BoxyTunes - audio, music, and podcast player for Dropbox Music App Review (iOS, $1.99)


Languages: English

Seller: Blue Penguin, LLC

- New iOS7 design.
- Fixes crash on iOS7.

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BoxyTunes — the audio, music, and podcast player for Dropbox!

PRICE ALERT: BoxyTunes is on sale now at a reduced price for a limited time. Download today and lock in the lower price!

Finally! Now you can take all your music with you thanks to the easy to use cloud music player, BoxyTunes.

• FREEDOM! Cut the cord! Wirelessly play music or podcasts on your iOS device. With BoxyTunes, you create a music playlist that's built from any song in your Dropbox account.

• CONTROL! Play, pause, or skip tracks from your iPhone earbuds, Bluetooth headphones, or the iPhone lock screen.

• CUSTOMIZE! Download, rearrange, and delete tracks to customize your playlist.

• MULTI-TASK! "Set it and forget it." BoxyTunes plays in the background while you use other iPhone apps.

• ANY WAY YOU WANT IT! BoxyTunes is a universal iPad/iPhone/iPod touch app, and it supports the iPhone 4's Retina display. Go ahead and rotate - BoxyTunes works in any orientation.

• FLEXIBILITY! BoxyTunes supports mp3, m4a, wav, aiff, mp4, caf, and aac files.

More features:

● Vari-speed scrubbing. Sliding horizontally seeks within the song and sliding vertically changes the scrubbing speed.

● "Quick rewind" button lets you jump back 30 seconds with just a click.

● Displays cover art, album, artist, and song title for mp3, m4a, and mp4 files.

● AirPlay compatible! In app controls for switching between Bluetooth and AirPlay devices (e.g. Apple TV) for sound output.

Pro Tip:

• Mac users: Create a symbolic link in Dropbox to your iTunes podcast directory. This will let you wirelessly get podcasts from Dropbox as your computer downloads them at home.


• Files stay on your device until deleted from your playlist (even if you restart the app or the phone). So once a transfer is complete, you can go ahead and use airplane mode.

• • •

BoxyTunes requires a FREE Dropbox account. A 2GB Dropbox account is FREE and you can even sign up from within the app. Or go to to learn more about Dropbox plans and pricing.

BoxyTunes supports mp3, m4a, wav, aiff, mp4, caf, and aac files. Note that support is limited to formats supported by iOS. For example, while wav files created by iTunes will play, wav files created by other programs may not work.

Customer Reviews

  • Better Music Dropbox app

    by Kingdom2000

    The app is slick looking and easy to use. Do recommend as quick to get music on device and start listening without the hoops of syncing with ITunes. Great if sampling songs, listening to podcasts or audio books. Missing a few items I would like to see. One is it follows Apple conventions on pause/play. For example when take or receive a call app pauses but does't resume when call is ended. Another example is music plays through speakers when other external sources (Bluetooth, headphones, etc) are removed. It should pause instead to avoid music blaring out unexpectedly. Two, the ability to "download all" of a folder instead of having to choose each file, Three, delete all option. That way can easily clear out all songs instead of having to do it one at a time.

  • Great app for audiobooks

    by Steve31313

    This app makes it simple to load parts of audiobooks through dropbox and then listen to them. The button to “quick rewind” 30 seconds is great when you miss something because of some noise or spacing or whatever. It is great.

  • Works as advertised

    by AdamBLee

    For me, the app has worked fine in allowing me to play music files from my Dropbox. One annoying quirk, though, is that when I listen to my music on headphones, and then unplug my headphones, the music continues through my iPhone's speakers instead of stopping. A fix for that would be great.

  • Great for Language Learning

    by bodycoach2

    I'm using audio files in my dropbox to learn Mandarin. I can load just a few at a time whenever I want. The app plays in the background while I have my GPS traffic app going, and I listen each morning on the way to work. A streaming option would be good, but not necessary. I'd rather have a 30 second reverse and forward button. Thanks for the work on this app. It does 99% of what I need.

  • Great app

    by Daytonlowell

    Love this app, wish it auto paused when you unplugged headphones though. Really hoped 1.5 would bring that.

  • Great for audiobooks, but...

    by richy240

    ...not music. As others have stated, there's no playlist support. And it also doesn't pause playback when the headphones (or Bluetooth) are disconnected like many other audio apps do.

