Clockwork - Metronome & Click Track Music App Review (iOS, $0.99)

  • Category: Music
  • Publisher: Bitcount ltd.
  • Updated: Jul, 29 2010
  • Version: 1.0.3
  • Size: 1.77 MB

Languages: English

Seller: Bitcount ltd.

iOS 5 compatibility

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"Cleartune and Clockwork are my most used apps." - Ezra Oklan (Nicole Atkins, Norah Jones, Antibalas Afrobeat Orchestra, Matt Beck (Matchbox 20), Chico Hamilton, Arnie Lawrence)

From the developers of Cleartune, bitcount ltd. introduces Clockwork. With a comprehensive feature set, incredible accuracy and elegant design, Clockwork defines a new class of metronome. Not just a basic timekeeper, Clockwork includes a unique click track/song editor that allows you to customize many parameters including tempo variations, time signatures, accents, and more. Arrange your songs into setlists for seamless playback, and rearrange or edit setlists on the fly. Create your own samples using the built in sound recorder.


- Easy-to-read clock face design
- Sub-Sample accuracy ±0.002%
- Extremely accurate Tap Tempo Function
- Simple and complex time signatures
- Comprehensive Sound Library
- Customizable Voices
- Sound Recorder with automatic trim detection
- Accent control for each beat
- Adjustable volume levels for each Subdivision
- Dual visual flash modes
- Click track editor
- Tempo variation with adjustable curve
- Ability to save and playback songs and customizable set lists with ease
- On-the-fly setlist creation and reordering
- Easy to use Click Track Playback mode for live performance

Customer Reviews

  • Outstanding!

    by AlexanderTudor

    After getting ClearTune I figured I can't go wrong with this one.

  • Perfect for pacing my workouts

    by Capt Simian

    I wanted something to pace my workouts and this allows me to build and save custom runs.

  • Does what it's supposed to neatly and efficiently.

    by Summer Dregs

    Simple and efficient metronome. Best digital metronome I've encountered. M Tap or set the tempo. It's easy to adjust the time signature, the emphasized beats and sounds. Also, the visuals make it easy to follow even when the sound is turned off with both a flash and a dial. Please update for iPhone 5 screens. It's the ONLY thing keeping me from giving 5 stars.

  • Very good, but need edit function

    by 3rd Wheel dot Org

    Need to be able to edit saved songs. Otherwise, great.

  • So simple!

    by Me23456789101112.

    I love the tap for tempo feature. So easy to change meters!

  • IPad version?

    by OTScorno

    I will use this app. So many great features. Will there be an iPad version soon? The tiny display belies the good design of the program.

  • Musician & Educator

    by NateMaryland

    Great app. Love the 'clock' view. I work a lot with Middle Eastern and Central Asian musics, so to view meters as a cycle is a plus. Two requests though; please update for the iPhone 5 display, and please make longer meters available (if possible up to 24 beats). Thanks!

  • Almost Perfect Met

    by Albie III

    Comparable to $100+ programmable mets. This is met awesome! I'm a marching percussion instructor and percussion enthusiast. I've used this met for practice and performance and am recommending it to all my friends and students. The sounds work, but are limited just like on the Dr. Beat.

  • hey

    by rawkiii

    you guys should

  • Simply THE BEST!!!

    by bozomac

    I am a professional music teacher with dozens of students in my studio. Clockwork is hands down the very best metronome app, and all my students have it - the benefits are noticeable and substantial! My students also use Cleartune daily... I'm very grateful for these apps - keep up the good work!

  • The BEST metronone app!

    by moozicsurfer

    I have been searching n trying, and searching n trying - finally someone did it! All features i needed (plus some more), dead on time, totally easy to use n program, clear display n user experience. Love the song building feature - a must for the drummer laying down the scratch track for a song!

  • I love this app

    by Elpinolero22

    I really love all the features and offers with this app, i just wish i could email these tracks to my band mates so they can practice! Please add email/download support!!

  • Yes

    by JayWins101

    I love this app but I wish it was iPad optimized, you dont need to add any new features just for that version but please just make it.

  • Great app.

    by BrassBronyMN

    Love that you can set click tracks and record your own sounds!

