Easy DrumMachine Music App Review (iOS, $2.99)


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Seller: Clickgamer Technologies Ltd

- Resets in devices with 3.1 OS fixed
- Increased run speed
- Samples quality increased

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Easy DrumMachine is a lot more than a drum machine, it gives you freedom in your creativity. You can use it in your songs instead of a real drummer.

It is also a great learning tool - you can practice, improvise on the rhythm or learn to understand how various rhythms are created.

Using Easy DrumMachine is also very easy - use patterns, drum sets, create your own rhythms.

- User friendly interface
- High quality drums samples
- Save/Load features
- "Real Drums" simulator
- Play your own music from iPod in the background
- No limits to your creativity, create any rhythms you want
- Define your own drum sets
- Patterns editor
- Song composer
- Tempo control

Easy DrumMachine is developed by Deluxeware

Customer Reviews

  • Conventional drum machine interface. Cool!!!

    by Sierra774

    If you are used to drum software (e.g. iDrum, Beatcraft, etc.) on your Mac or PC, you will be comfortable with the interface on Easy DrumMachine. I find there is a lot to like about it. Yes, it may not have toms, but it does have the most used items including kick, snare, hi-hat and ride cymbals. Maybe toms will be included on the next release, but for now I still find Easy DrumMachine a very good drum app.

  • What a rip off!

    by Bongkla

    Drum kits are not complete. I feel like buying a drumset without the toms. What a concept of playing drum without them! Not only it feels funny, but also incomplete. Something is missing BIG. If you just want to play hi hat, snare, and kick then you are okay. They sound pretty good.

  • Not happy

    by pedalfreak07

    Your only get 16 bars to write your song, no toms and can't change time signature,no instructions ...


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