Amazing Quality Equalizer - SuperLoud Essential Music App Review (iOS, $4.99)

  • Category: Music
  • Publisher: CyberFort LLC
  • Updated: Oct, 22 2012
  • Version: 1.2.8
  • Size: 17.39 MB

Languages: English, Japanese

Seller: CyberFort LLC

.Fine-tune the sound engine
(CPU utilization down and performance up, sound quality improvement, electricity consumption reduction)
.Adjustment of the music selection list screen
.Add preset to surround
.Supports playback elapse time display of the Control Center of iOS7
.some fine adjustment

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Let you enjoy the best sound quality!
Sale Today for "celebration Hi-Res on KaiserTone of sister product "! (Normal price USD9.99)

This Amazing Quality Sound Engine (with Equalizer) that evolved further has been focused mainly on developed its sound quality, so the default value set to the best sound quality for each device. (If you prefer the engine for UI smoother than focusing on the sound quality, please refer to the sound quality section.)
*It is for the music files that are stored in the iPhone.

*SuperLoud Essential produced for iPhone5s, iPhone5c, iPhone5, iPhone4S, iPhone4 and iPod touch5, iPod touch4. (For the other models, Recommended : 800MHz CPU or faster)
*The full performance at Dual Core CPU.
*Amazing Quality Sound for iPhone5s, iPhone5c, iPhone5, iPhone4S, iPod touch5. (For the Dual Core CPU)
*High Quality Sound for iPhone4, iPod touch4. (For the Single Core CPU)

SuperLoud Essential is for Rock, Pops, Classic, Jazz and more sound. Make a sound without distortion by Dynamic Limiter, even if you adjust Bass sound level to maximum.

Following is recommended to use.
* High quality sound is wanted.
* Sound of your choice, enjoy the song.
* No distortion sound by equalizer.
* Favorite song with equalizer when you driving.
* As a live from studio sound source, enjoy the virtual surround.
* Work / school in a rush, want to change the sound and listen better.
* Practice of music, listen easier your part sound.

This Audio Player has the 5 Bands/10 Bands/20 Bands/30 Bands Graphic Equalizer, Spline style Graphic Equalizer and some preset equalizers. SuperLoud Essential allows you to change the sound effects what you like.
It is also you can create any preset-data by Graphic Equalizer.

Preset: Normal, Perfect, Rock, Rap, Metal, Country, Jazz, Acoustic, Classic, Blues, Oldies, Reggae, Opera, Speech, Bass, Mid, Treble

Audio File type: AAC(8~320 Kbps),MP3(8~320 Kbps),AIFF,WAV,Songs which can play on Apple Music Player (default player in iPhone, iPod Library)
*It might not to play a song which is DRM protected music.

* Amazing Quality Sound Engine (include EQ-Mode, Booster, Automatic Dynamic Limiter, Noise Reduction, Cache)
For Amazing Quality sound: Pursuit of high quality sound for the frequency bands of more than 4000 inside the engine
By high-speed computing: High efficiency of CPU utilization for background playback
* 5 Bands/10 Bands/20 Bands/30 Bands/Spline Graphic Equalizer
Range: -12dB ~ +12dB.
- Minimum Step: 0.1, 0.5, 1.0dB(Selectable)
You can use all 5 types.
- Beginner (5 Bands)
- Average (10 Bands)
- Expert (20 Bands)
- Master (30 Bands)
- Spline (free curve)
* Virtual Surround (Reverb)
* Headphone/Bluetooth controller operable
* AirPlay output operable
* Show Album Art
* Spectrum Analyzer (Stereo-Mode, size, form, and snow)
* Silence Detection (Automatic skip for three seconds or more consecutive silence parts)
* Gapless playback
* Crossfade (0 sec until 20 sec)
* Sleep Timer (10 min. Until 8 hour)
* Adjust Left and Right Volume
* Automatic pause/playback then ringing/ Headset Plug out
* Background Playback
* Design theme (24 colors)
* Orientation of the player screen (Automatic/fixed vertical/fixed horizontal)
* URL scheme support (superloud://)
* Show Lyrics (If there is a lyrics in the song file)
* Twitter NowPlaying (Auto/Manual)
* Playing list, and Selection list by Artists, Albums, Songs, Genres, Playlist
- "Shuffle"
- "Search"
* Shuffle On/Off
* 4 mode of continuous playback
- After all the tracks, play repeatedly and playback stop.
- Repeat the currently song.
- After the currently song, playback stop.

Graphic Equalizer Frequency band:
- Beginner(5 Bands)
Frequency band: 100/315/1.25K/3.15K/8KHz
- Average(10 Bands)
Frequency band: 32/64/125/250/500/1K/2K/4K/8K/16KHz
- Expert(20 Bands)
Frequency band: 32/44/64/88/125/177/250/354/500/707/1K/1.41K/2K/2.82K/4K/5.65K/8K/11.31K/16K/22.62KHz
- Master(30 Bands)
Frequency band: 25/32/~/16K/20KHz
- Spline(free curve)
Frequency band: 32~16KHz

Customer Reviews


    by NYR1994

    Ok, the lion is cute with the headphones and all but it doesn't fit the theme of today's iOS 7 icons. How about a "flat" iOS headphone or music note or better yet....equalizer switches. This app is fantastic! It does so much but the icon is VERY dated. Sounds stupid but there are a lot of techy/OCD music geeks that buy apps because the icon looks good. I'm hoping others will agree.