  • Great app

    by Scott Montgomery

    This is a great tool to use while playing. I am a drummer and one thing I wish I could do is type in the beat that I want, since I lead transitions into other songs. I go from a 121 to 85 very quickly and would be easier to type it in, instead of scroll. Other then that, great app.

  • Wonderful, lightweight free metronome app!

    by ErinfromEarth

    No ads here! Just a clean app! The graphics make this a great teaching tool for a young (5 years old) musician. The options make it a great practice tool for experienced players too.

  • Great, but would like faster tempos

    by frankboz

    This is a great metronome app, especially the ability to create different sections and tempo variations. However, the max tempo is 300 bpm. I record a lot of songs in odd rhythms (ie. 11/16) and need the tempo much faster than that. Otherwise, it's great!

  • Great for being free

    by KT1280

    Please add a way of saving settings. I don't usually want an accent so I turn it off. But every time I restart the app, I have to turn it off again. :-(

  • fantastic

    by loop37743

    Checked the accuracy with my Dr. Beat, and it's right on. All the features a metronome should have, and very easy to use. The click track feature goes beyond a standard metronome, and could come in very handy for multi metered passages.

  • Great metronome - Shrill accent

    by bpcookson

    It's easy to use, settings are simple and accessible, tapping out the rhythm is super handy, but the accent is high pitched and annoying. You can turn down the volume on just the accent, but the smallest bit is just as annoying. REQUEST: PLEASE provide alternative accents! This addition will make this the best metronome app available!

  • So close...

    by musiccritic307

    I love everything in this app and everything it does. Except it is crashing so much that I can't get my click track done and my recording session is at 7am tomorrow. Don't download this and get your hopes up because it will quit on you when you need it most

  • Tuned Accent makes this App unusable for pros

    by IT Spec Bob

    Tuned Accent makes this app unusable for pros. Graphics not updated for iPhone 5

  • The Volume Is Too Low

    by PipeOrganist

    The volume is too low; all these metronome apps seem to have too low of a volume. That's a real shame.

  • Please raise tempo limit

    by quartet player

    This is an excellent app. I am a fan of Cleartune as well. I got this Clockwork app because of the feature that enables you to adjust the length of subdivisions. While learning a movement of Bartok Quartet No. 5 which was in 9/8 that had subdivisions of 4+2+3, this app was terrific except that I needed a tempo of 414 and the limit on the app is 300. Please raise the tempo limit to 420 and you will increase your number of users. I believe that Tempo by Frozen Ape has a tempo limit of 400. It lacks the adjustable subdivision feature which is unique to Clockwork.

  • Accent tone

    by Guitarpixel

    Great app. I have one request … there needs to be a choice of sounds for the accent. I find the chime sound really annoying. Either a way to just have a louder click, or some other contrasting percussive tone like a closed hi-hat or shaker or tambourine. Anything but that piercing little bell sound. It aggravates my early stage tinnitus. Otherwise … kudos.

  • Best Metronome

    by R-Ward

    This is the only metronome that I need and will ever need. It has all the features I would ever want. Simply the best.

  • They thought of everything

    by Bryan Daste

    My new fave metronome! All the features are well developed and work great. Nice design, clearly made by musicians.

  • Nicely written App!

    by Expert User-1

    LIke it's companion app ClearTune, this is a well thought out, well written app. I've tried a few others but this one is straightforward, and intuitive. The user interface is clear and easy to use. I never use emphasis because as a percussionist, play works with complex meters. I would be great if the app would save the current setup as a default, otherwise, this is my favorite and only metronome. It's loud enough and the visual feedback is helpful as well. I haven't tried the click track editor yet but what I really want is a simple, well implemented app, which this clearly is. PS I'm clearly NOT "dissapointed" and don't understand how this designation got assigned.

  • Needs update

    by SAT Beer Fan

    Need to be able to export tracks between devices. Otherwise, it works.

  • Fantastic!

    by String quartet pro

    It's a powerful metronome app that is super easy to use and intuitive to figure out. When you want a basic click to keep time, it doesn't get in the way. But when you want more control, it's ready for you! I used it to easily program complex tempo and meter changes for Bartok - something no physical metronome has ever been able to do, and a task which is cumbersome on other metronome apps. It seems like there might be a bug that makes editing click tracks very difficult after the initial creation. Overall, however, well worth the money! ...I just wish the accent didn't keep turning back on every time I make a change... But this is a small gripe!

