DJ SoundBox Pro Music App Review (iOS, $0.99)

  • Category: Music
  • Publisher: Chris Khoury
  • Updated: Apr, 02 2010
  • Version: 2.7.5
  • Size: 26.73 MB

Languages: English

Seller: Chris Khoury

• iOS 7 compatibility. Resolves numerous interface inconsistencies with iOS 7 on all devices.

* Store Functionality has been removed while 2.8 update is completed. It will return very soon with the 2.8 update.

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Are you looking for the most versatile DJ soundboard / sampler available today?

DJ SoundBox Pro for iPhone, iPod touch & iPad can handle all your sampling needs!


★ "Does exactly what I wanted. To be able to quickly and easily load mp3 files to different pads. So many other programs would seem to do this but don't. Sweet!"

★ "Got this app after trying to make Soundboard work for a live theater show. Works great, the buttons are MUCH more responsive, easy to make custom sound sets and rename them."

★ "This is a great app! I spent hours looking for cue players for drama, skits, and playing sound F/X during performances. The decent ones were expensive and slow - DJ SoundBox Pro is super fast, super versatile and super cool!"

★ "I use this program at work on a nightly basis, and I recommend it to anyone who wants an easy to use, reliable sampling program!"



✔ Realistic soundboard interface with multitouch controls

✔ Exclusive landscape and portrait modes
✔ Direct access to music library on your iPhone or iPod touch

✔ Looping: Auto or Manual

✔ Set In/Out cue point triggers
✔ FX: Echo, Pitch bend/shift, Synchronization
✔ Mix & Match sounds between banks

✔ Pad customization: Title, Highlight color

✔ Lock (Performance) mode

✔ Live & Sequence Recording
✔ Dropbox integration

✔ iTunes Compatible Ringtone export (M4R)

✔ Support for IK Multimedia recording devices

✔ Support for all major audio formats including MP3, AAC, WAV, AIFF, CAF

✔ Fully optimized for iOS multitasking and background audio operation


☆ iTunes Match: 
To play sounds stored in iCloud with DJ SoundBox Pro, please download it first by clicking the iCloud download button next to the track in the Music (iTunes) app.

☆ DRM Protected Songs: 
DJ SoundBox Pro supports the vast majority of audio files, such as MP3, M4A, AAC, WAV, AIF etc. including all songs available from the iTunes Store. However, older songs purchased from the iTunes Store were DRM protected and cannot be processed by DJ SoundBox Pro. If you still own such files, you can upgrade these to DRM free (iTunes Plus) via iTunes.


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Customer Reviews

  • Superior application

    by Tony_AZ

    Although I am not a dj, this app is very helpful where soundboards are needed. Love it! Well done development!

  • Great potential, needs to work kinks out

    by eliasjohn

    I purchased this to trigger live sound effects for theater productions. Ultimately I think it will be very helpful. A couple of kinks/suggestions for the developer: * the app crashes on me if I try to save after making more than one change of any kind. For example, if I rename a sound and then load another sound, and then save, it crashes. If I rename a sound, save, then load another sound, then save again, all good. I've noticed it's only when I make multiple changes within the same save if that makes sense to people. * the color coding is potentially cool, but the buttons only change colors when the sound is playing. It would be helpful to me if the colors could appear while the app is not playing anything. So say you have to trigger three different sounds in close succession, it would be great if you could see the colors _before_ triggering them. * I'd like the ability to rearrange sounds after I've loaded them. i.e. shift their positions. * I'd like the ability to scrub forward or back when a sound is playing. * the Dropbox link feature is great!! Thanks! * the link pads and loop features are also great! * with the echo feature, it would be nice if you could save individual sounds to have echo, as opposed to having it be a global setting, where all sounds are either echoed or not. What if I wanted one sound 1/4 echo and then something else not echo? Would be nice to individually assign echo to the sounds. * it's weird to me to have a menu marked 'preferences' when the only options inside are 'record as audio' or 'record as sequence'. Doesn't seem to justify having a full preferences menu, I'd recommend adding some other preferences people might want to switch around. * what does the 'export' menu do? Couldn't figure it out. * and on that note, I couldn't find a FAQ or help/instructions anywhere, that would be nice to add perhaps in preferences. * the stock gun sounds are ok, I purchased the Rhodes pack and wasn't very impressed, it was a decent sound but really I don't think that (or any of the other instrumental packs) would be practical for most people. More of a novelty, I'd say. The real value of this app I feel is the ability to load one's own sounds. Thanks and I hope some of this is helpful to other users as well as the developer. Overall opinion: worth the purchase and am hanging in there for a bit more stability and improvements to current features.

