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Languages: English

Seller: BHI Technologies, Inc.

-Refreshed design for UI
-Added reminder feature
-Sorting for medication logs
-Supported sending your medication logs as email
-Other bug fixes

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Med Tracker is a powerful and graphing tool that will help you keep track of your medicines and what medicine you should take. It also allows to generate a wallpaper to remind you when and what to take even if your iPhone is locked!!

The names of prescription medicines and instructions for taking them can be confusing, especially if you are taking many medicines. Med Tracker will help you keep it all straight, and follow your medicines over time, too.

- Streamlined and easy to use interface
- Powerful and scrollable graph that tracks medicine you taken over a week/month/quarter
- Setup wallpaper to remind you the name/dosage/frequency of the medicine you should take

1. Go to Types tab.
2. Tap wallpaper setting button on the top right to enter the wallpaper module.
3. Follow the instructions there to generate medicine wallpaper.

Customer Reviews

  • Great App 4 taking multi meds

    by sparkyinfla

    This works great if you take multiple meds on different days with different doses. I mainly use it for tracking pain med usage, it keeps me from taking more than I should even though there is pain, I don't always remember when I last took meds or how much I took this app fixes that issue..this app keeps me out of trouble & helps me not to run out too early...

  • Med Tracker

    by Closetmonkeya

    For only $0.99 this app is a great buy. Keeps track of medication for me. Would be conbenient to be able to export and print a list of log.

  • Just what I was looking for

    by lepa2500

    I'm taking 4 medications it's tough to track them all. This makes it easy to track my doses. I can track the times I take every med now. It just makes it easy now. I tryed so other app that was more expencive but this one it just the app I was looking for. I would have rated it as a 5 star if it were a little easier to use. It's not difficult but it just took me a bit to figure it out. Now that I have it's easy to use. I hope this review helps other people that are looking for an app that tracks the times dates and each dose of your meds.

  • great app

    by rebLT

    This is a great app that helps me remember what I need to take directly on my phone’s wallpaper. I would give 5 stars if it supports password.

  • Need to work out kinks...Then great

    by neverbeen08

    The Kinks... Med log keeps randomly rearranging logs instead of keeping them sorted by date and time. The Bad...Graph not useful at all if tracking more than one med. Needs to automatically, based on info set in med, schedule next dose and have alarm go off even if app not running- set up push notification. Haven't gotten anything to go on wallpaper. If u can take 1-2 pills for med, needs to have an option for how many u took instead of writing in notes cause it does change mg taken. Also ability to have more than one med taken at one time in same log would make looking at log much easier. Badge is pointless, just shows how many meds u have on alert but never changes- badge should only appear if need to take a med not show number of meds on alert (which doesn't really alert u anyway). Needs to seperate each day in log. Add ability to email log. If u make it set up next dose it would b helpful if it was in a different color or highlighted or something. The how I can enter in several meds to log and there's enough room for all my note needs. Allows me to enter the smallest of doses. Allows me to set exact time (almost- rounds to nearest 5 min) I took meds. Like how it shows all med info in log. Like how I can edit the interval of the meds(ex: could change every 4 hours to every 6, etc). One of my meds I take every 14 hours so that's really helpful but that's the one that the time I take it constantly changes so really need a push notification for that. Even with everything that needs to be changed, much better than other med trackers available. Know this is a lot to ask for but if u work out the kink and add push notification for next dose, would rate 4-5 stars and recommend to others.

  • Not helpful

    by handyvolley

    This is basically a glorified post it note. First, the tracker graph is useless if you are taking more the one medication. It doesn't show mg per drug. It's a roll-up of all of them. You can take a snapshot of it, but again, useless. Entering the drugs is nice and simple, which I appreciate, but then the log is not very helpful. First, it lists the oldest entry at the top. So after using this for awhile, you always have to scroll to the bottom to see the latest. This is further aggravating since there are no reminders on when to take the next dose. So, you have to do the math and double check the time you took the last one, and have to scroll down to the bottom to find out... I like the idea of being able to somehow share this with your Dr., but the graph isn't helpful to share - the log would be. Some simple design changes could really make this a nice app, but it really missed the mark.

  • Unable to use

    by myVizsla

    Unable to enter meds under 1 mg Notes aren't displayed in useful way ie take with food Unable to set specific time taken, After Dinner, before lunch etc... too general No alarm reminder No password

  • sick

    by DrDee3

    not worth the effort - not very helpful

  • Ok, but

    by sick guy-123458

    I lost a bit of confidence right off the bat. The first thing it asks for is date of birth, but it won't let me select it. The date-wheel just rolls back to today's date, not allowing any change. The other "my info" items cannot be adjusted or corrected. Also, the dosage screen only allows for ML, not allowing for typical insulin requirements of "units". There is no place for any kind of note or additional descriptions to be added (things like "must be taken at bedtime 2 hours after meals". Overall, seems kind of primitive.

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