  • Use it all the time...

    by Musician bass

    This thing is awesome. Looks unobtrusive just to have open on my desk or stand. I only wish that when you open it it wouldn't default to the accent on 1. Personally I never use the accent when I'm practicing anyway, so it might be nice to be able to set the default settings when opened. Also, I thought the thing going around in circles would annoy me... It doesn't. They grey look of the app is very low profile yet good looking. It would also be nice if you could somehow add accents to different sub divisions. It doesn't seem like any metronome can do that yet.

  • Good metronome!

    by Hi I'm Chester

    Great application! Nice features with an accessible layout. It would benefit from having a swipe feature for set-lists to change through songs easier.

  • iOS 5 Update

    by Ethan Oshiro

    Before the iOS 5 update, the sound was messed up and it would cause my phone to mute, but after it works perfectly normal. Great app. Realistically, you probably won't use the click track editor, unless you rehearse a lot of varied tempi.

  • IOS 5 Update just out

    by Ken_5

    Had issues with sound, but the IOS 5 compatibility update just came out and fixed the problem! I am glad it did as it looks like a great program and I look forward to using it. Thanks!

  • five stars with no reservations

    by richardban

    Clockwork has just replaced my old favorite time keeper. If you want go beyond the easy to use, basic functions and program whole tracks, then spend an hour figuring out how much this killer app can do and you won't be disappointed. It's fun to mess around with even when not practicing riffs, songs, or the like. This app is dirt cheap for what you get. I give it five stars with no reservations. If I had one item for the designers to add in an update, it would be a simple drum kit in the sounds menu. Then I would change my rating to an eleven!


    by Defile Pope 196

    Finally! I can listen to my scratch, or otherwise unmapped tracks, and figure out a proper time with ease! I now use this to map clock tracks, practice drums as well as all my other instruments, and it was worth every penny! This app is easier to use than Fruity Loops, and saves time!!! Buy this app!

  • Great App

    by Schmullo

    This is a great metronome on the iPhone. Easy to use, clear controls, big button, accurate tap tempo. I don't use the "click track" function, so I can't speak for that, but the rest is solid. Only feature I would like to see is the option to have the tempo wheel scroll through metronome stops instead of just BPM.

  • Very good, but asking for improvement

    by Songwriter1974

    This is a great metronome! At the same time, as a music instructor, I have been hoping for a metronome app company to create a human voice sample that counts quarter notes, eighth notes and sixteenth notes. Much needed! Please do it before anyone else does. I would love to see it on this app first.

  • Could be awesome... but!

    by e_wayne

    This is a great little app, and I do use it often, but! Yes, but. It's impossible to add on to a song once it's already created. Well, actually you CAN add more measures, BUT when you click on the green add measure button, it puts the new measure at the beginning of the song, instead of the end! That makes the edit function virtually useless. Like I said, COULD be awesome....

  • Best

    by trevorphysics

    This is the best metronome on the app store. I would like to see more time signature options (mixed meters), the ability to adjust individual notes in a subdivision and maybe a slight increase with accuracy. It's dead-on almost always but it hiccups every so often on my iPhone 4. These problems are small and I still highly recommend this for someone looking for a simple powerful and accurate metronome on their phones.

  • Finally!

    by Rich Gartley

    I play drums in a progressive technical metal band, and have been looking for an easy way to make click tracks to our songs. This ap has saved me a lot of time and frustration. I can put as many tempo changes and time signatures as i want into this program, with no trouble at all, and play a long with the tracks at band practice, and on stage. This is the ap I wanted to make a long time ago, and I'm extremely greatful someone finally did. It's worth the price...if it were a computer program, instead of an ap, it would cost much, much more, and it's much easier having my iPod to work with on stage, than my laptop. Thanks!