  • Perfect app

    by Brian Mead

    Bought this a while ago thinking it would be a nice app for the AV tool box. Finally found a use for it for sound FX for our radio drama and it's the perfect thing! Love it! Would love to see more SFX for purchase, but successfully using the Dropbox connection to import all my files.

  • Great for live gigs

    by BassmasterGeneral

    I've had this app for a few months now, and I use it live with my band to trigger samples for intros, bass drops (we do several Korn sings), etc. Linked to Dropbox, it's indispensable. I run my iPad through a DI box and into the PA. This app is EVERYTHING I need. Awesome!!!!!!

  • we can use it

    by burzhuy

    Good application, but it will be great if you will add pitch bend buttons - for sync with external mix. p.s. prev. design was much better.

  • Lifesaver!

    by djejnyc

    Got this app after trying to make Soundboard work for a live theater show. Works great, the buttons are MUCH more responsive, easy to make custom sound sets and rename them, seems stable so far. Best of all, I couldn't figure out a feature and emailed the developer, he got back to me within 15 minutes. Not the norm, I'm sure but at least he does answer his email.

  • Awesome!

    by voorheez

    Does exactly what I wanted. To be able to quickly and easily load mp3 files to different pads. So many other programs would seem to do this but don't. Sweet! Well I just had the program not play any of my imported samples. Out of the blue. Tried resetting everything and would not work. Had the reinstall program and samples and then worked fine. Still though, a bit worrisome. Removed one star. I hope this wonderful program gets an update!

  • Love it but

    by Loco56007

    If we could record the tracks together would be 5 stars NEEDS MORE KITS

  • All in all I like it a lot!

    by Tim Coatney

    A VERY useful program! A couple of things that could be addressed in updates that would make it a lot better are as follows: 1) It would be nice to be able to mix and match between the different sound banks so that it wouldn't be as necessary to switch between the three preloads. 2) Separate volume control for this program. I find it difficult to hear some of the samples over the music when playing both from the iPad. 3) More available sound banks. I have bought all available updates and upgrades for this program, and I am very much looking forward to purchasing what comes next! I use this program at work on a nightly basis, and I recommend it to anyone who wants an easy to use, reliable sampling program! Thanks for making something so cool and easy to use!

  • A few ideas

    by Space Bot

    Please please please get rid of the swipe to delete function. It is not useful in any way. I use this app live at very high profile shows and my biggest fear is I will accidentally delete a sample mid-song. Also, the elongated "speaker" on the left should be a scroll list for banks and the bottom square "speaker" should be the kill button. I want to love this app because I use it daily in a professional setting, but there are no other alternatives that I know of and this app has a ton of potential.

  • Greatness!

    by AardvarkHill

    This is a great app! I spent hours looking for cue players for drama, skits, and playing sound F/X during performances. The decent ones were expensive and slow - DJ SoundBox Pro is super fast, super versatile and super cool! It's also far easier to set up and use than the PC based ones I saw or tried. The only suggestions I would make would be the ability to add images to each pad (with the images blended into the pad slightly or variably) and the ability to set start end and loop points per each sound with a cross fade from end to the in point if you want make a sound loop smoothly or have a sound that needs trimming for use. A game show and skit set of F/X would be great for churches. But this app is (Explosion!) Great!

  • Solid

    by Steve The iPad

    The latest update finally makes the app complete!

  • Really want this app to work

    by Cruds

    Still crashes even after update. Crashes upon: Loading custom set Saving custom set Saving certain sounds to pads I love the simplistic intent of this app as I do not need sequencing etc but all the crashing makes it of no use for me.

