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+ Improved track loading performance.
+ Bug fixes.

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Premier tracking application for Skiers and Snowboarders.

• Top Ski Navigation Application on the iPhone. (FULL VERSION)
• Most popular Ski Application with an average 4.7 Star rating. (FULL VERSION)
• UK #1 Featured Snow Sports Application. (FULL VERSION)

Thank you to all the users of Ski Tracks for your support, tracks/photographs and the great feedback you have sent us. We are committed to making Ski Tracks even better.


• Unlimited Track storage.
• Run-by-Run Analysis.
• Animated Preview Modes in maps and KMZ.
• Share SKIZ files both importing and exporting.
• Export in KMZ for use in 3D Google Earth™.
• Export in GPX for use in other applications and devices.
• Facebook sharing.


• Up to 14* hours of track recording.
• Comprehensive Ski Stats and Profile Graphs for day.
• Tracking works with Data Roaming Off.
• Maps with Standard and Hybrid modes.
• Add photographs to track.
• Export SKIZ files to full version.
• Battery Monitor.
• Built in iPod controls.
• Metric and Imperial units.


Unlike many other tracking applications Ski Tracks is designed to use less power and will last all day (1). Ski Tracks also includes a battery monitor - stopping tracking and audio if your battery level gets too low - this reduces the possibility of that end of day dead phone.

Unlike many other ski applications Ski Tracks does not require any data or phone signal for Tracking. So enjoy your skiing or riding without worrying about data costs. (2)

iPhone 3Gs/4/4s users can run Ski Tracks in background and while phone is locked. Continue to take and receive calls/text or run any other application while tracking.

Ski Tracks uses special algorithms designed for mountain users to accurately calculate your speed, slope angle and ski vertical.

Standard and Hybrid maps are available for display your run history, uphill history, start, finish and photographs.

Share your tracks with friends with email or iTunes document sharing.

Take photographs and they are automatically geo-tagged to your Track.


Note 1. iPhone 3Gs (9 hours), iPhone 4 (12 hours). iPhone 4s/5 (14 hours) - actual recording length dependant on battery condition, temperature, other background applications and phone usage.

Note 2. Ski Tracks does not need data or a phone signal to record your day, the location system on the iPhone may from time to time use data for location fixes, we have no control over this. THEREFORE WE STRONGLY RECOMMEND SETTING DATA ROAMING OFF IF YOU ARE USING YOUR PHONE ABROAD AND TURN OFF CELLULAR DATA IF YOU ARE ON A FIXED DATA PLAN.


As with all GPS receivers the quality of GPS signal can vary depending on the amount of visible sky, satellite positions, foliage, weather conditions etc. GPS will not work indoors. For more information please checkout and download the User Guide from our web site.

Continued use of GPS running in the background can dramatically decrease battery life.

For more further information please check out the Support URL.

Need more information, support or anything related to Skiing/Snowboarding then email us at:


Customer Reviews

  • Best ski app out there!

    by Mike Pantos

    I have tried almost every ski tracking app on the App Store. Out of them all, Ski Tracks is the most accurate at tracking speed, location, and everything else. Most of the other apps are only accurate within a mile or so and they usually just make up random numbers for speed and altitude! On the bad apps you can be standing still and the elevation will jump up and down drastically the entire time! The other bad apps also sometimes make you track each run individually! with Ski Tracks you can go skiing the entire day without restarting it! This app is the best! A friend recommended it to me and now that I use it constantly and recomend it to all of my friends! The only thing I don't like about this app is the limit of 4 days worth of runs and that you can not put the stats into a skiing video while editing on your computer. The other apps have this feature but those apps are not nearly as accurate! This is a great app for any skier or boarder!

  • Try the free version, you'll be hooked.


    I really enjoy this app. If you try it you'll see why.

  • Very good app

    by Scottandsusi

    I've tracked my speed and vertical for years so I KNOW them well. This app is very good but it overstates my speed by about 10% and understates the vertical by about the same. Nevertheless it's the best multi-featured ski app currently available.

  • A must have!

    by Ech110

    This app is must have if you love to ski or board. Great for keeping track of your day. Runs, speed, even GPS location of pics you take. Best $.99 I ever spent!!!

  • Conversion

    by jimfresh86

    How do I convert the km to mph?

  • Best app ever.

    by AllieJ2

    Never write reviews for apps but this one is amazing!! Probably the best I've ever seen. Check it out.

  • Great app!

    by Charleycycle

    Simply the best!

  • Blowing My Mind

    by LDWaie

    I've never actually used this app on mountain bc I just got it but I was just running through and the fact that I can take pic, manage my music and see your altitude, speed, degree of slope if blowing my mind. Can't wait to use this app on mountain!

  • Perfect

    by Skier4life11

    How do you possibly put a rating on something that is perfect…? I have been skiing since I was 6 yrs old and have been waiting my whole life for this app. Every stat you could imagine - maps, times, speeds, slope inclines - broken down by run or as totals. I ran it continuously the whole day and it used only 4MB and I still had half battery life at the end. Seriously? Yes, it's perfect. Perfect. Thank you.

  • Amazing

    by Double Stick

    I use this app all the time when I go skiing. It's works rlly well. I am just wondering if they can make the slope more accurate. Thanks

  • Awesome

    by Mosart Sebben

    Get the pro! Worth every penny.

  • Fantastic app for skiers!

    by Courtfwilliams

    I have the lite version and will defiantly upgrade to the full version. Great app - tracks speed, distance, terrain covered, altitude, etc. It doesn't drain the battery and very easy to use.

  • Awesome!

    by mmoore1426

    Best app for skiing. Great tracking and monitoring. Highly recommend

  • Best. App. Ever.

    by Gotwake11

    I love it! Went 61 miles per hour today :)

  • This app rocks!

    by Doug in Minnesota

    I've never rated an app before, but I feel so strongly about how well this app works I had to share. I was skiing in salt lake city and it did a great job. No issues at all on my iPhone 4. Great app!

  • Awesome

    by Angie n Cami

    Excellent app, can't believe it's free :)

  • You'll want the full version

    by SundayRiverSkier

    The lite version is very good, the full version excellent.

  • Good but not accurate

    by Kewpie88

    Pretty cool app except that i think the speed isnt recorded properly. We accidentally had it tracking while driving and when we accelerated, it didnt know what to do. I imagine a similar problem when a person accelerates

  • Sorry for partying.

    by Sara Duhl

    My friend didn't mean what he said. He's just drunk.

  • Good

    by Marti2910

    Muy buena, funciona por Sudamérica también. Very complete egos app veceras support multitasking and tra tracking is recording

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