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Bug fixes.

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iTunes DescriptionHello! Music Fans!To celebrate 4th of July, SHAKEit Player Pro is on sale for limited time.Let your friends know and celebrate Independence Day listening to WONDERFUL music.Happy Independence Day!!!!


Shake your iPhone, iPad and iPod to shuffle songs on STYLISH MOSAIC PLAYER!!


★★★★★ “I LOVE SHAKEit Player it’s way better than any other free music download app”
★★★★★ “They now renamed it SHAKEit Player Pro so when ever u shake your iPhone, it shuffles to a different song”
★★★★★ “Best Music downloader EVER!”
★★★★★ “After using this app, I have become a music crazy buff.” – iPhone Apps Review Online


✔ Shake to Shuffle songs
✔ iTunes File Sharing
✔ All New Design
✔ Music Sharing via Twitter
✔ Connect to Facebook Fan Page

Free Music Downloader SHAKEit Player Pro
Stylish Mosaic Player for iPhone, iPad, and iTouch!!
Fully Featured Free Music Downloader!!
Download Free and Legal Music directly to your iPhone and iPod!!
Vast number of free music available!!!

✔ Apple Earphones function enable
- Control music (play/pause and next/previous)

✔ Support Multitasking
- Auto playback when you end the call

✔ Free Music Download Features
- Allow to access bunch of free music sites (Bookmarks)
- Single tap downloads

✔ Download Manager
- Unbelievable Download Speed
- Endless music download
- Multiple downloading at one time
- Pause, resume, or cancel downloading
- Live download progress bar
- Download badge
- File Manager
- Display downloaded files
- Edit download song’s name
- Delete download song

✔ Playlists manager
- Add Playlist…
- Write Playlist name
- Put iPod songs and free music downloaded songs into your Playlist
- Shuffle function
- Direct play downloaded songs
- Rename and remove Playlist

✔ Mosaic player
- Dazzling Mosaic Music Player

✔ Audio player
- Easy to change Playlists
- Display songs list
- Repeat one or all
- shuffle on/off
- Display Lyrics
- Background playback (iPhone 3GS, iOS 4.0 or later)

✔ Settings manager
- 3G Network Usage
- Shake to Shuffle
- Help
- Facebook Fan Page
- Twitter Music Sharing

Customer Reviews

  • Amazing.

    by Om&m29

    This is the best music app. Definitely worth the money.

  • Love it!!!

    by Kamkamryn

    Best app ever!!!

  • Please

    by Mason123456789101112

    The only thing this needs is a search bar to find your downloaded music

  • Good app

    by Monster vs rockstar

    Best music app ever

  • Nice

    by Coolman800

    Great app.Almost no problems just missing a search cause I have so much music

  • Update

    by diablomayor9

    Please update to iphond 5 please

  • How

    by noldan28

    How do you use this app idk how to find free mp3 on the sites to get free music

  • Good

    by carly123456789

    It's a wonderful app but an alphabetize option is necessary. Also an option to add album artwork. Please put that in an update! Thanks so much!

  • Love it

    by Venado34

    This app is great it plays almost all music file other download apps cant

  • Amazing !!

    by Dayday010

    I love it but it needs to let us put album art on files that don't have album art from out photo album :3 or make a website that every song has album art !! And should really have a search bar to find songs we downloaded faster !! Thank you I love this app told like 30 friends about it they love it and it really saves money for music thank you perfect mp3 player for idevice THANK YOU !!x3

  • Pretty good

    by Pugpuggle

    I don't know why anyone is complaining for free music go to Works as advertised, and best part is that it combines the music you already have and free songs you download offline into one app, I use this app as my main music player in my home dock and hid the stock one in a folder and never use it

  • wma 지원 업데이트 좀 해주세요!

    by ezsupporter

    정말 잘 쓰고 있는데 wma 까지 지원되면 진짜 좋을 것 같아요

  • Great but not Amazing

    by Thomasduos

    I like how you can get free apps. Apple earphone enabled and to hold songs. I'm going to pick things up that made me mad though. Like how you delete songs it just automatically deletes it without asking because I had to rearrange my songs 5 times now. I have a crap load of songs so it takes a long time. I always have to restart my iPod to get the app to work sometimes when I exit the app I mean come on man. Other than that it's great for working without Internet to listen to songs without it being fuzzy.