  • Alls well that ends well

    by freesoulvw

    Downloaded this app weeks ago and had a few issues. The app was workable but it was crashing and was causing me to use it less and less. Tonight I saw that the developer sent an update out and the app is pretty much running smoothly. The addition of a basic set of samples was a nice surprise and it really shows what the app can do when loaded up with a good sound set. I am very pleased with the app and for the price of free it will be a great addition to my iOS music production. The app now does everything it says it does with no worries about any mishaps. This is also my first customizable soundboard app and the features it brings are tops. The ability to tweak sample pitch and modes of the samples be it trigger,hold,or start stop make this a valuable tool for sample triggering. It doesn't have many editing features but it doesn't claim any. For the free app it is I think it's great and if you are looking for a mpc style loop trigger machine with lots of pads and banks I say you can't go wrong with this app. After using this app I am looking at isample as a companion app for my iPad. Thanks to the developer for addressing the issues the app had and quickly fixing them. Have fun.

  • Disappointment

    by jucy

    After installed the last update Keeps on crashing on iPad 2 and iPhone 4 fix it please

  • Still crashing on launch

    by SoundGuy123456

    This is getting close to being a great application. With the last update (version 2.3.2), the sounds is now play on my iPad2. Thank you. Things that work well: - Ability to save volume level for each individual track. - Ability to name and save the sound banks. Things that need improvement: - I use this app in a live sound environment where I need to play short pieces of music and sound effects. Therefore, the app cannot go to sleep! There are other apps (LiveTrax for iPod) that allow the user to toggle the sleep feature on/off. The app must remain available all the time to be usable in a “live” sound environment. - I just upgraded (as I’m typing this review) to the latest iPad code (Version 4.3.2) and the DJ SoundBox Pro application is crashing during launch. Many people complained about crashes in previous versions of the app. - On the left side of the application are two grids that serve only as decoration. Get rid of them and use that real-estate for three additional buttons. - Get rid of the suffixes (.*) on the banks and pads. We know the file type and there is no reason to display them. - The file name needs to be more prominent on the pads. Change the font color and size to make it stand out of the background and visable from a greater distance. - Allow the user to change the background color of the pads. Perhaps allow 4 or 5 light colors. - Charge more. I would certainly pay $10-$20 for a professional grade app that allowed me to reliably play wave files during a live show. Once all the bugs are out of your program, you should feel free to charge a higher price. I have not found an application that offers these features and I believe the need is definitely out there.

  • A little unresponsive

    by SmiteMatter

    It's ok for a buck. Just don't expect much from this. I just don't like how sometimes pads don't respond to touch right away. But you can also use it to re rod your own samples too, that's about the only real use it has right now.

  • nice

    by Tiff4028

    sometimes the app crashes, but it is very good !!!

  • Wow overwhelming wow

    by Hacksaw gymdugin

    I can't wait for iPad this app possibilities are endless I can stop using it cheap price for all this complicity but way worth fun and professional use back to making more music, a must buy:)

  • good

    by nonono4

    this app is good but it has bugs

  • Crashes so much...

    by G36c266890

    ...that I can't tell if it works well or not. Moving on to something else.

  • joke

    by Ron Salermo

    keeps crashing! wether I'm loading sounds or saving work it crashes everytime.

  • Unusefull app...

    by telepati

    UI is really sucks… Buttons are really really tiny not use full...

  • Will NOT load

    by jmwwrafter

    Bought the app and it transferred to iPod when synced with computer. iPod shows app but when you click on it it says "loading" but then goes back to home screen. WASTE OF MONEY!!!

  • Won't work

    by Mikeyday8372

    The new version won't even load up. What's up with that?

  • Pretty Much Worthless

    by PW Fenton

    iTunes files refuse to loop. Dropbox imported files work... as long as you never stop running the app. If you do, and you re-run the app... none of the files downloaded from dropbox will play... and worse... there is no way to fix it. Very upsetting. The author also makes it very difficult, if not impossible, to contact him. I tried. This version was far from ready. I now have a useless app.

  • WON'T WORK❕❕❕

    by Lizard waffle

  • Not too shabby

    by Dmaff06

    I found this literally 30 seconds after buying the "express" version and I'm pretty sure I like the express one better. This pro version just means it comes with less and you have to pay for anything good.