  • Ugh

    by Jepalau539

    Play music but not by artist, etc. can not select a group of songs to play. It's one song at a time. More and more Dropbox is worthless to because all the apps that go with it are not good.

  • Works as advertised

    by Solosoul

    Great music solution to bypass the nightmare that is iTunes. Easy to use and simple Dropbox integration. Win win.

  • Good app, but could be better


    Some feature requests: option to automatically sync/download ALL Dropbox songs or individually select download tracks (already a feature), option to create more then one playlist. Please?

  • worked perfectly as advertised

    by belmarstreet

    makes a playlist from dropbox. plays without wifi or 3G after creating playlist. perfect. thanks

  • Good for filephiles & audiophiles

    by k9d

    I'm a DJ of netaudio & creative commons music so I download and listen to gigs of new material every week. I'd been doing it on flashdrives before I switched to dropbox. I like this app better than the streaming options cause the sound quality is better. I'd give 5 star but there's things I'm missing: delete songs off phone & db (important when sifting), change file name on phone & db (also important, this is how I mark files for mixes), shuffle doesn't seem to shuffle all unplaye tracks before shuffling all again, doesn't scour my dropbox & download all tunes (have to manually click on each song I want a copy of). Dev has been responsive so hopefully next update!

  • Great Idea! ...but

    by nullmem

    1. Does not stream 2. Badly needs better interface 3. You cant set a song to repeat If updates improve... il give 5 stars.

  • BoxyTunes + Dropbox > Sliced Bread

    by DrVictus

    The penultimate wirelessly music synchronization app. Bye bye iPod

  • Probably the best DropBox app, needs work

    by Fanfoot.

    Easy to set it up. Easy to pick sings one at a time from a single album to download to your device and play. Understands the metadata from mp3's. No navigation by album or artist. No streaming. Not good enough. Better than the other options though.

  • Excellent, must have app

    by WB, LI NY

    A cloud music player ahead of it's time. Excellent app, interface is straight forward downloads are fast and it all just works. Player could have a couple more functions like complex saved playlists and repeat-1 option but overall it is excellent, 4.9 stars.

  • Nice job

    by Prosumer

    This is the experience that a lot of people want. iCloud should work this well. Nice job.

  • Freaking awesome

    by Rbrrb

    You finally killed off iTunes for me

  • Fantastic app.. Can't wait for more functions

    by Rba129

    Search, playlists, album art, streaming will all be great when added. This app makes me want to upgrade my dropbox storage past 50gb.

  • Great app

    by Jatwolf

    I love this. For times when you want to get music to your device and are not near your sync computer, this is perfect. Love the detailed seek controls and the ability to save tracks for offline playback.

  • Awesome

    by Los_AZ

    Best player with dropbox but needs multiple playlists function.

  • Not bad

    by Yugadug

    Wish you could save ayliats!

  • Doesn't open in iOS 7

    by Shadow16nh

    The app is currently unusable, needs to be updated ASAP.

  • Update your app geeeeeez

    by Tom Stitzer

    Worked perfect till the developer dropped the ball on iOS 7. Crashes on launch. Thx.

  • Pretty Flawed

    by Dan D Shorts

    It plays songs. I guess I'll give it that. But it has a whopping 1 playlist. Wow! Really?! 1? Whatever you download from Dropbox goes onto that playlist. That's just pathetic. Or maybe you love listening to Squirrel Nut Zippers on the same list as AC/DC. Do yourself a favor and don't waste the $2 like I did.

  • Decent music player, not good for car

    by Nick nuclear

    This app does a fine job playing the music in my Dropbox folders, but I purchased it solely looking for a Dropbox music player for use with headphones in my car and jogging. It doesn't support fast forward and rewind or jump back 30 secs controlled by the earbud controls. You must unlock your phone and use very precise finger movements that will cause you to crash and die or at least get a ticket. Good app for others, sadly wasted money for me.

  • Never worked

    by arbitrary_me

    I had an audio file in two different formats. NEITHER would load. Then the app (after waiting forever for it to take the file from DropBox), would just turn white and never play anything.

  • Terrible

    by skuban

    Playing a file gives you a JUST play button. NOTHING else. Trash.