  • Powerful Metronome

    by gib2800

    Very great. I use this as a basic and advanced metronome. The click track feature is really nice for practicing pieces with multiple time signatures and tempo changes. The voices feature along with the accents and levels allow for almost any sound to play on any beat or subdivision. I still use Tempo 1 some because it is quicker and easier and has 13/4 and syncopated subdivisions. Desired features: 13/4 time signature Presets (easier/faster than click track) Syncopated beat divisions (tri-__-let) Multitasking Landscape mode

  • It's a tad pricey, but worth it...

    by guy in utah

    Overall, this is a pretty solid app - and generally worth the price(yes, we're all spoiled since most apps are cheap - but seriously, if this were PC or Mac software for $3.99, it'd be a no brainer). I REALLY appreciate the extensive variable speed programming control (called "click track"), which is essential for practicing chops (like drum rudiments, guitar and horn scales/arpeggios, etc.) But, here's a minor technical annoyance that's easy to fix (if the programmer would take a moment to do so) and it's simply this: the otherwise helpful visual "flash" feature you can normally control (on/off entire screen or just metronome circle) gets inadvertently DISABLED when you're in programmed sequence ("click track") mode. So, for me at least, the way I will typically use this app, it has no visual flash feature available. Having said that, it would also be VERY nice if the flash feature (assuming it actually worked in Click Track mode per above) could be controlled such that it only flashes on the "1" beat, rather than every single beat of the measure (as is currently the only choice). Often it's helpful to make sure you're on top of the first measure beat - hence the flash option - but don't want to constant flashing of every single beat, which quickly renders the screen into a useless strobe light instead of a metronome you can look at for useful continuous info. (Again, these are likely easy fixes and the programmer seems responsive to other issues (fixed the autolock problem - thanks!!) so I'm assuming he'll take care of it, and giving the benefit of the doubt, still offering up a 5-star review in advance. So, I'm giving this 5 stars - although it's a bit pricey for an ipod app, it's a very nice, classy app that seems to be extremely well executed.

  • Quite Nice

    by Driving Maniac

    I hope the makers respond to these reviews. But I think this app is definitely worth buying. I'd like to be able to send songs to other people though so they can practice with the tempo as well. Also, when making songs, if there was some kind of pattern icon so that I could enter sections with different time signatures instead of sections only being able to have one time signature throughout the whole thing that would be great. I could make songs faster if I could enter in the amount of times that specific pattern repeats. Less work :-) but overall it's great.

  • Great Interface for School Band

    by The Antkiller

    I am really enjoying this interface compared to tempo 2's met. The volume controls are much easier to use, than tempo 2's although changing subdivisions is slightly slower ( you have to open the subdivision menu and then change the subdivision, compared to just a finger swipe). If you have used a Tama rhythm watch or Dr. Beat you will be familiar with the volume sliders used in this app. The sound options are very expansive. Very impressive is the fact that you can record your own sounds within the app! This met will replace both my rhythm watch and my dr. beat in the classroom. Suggestions for improvement: 1. allow for each quarter note of a measure to have a unique sound (ie make it possible to record a verbal 1,2,3,4) instead of each quarter note having to have the same sound. 2. allow room for some preset buttons like tempo 2 (this is a big time saver when you have 60 middle schoolers waiting for you!)

  • Great

    by Expecting

    This app is so awesome. Being in a marching band and winter drumline calls for a metronome that's so convenient! One thing I would love to have added: Let me put an accent on the "and of 2" in 5/4 bars. Counting 5/4 bars like this is extremely common in our band program and would be greatly appreciated if it was added. Keep up the great work!

  • Great metronome

    by fasdfww214631674

    Can't really complain about much, this app does everything you would want a metronome to do. My only wish is that it had some simple recording functionality ala' the default iPhone voice recorder. It would just be nice to have that within the app with a couple editing options.

  • Great metronome... but one big gap

    by seisstrings

    By far this one has the best functions, but is annoying to have to disable the Auto-Lock setting before starting. In the middle od the piece the screen locks, keeps clicking, but you don't see the screen anymore. Then you need to stop playing, enter the password, and remember to disable the Auto-Lock. Remember to set the Auto-Lock setting back!

  • Great Metronome & Click Track app

    by jaxrsx

    Easy to use interface, full featured metronome (capable of almost any rhythm combination), and a simple but powerful click track sequencer. Only thing lacking IMO is the ability to add pauses/delays between songs in a setlist (each song runs right into the next unless you manually pause it). Great app!

  • Full featured metronome!

    by Chris C 76

    I have tried other metronomes and this one wins hands down. It gives you the functionality of an expensive dedicated device and much more.

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