  • Sick

    by Coramacho

    The best music app it is so good the thing that's not that good is that the music restarts sometimes besides that it is the beastliest app for downloading music also try it has all of the music that u would ever want to here and this app is so use full because u can listen to music with out having internet pretend your at a restaurant and you want to listen to music wabam you just pull out your iPod or iPhone or iPad and then u click on your app then you will have the music you downloaded it is also very good for the price that they have it for if you don't want to buy it you could get the free version but you could only download ten songs and with the paid version you could download as many as u can it is so sick to top of this review I recommend u guys to buy it it is so very good application to get free music the best

  • Also...

    by Desire90z

    There's also a problem mentioned by other users that bothers me too, the music restarts. For example, when i was listening to the music, i was also searching for songs, but when i press player going back to the playlist, the music restarts.... I also hope u can add a search in the player, because when there's a lot of songs, it's hard to search for a song in the player...

  • Like it (:

    by just_that_incomparable

    Ok so this app is pretty awesome since you can get free music and make playlists that mix with your iPod music library. But there a couple of small problems...first, when you switch back to the player from another window in the app, say playlist, the music you're listening to will stop and start over, which is irritating, tho not quite a deal breaker. Secondly, when a song is missing album art, instead of giving it the standard cover for a song missing cover art, they put their own little picture there, and well, no offense, but it looks kinda stupid :P if they got rid of that and fixed the player glitch then this would be an amazing app! As it stands right now, it is definitely one of the best apps for free music (especially since I actually got it for free), however it probably isn't THE best one. One last suggestion to make it even more awesome is to maybe add a rating system so we can rate our downloaded songs. Anyways, thanks for this epic app!! :)

  • player

    by dldcnnsjw

    It's totally good but often I cant play some songs.. fix it plssd

  • Wow !!

    by Alvin168

    Very good

  • It's amaging music app!

    by xiun0814

    It's amaging music app! Thank you for great update:) I'm using main music application!

  • ok

    by Alecjd13laxer

    can u download songs onto iTunes respond please

  • FIX THIS!!!

    by animevida02

    In the name of all of us who have bought this app please fix this. It keeps sending us to the App Store when we want to download music. Specially from mp3 skull. If fixed the star rating will change.

  • Useless

    by Toni Escobedo

    Fix this it keeps sending me to App Store or Facebook when I try to download music if you don't work then remove this app from App Store no one wants an app that is just useless time

  • Not as good as it was

    by Hot-Rod19

    This use to be one of the best apps then it changed and it was harder to get music and the music I get now is stupid but ya not as good as it use to be. Unfortunately I thought it was just the the free version but the free is the exact same as the bought version so don't waste your money.

  • Not like the old one

    by GothGirl546

    I am not happy with this new app. The old ShakeIt was great. One-stop searching and easy downloads. Now they want you to search the individual sites and I am coming up with nothing. Haven't found one song since I upgraded to this new version. Mostly foreign stuff. Not happy at all!

  • Mad

    by elmex1can

    No god

  • Good

    by Kim Minja

    Yet, andriod downloaded music Now apple download music So apple is existed

  • Love it

    by Bobthekitty

    This is the best music downloader out there! But to make it more organized can you fix it so it brakes the songs up into: songs, albums, artist, genres, and playlists. If you do this it will truly be the BEST downloader/player out there.

  • good apps

    by sexybear87

    very nice apps

  • This is good!!!

    by Kissamur1111

    I love onion player~~~


    by Samuel Lee lolololololol

    Y we can't Delete song!

  • Awesome Stylish Music Player!!

    by 신재광

    Free Music Search Sites!! Wow!! Awesome Music Player!! Mosaic Grid Player!!

  • Cool but...

    by Heeeeeeeey!!!!!!

    Very cool player but I don't know how to erase the songs.

  • greatest ever

    by Almosque

    the best player on app store really awesome so much music and its all free!

  • Awesome,well-done app!

    by Buck Russell

    This app is absolutely amazing! From the graphics to the music downloader. I give it 5 stars. No problems except you cannot delete music. If you download a wrong file you can't delete it. Please update and I will continue to rate!

  • Awesome, get it!!!

    by Miknok978

  • Awesome

    by Nani..!

    Coolest app with free music... Love it

  • Great !

    by Daniyell_357

    The app is great , but how do you delete downloaded music from the app if you no longer want it??

  • Beautiful

    by rrroach21

    I can see that the player has a lot of potential right now, but hasn't quite yet reached its final stage. I like how the main page looks, and that it reminds you of old albums you have but may not remember that you have. However, the app isnt very useful as a replacement for the standard Music app because you can only browse through your collection by scrolling through all songs in alphabetical order. There needs to be a way to browse by artist, album, genre, and stuff like that.

  • Very good music player.

    by Vlad Valeanu

    Does exactly what it says, very nice app

  • wow! awesome player

    by DavidWooya

    player is very gd… awesome

  • Great player!

    by gofkdtk0

    Very nice UX design and... Free download Mp3.

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