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Seller: Core Coders Ltd

* Retina Display Improvements.
* Added more cities with accurate times.

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Observe with wonder at beauty of the Earth as it changes from day to night, with sun position display, equator, six time zone clocks and automatic moving date display. Your day will never be the same again.

- Earth night and day display.
- Six independent clocks showing different selectable time zones.
- Sun position.
- Equator.
- Date Display.
- Works in Portrait and Landscape modes.
- Sort clocks in order of longitude.
- 1400+ Cities in database.

Customer Reviews

  • Needs an update

    by fdecarvalho

    It os a good app, but the world map should be bigger and the number of clocks should be customized. In my opinion, 6 clocks are too much.

  • Review

    by Geo Clock

    Should include capability of displaying GMT.

  • Great APP!!

    by BoardHead

    This is just what I was looking for.. but the Landscape view needs to be able to be a full screen. OR have it switch to digital to make room for a larger map Other than that its great...5 Stars for version 1.0

  • Great Start

    by NYCPhone

    It's a great start but could be improved - especially portrait mode. The ability to remove some/all of the clocks, change the clocks to digital would be a welcome addition. I also noticed that the analog clock did not change to "nighttime" until about an hour and a half after sunset - not sure if it just changes over at 6p, however. Very nice graphics, glad I purchased!

  • Very cool

    by LKidder

    Boy, I've been waiting for this sort of app! A similar one came out recently (spinning globe), but has some aesthetic issues. This one is quite useable. A couple of suggestions: It would be nice to add UTC/GMT to the clock choice, and the ability to delete some clocks would be great (we all don't need 6 time zones). Probably tougher to code, but for a future release it would be nice to be able to zoom in / out on regions of interest.

  • World nice but needs GMT/UTC

    by olkhovp

    Nice look, just needs GMT

  • Nice App

    by Geocacher

    Would be cool if the app was able to zoom in on the map, to see where the sun is directly overhead. I fixed it from 1 star to 5 stars.

  • Great application

    by Kerrigan Hawes

    The application is great. Some minor points: It would be nice if the city search returned the country as well as the province. For example I was initially not sure that Colombo (Western) was actually in Sri Lanka. Also why is Mumbai (India) missing as it is a very large city.

  • Needs time comparison

    by Harperska

    The feature I am looking for in a world clock is the capability to enter an arbitrary time in one time zone, and see the equivalent time in the other time zones I am watching.

  • Like this but . . .

    by pamukale

    I really like this but it could use an update to tweak just a few things. It's still worth a buck, however!

  • Wonderful!

    by auntdeb8

    I travel a great deal and was looking for something more "visual" rather than just a bunch of helter skelter time zones. I'd give it five stars when they add Prince Edward Island (Charlottetown and / or Summerside) as an option. Well Done!

  • Great for first release

    by Flatulp

    Does need the zoom ability though. The only thing that holds this back from being 5 stars.

  • Geochron... almost

    by Cheka1917

    Good first effort which is limited by the tiny screen, even in landscape mode. Older eyes (mine) have difficulty seeing the small map. I hope the software continues to evolve. A world map that the user could size would be fantastic to have!

  • Timezone is wrong

    by Rica-69

    The application is good but the research on the time zones is very poor, Just to mention one el paso, tx is not accurate. I hope tolhus is fix soon

  • Clock

    by Invenuity

    Doesn't meet my need. Cannot expand map so details can be discerned. Can not add additional clocks. Etc.

  • Almost useless

    by TVBud

    Pathetic graphics, no instructions. 2x version pixilated, 1x is too small to see. Please update and improve. See older version of DOS Geoclock for needed features.

  • Needs Updating

    by Aggieland

    Has potential but has not been updated in a over a year. Guess it was a one shot app

  • GMT, Zulu time unavailable, Dakar will work.

    by frankster222

    NOT able to locate Greewich mean time. I had to select Dakar for the right setting. Greenwich village is the date line were all clock times start from. Also known as GMT or Zulu time. I don't why a world clock would not have these in thier search.

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