  • Great

    by tribbee

    Multiple amazing equalizers terrific music player. Customizable down to colors and # of bands equalizer has. Just so good.

  • EQ

    by rushyyz2112miami

    Excellent in every aspect!! Waiting for app like this since first iphone came out.

  • Love it with one small problem.

    by sparkeyjames

    I flat out love this app. With a 5, 10 , 20 or 30 band equalizer you can adjust the sound to your absolute liking. The only hitch is not being able to play older DRM songs. A few hours with iTunes Match and the DRM problem is now history. Noise reduction needs a little tweaking in the code department because there is still some detectable hiss here and there. App needs a new snappy name. Great player and EQ app.

  • Fix

    by claytonaka

    Please let it work with "SoundHound".

  • Very Nice


    I gave this app a very negative review based on the last few versions. But this version solves all my issues. Very happy with it know. (I give it a 4 instead of 5 because I'd like more control options)

  • A

    by GenoIndeed

    Its messing up a lot now and there's a buzzing sound it started making.

  • Request

    by Mexidie

    This app is amazing and I love it. Can an Option be added to fine tune the dynamic limiter?

  • A total eargasm

    by danleeworth

    The sound is definitely the best available, 30 band mode is amazing! I really like the layout and even the app icon is great. Pitch/tempo control would really complete it! iPod touch 5g

  • Best EQ in the App Store!

    by luminoxx

    I've had several "EQ" apps that do sound good, but this one is by far the sounding EQ app available!

  • Superb!!!

    by Dapadan2980

    I've tried a lot of different equalizer music players and I like this one the best. The player has an awesome looking UI and lots of cool options in eq mode and the 30 band eq is awesome.

  • So far so good - Now is Great!

    by zorktron

    Update: the most needed update...integration with music library! Always great sound Update 2: this app is by far the best music app for the iPhone. What I like is how fast the developer answers your questions or concerns. The developer deserves 5 stars too, for always improving this excellent app. I am using the app as my default music player. I have to say that I was suprised when I listened to my music collection with this equalizer. The sound quality is great once you tweak it to your taste. So far, it has crashed once. I hope the developer continues with the updates to improve this app. It's hard to recommend it for its price tag, but I would do it. $10 well spent.

  • Distortion +

    by Hakerz

    UpDate: Show how to remove distortion! This is one of most sophisticated players in the App Store. You have a giant explanation in how to use this, but you're still getting bad reviews. Have a help version that shows how to correct the distortion right in the app. Point to the different areas till a listener understands how to work this. ************************************* This is about as bad as an old record with scratches through out, so please fix it and I'm sure with that sharp UI, you'll sell more.

  • Awesome .. Best eq

    by Nitrostorm

    Works very well with iPhone 4S no cutting when opening other programs or skipping songs .. Playing with volume or anything else. Sounds tight in the car the bass load is awesome on the subs. Tuning the treble is also tight on alpine e series speakers sounds flawless. No distortion on in heavy metal skull candy ear buds this app sounds great! Would be cool if it worked with pandora. 6 stars

  • Best EQ App Ever

    by Drew096

    First I am an audiophile. I know good sound and compete. This app destroys all of these other EQ apps in the Apple store and I have them all. With this said I use the Master Config in this app and it is just has good as any 500 dollar EQ board. If you want the best this is it even with its 10 dollar cost. I think it is worth more than that.

  • Awesome

    by Xaxis3000

    I love equalizer's and I would highly recommend this even if it is $10 good user interface clear sound equalizer Is great for you music library five stars for sure

  • Garbage

    by UsualSuspect828

    Almost all of the settings sound the same. Don't waste your money. Would have given 0 stars if possible.

  • Disappointed that.....

    by Onetenstar

    I have to be the one that gives this great app only because I paid 10$ and it doesn't play in the background

  • Don't waste your money

    by Chad-a-ton

    If u have a iPod touch this app doesn't work on the iPod touch

  • Don't buy it

    by sick of this!!!!

    It doesn't work with ipod touch, every time when setting equalizer the sound crashes. I want my money back!!!

  • Audio Cuts Out

    by dvidro

    The audio goes in and out when you turn the volume up or down even when changing the eq settings and looking for a different song to play. PLEASE UPDATE AND FIX. $9.99 is a lot for a app your NOT going to use.

  • Do not wast your money.

    by DannySad

    I downloaded this product for 9 bucks and got burned. You turn up the volume and you get distortion and delays from the track your playing. This also occurred when you access anything on your device. Go pick something that will work for .99 cents

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