  • Misleading

    by theunleasheddeb

    I received a music zip file after supporting an artist from Kick Starter. The file indicated it had to be opened in Dropbox. After getting that app, the file down loaded but would not play. It then indicated needing a compatible music player app. So I researched and was lead to BoxyTunes app. I tried the free version and it did not play my new e-album. Stupidly, I paid for the upgraded BoxyTunes app and it DOES NOT WORK either.

  • Lots of problems - try the free one first

    by Jeremythebullfrog

    Problems 1) Only "sees" about 2/3 of the songs. Not sure why but someone else mentioned that it can't play .mp4s 2) To get boxy tunes to see the song I have to start playing it on my PC from inside dropbox and then stop it, go to the next song, repeat. After that they will show up in my music folder. 3) After that, there's no "add all" option in boxy tunes. To add a song to the playlist (and there is only one playlist) you navigate to it and tap it, I then wait 11-12 seconds for the file to download (3mbps wifi connection). Then you repeat that, one by one, for however many dozens or hundreds of songs you have. 4) There's no delete from drop box option. You are stuck still managing your music from your computer not your device. 5) You can delete songs from the playlist but re-adding them requires the same 11-12 second each song process. If you still want to try it, there is a free iPhone version.

  • Can't select all or select folder

    by andy from brooklyn

    Can't select all or select folder

  • GARBAGE!!!

    by wasupU2


  • Waste of money

    by Relpike

    Would not read my music in dropbox

  • Support

    by jlfink1

    I can't seem to get any m4p files to work, and have sent 3 emails to support and can't seem to get any response from them. Buyer beware.

  • Doesn't Stream Anything

    by SweetPotatoPie9

    I hope I'm not just an dummy here, but I can't see that this app STREAMS anything. Looks like it just downloads and plays your music from dropbox - I want to stream my music from the cloud. Why would I want to download my music that I just uploaded, rather than just transferring it quickly via iTunes?

  • Awesome!!!

    by vick4543

    Great app for what it does, but PLEASE add multiple playlists AND multilingual support like Russian!! In Dropbox, it appears great, but when I open in BoxyTunes, the title becomes messed up. Keeping my hopes up :)

  • Good app, BUT...

    by shelumiel

    I'm using this app everyday:) Good but not perfect yet, requiring the following: 1. Add/remove/edit Multiple playlists (multiple playlist groups) 2. Searching bar (progress bar) while playing 3. Bulk addition/removal of a Dropbox folder as a whole 4. Option for playing MP4 as video rather than only audio (5). Dropbox sync for saved playlists (backup) These functions would make this app perfect.

  • nice work

    by ChuckG74

    Great app. It's just what I was looking for, and at a low cost. Works just fine for selecting songs from DropBox and creating playlists for my iPad.

  • Does what it says, but primitive

    by Honest Indian

    Compared to other options, this is a very basic player..hoping the next update will the purchase useful.

  • Nice app

    by Troy2744

    This is a nice app for listening to music stored in Dropbox. I had asked the developer to add native support for the iPad to take advantage of the bigger screen, and he did so in the latest update. Thx! Now just add support for multiple playlists and streaming and it will be perfect.

  • Works as advertised

    by Tamino2

    I've drunk the Dropbox koolaid, and it's good to see more apps aimed at the Dropbox-koolaid-drinking market. Kudos! Feature request: I'd rather not be forced to add things to a playlist. If I get an odd hankering one evening to listen to, say, the Croatian National Anthem as sung by The Beatles, and queue up all 50 episodes of Mating Sounds Of The North American Fruitbat afterwards, I don't want to be forced to then go and delete them all from the playlist afterwards. I would like to be able to browse my Dropbox and go "there! I want to listen to THAT!"... only with local caching (think "airplane mode"). Still -- thanks for a great app that does exactly what it says it does!

  • Simply awsome

    by Falco8513

    Ive used orb and many other streaming apps but you have to always leave your computer on ugh. This allows you to access the same features except you are useing your dropbox and can store it for later useage.

  • Great app!

    by Fdtyhhfdrujogcddhbcddgg

    Nice to have access to all my music. Easy to use and works great. Requested features for future updates: ability to use my existing iTunes playlists; ability to add a whole album or artist to a playlist without having to select each song individually

  • Great Idea!

    by jduyan

    Great idea, great execution. Easy to use and clean interface.

  • Finally!

    by Ishish4321

    I've been looking for an app to allow me to access music on my dropbox and has background ability. At .99 this is a steal! No more iTunes synching for me!

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