer) that evolved further has been focused mainly on developed its sound quality.
The engine is very fast to pursue a high-quality sound with the frequency of more than 4000. This Sound engine II is also supports playback and output of songs hi-res sound source to 192kHz/32bit.

This engine performs equalizer, virtual surround, cross fader, and gapless, and reproduces your favorite songs with your favorite high-quality sound.

*In order to demonstrate the high performance in Dual Core CPU, this engine has been developed an optimal algorithm, and have been made the optimization process.

* It is for the music files that are stored in the iPhone.
( iPod Library & Hires DB )
iPod Library: Songs which can play on Apple Music Player
Hires DB: FLAC(8k〜192kHz/8〜32bit), WAV(8k〜192kHz/8〜32bit), AAC(8〜320 Kbps), MP3(8〜320 Kbps)
* It might not to play a song which is DRM protected music.
* Compatible models:iPhone5s, iPhone5c, iPhone5, iPhone4s, iPod touch5

2. Enjoy good design of operability.

KaiserTone has a cool design and good operability.

3. Enjoy the many features.

.Playing Option
- 4 mode of continuous playback
- Shuffle On/Off
- Spectrum Analyzer (include Stereo-Mode, size, form, and snow)
- Switch Speaker, Headphone, Bluetooth, AirPlay, Dock
- Twitter NowPlaying
- Sleep Timer (10 min. Until 8 hour)

.Volume, Sound Quality
- Fine volume control,
- left and right volume control
- Virtual surround presets dialog display
- Graphic equalizer display
- Equalizer Presets dialog display
- Digital Output Max(Max. 192kHz/32bit)

.Selection List
- Playing list, and Selection list by Artists, Albums, Songs, Genres, Playlist
- Selection List screen of the player feel like the iPhone Music player.
- "Shuffle" also at the top of the song list.
- Song list are displayed in the order of the title.
- If you tapped "All songs" from the list of artists, albums or genres, the order of the list that is displayed is the album order. Then, the order of the songs in each album is the track order.
- "Search" also at the top of the artists list, albums list or songs list.

- Design theme(24 colors)
- Status Bar On/Off
- EQ mode
- Silence Detection (Automatic skip for three seconds or more consecutive silence parts)
- Automatic Dynamic Limiter, Noise Reduction, Cache
- Spectrum Analyzer(Stereo-Mode, size, form, and snow)
- Album artist
- Crossfade (0 sec until 20 sec)
- Changeable Swipe commands to right and left On Album Art View
- orientation of the player screen(Automatic, fixed vertical and fixed horizontal)

- Preset(default): Normal, Perfect, Rock, Rap, Metal, Country, Jazz, Acoustic, Classic, Blues, Oldies, Reggae, Opera, Speech, Bass, Mid, Treble
- Graphic Equalizer: (5 Band/10 Band/20 Band/30 Band/Spline)
Range: -12dB ~ +12dB. ( Minimum Step: 0.1, 0.5, 1.0dB (Selectable) )
You can use all five types.
- Beginner (5 Bands)Frequency band: 100/315/1.25K/3.15K/8KHz
- Average (10 Bands)Frequency band: 32/64/125/250/500/ 1K/2K/4K/8K/16KHz
- Expert (20 Bands)Frequency band: 32/44/64/88/125/ 177/250/354/500/707/ 1K/1.41K/2K/2.82K/4K/ 5.65K/8K/11.31K/16K/22.62KHz
- Master (30 Bands)Frequency band: 25〜20KHz
- Spline (Free Curve)Frequency band:32〜16KHz
- Virtual Surround (Reverb, Soundscape with a live feel): Seven presets
- Operation headphone controller / Bluetooth
- Speakers, headphones, Bluetooth, AirPlay, Dock output support
- Album Art Display
- Gapless playback
- Crossfade (0 sec until 20 sec)
- Automatic pause/playback then ringing
- Automatic pause/playback then Headset Plug out
- Lock screen display
- Background Playback
- URL scheme support (kaisertone://)
- Show Lyrics (If there is a lyrics in the song file)

Customer Reviews

  • Wow..Blown Away!!!

    by christopher ramoutar

    I had already owned the SuperLoud Amazing EQ app with the first sound engine, but this takes it to a new level! I mean so much cleaner and precise. But I have a questions how do you add the Hi-Res tracks to your iPhone?

  • Unbelievable!!!!!

    by Ty246618

    This app by far out performs all others! It's amazing!!! My only grip would be the clunky GUI and noise reduction needs tweaking abit. Money well spent! Cheers!!!!

  • Very nice!!

    by dcastleo

    Really nice equalizer! Love the 30 band equalizer. I wish the text color would change for lighter colored themes. Overall, a very nice music player.

  • kool app

    by cleme mf

    really koo app its got great features just that the eq buttons r a little big and confusing to use at first but besides that it has good audio quality

  • Solid

    by Girald

    This is a very good app. I'd recommend it to anyone who has gotten a good taste for music

  • more work in app!!!

    by vary badzdfvzdfgzfdgz

    not bad , beter then power amp not same,,

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