  • Horrible

    by Adtr96

    It worked good at first then it suddenly stopped playing the beats, fix it!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Too many bugs

    by Jesus Rodriguez

    Nice at first then it was redesigned and didn't work at all, then it worked poorly after having to buy the sounds. They released again made the sounds I bought free and it still is a bad design.

  • Crashes on boot black screen

    by Flustered user

    Ipod 4

  • Wak

    by Elias Jalifi

    Blak screen wast of money


    by zdude64

    it won't do anything. Every time I open the app. it's just a black screen!!! >:/

  • no sounds show up after update!

    by bendotson

    even after I download the free pack I get nothing in the app. Please tell me how to get the sounds to show up. iPad 2.

  • Doesn't work on boot.

    by PK<3APPLE

    Crashes immediately after booting. Shows black screen.

  • Great APP for a GREAT Value!

    by JohnJJonas

    I can't believe some of you crying a river and demanding refunds for a 99 cent APP? Really? Go buy a cheeseburger or something. What else can you get for a buck? Seriously. The APP is GREAT! The developer has been a huge help with any problems I've had. I'm able to use this app to organize events, record my own sound sets and save them to load back later! I'm very happy with the new update and hope you keep working on this app despite the UNGREATFUL customers you have here! 5 STARS!! KEEP UP THE GOOD WORK!

  • I want my money back!!!

    by appreviewer2484

    This app is NOT functional. Crashes after load. DO NOT BUY.

  • bad

    by alexmonroy

    i like all the music apps for ipod but this app crashes a lot !!!

  • don't update

    by BRKistler

    crashes with new update. reload sound files and it still crashes.

  • CRASHBOOMBANG!!!!!!!!!!

    by Folloe the rules

    The first one was decent, with the keyboard and now you going and trying to be all fancy and nothing works! Great job !!! Refund please, DELETE!!!

  • Better before

    by mangun

    Where is the siren? Any button on first bank closes app. I wish I never updated it was great before. Fix this ish guys

  • Awesome app

    by JerBeers

    I love this app. It looks great and works well too. You can setup your own sounds and there is plenty to control. You can make each sound loop, play, or toggle. I like that you can import when connected to iTunes, but I also wish you could import from your iTunes library. I also wish it was a universal binary to work with my iPhone, but it does have tons of great functionality. It comes with several packs of sounds and you can buy more or record your own. I would like to create my own set as a mix of sounds in the prepackaged sets. In short, there is some room for improvement, but a very nice start. Thanks!

  • Almost

    by Tru777

    I appreciate the bug fixes, but the app still is not working as desired. I really liked thiS app when i first got it, but now its not as good. Hopefully bugs will be rectified once again.

  • Very bad app

    by 3goud

    Do not buy. It's completely useless. I want my money back. After the update touching any sound pad close the app. This is one of the worst apps on the market.

  • Ack!

    by Grub685

    After the update, tapping any sound closes the app. = [

  • Can't figure out how to load any samples...

    by Emperor Robu

    Hey I can load my recorded samples on the iPad. But paying the extra 2 dollars I don't see how to load all the other samples. I would think that clicking on the button to launch the sound would list the sound packs that list as installed? I bought this app as the newest version and nothing is listed. What's the deal with that? Can you tell me how to play the actual sound packs? Please, thank you.

  • Scam

    by DJ Twist1

    I bought one of the sound packs thinking it might restore the original samples in the previous version but they don't even work. What were you thinking? You had a great app that I had highly recommended to my DJ friends and you're making my look bad now. I'd ask for a refund of my .99 cent purchase, but it's almost worth it just to let people know what a complete scam you're new version and in app purchase really are. Thanks for nothing! - A very disappointed DJ

  • Great app but poor update

    by iTerrence

    I've enjoyed this app when version 1 came out but when I updated was pointless. There was no reason to make people buy packs when you buy the app in the first place. They should of kept the app the way it was. Plus there is no sound for the packs when I updated it, let alone I restarted it. Whatever it was a good app

  • Press rewind

    by crazeed74

    I accidentally upgraded and learned I must now pay for sounds. I want the developer to press rewind and bring back the old version. If not, fix the version to operate lo the old.

  • Bad update

    by John Katz

    Bring back the old app. With the beats. This new version is not nearly as good as the old.

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