Brain Wave Dream Inducer ™ - 5 Advanced Brainwave Entrainment Programs for Vivid Dreams with Binaural Tones, iTunes Music, Alarm, and Relaxing Ambient Soundscapes Music App Review (iOS, $0.99)

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  • Updated: Jul, 30 2010
  • Version: 6.0
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Seller: Banzai Labs Inc.

Supports iOS 5.0 and Higher * Updated for iOS 7 * Thanks for making Brain Wave Dream Inducer a Top Seller for 4 years! This update include a ton of new features, including the ability to use your iTunes Music as the background and Alarm Audio, support for running another audio app simultaneously, such as a web or ebook reader, and UI updates for iOS 7.

- Updated UI for iOS 7

- Added the ability to create a playlist of your own iTunes library music and use it as the background. The behavior of the app when iTunes music is used instead of the included ambience is slightly different so please review the help. Notably, unlike our included ambience which can be played at a volume below the device volume, iTunes music can only be played at the device volume. So when playing iTunes music the Ambience volume slider disappears.

- Added the ability to toggle whether the Stop and Pause buttons should fade down the audio or stop it immediately.

- Enabled the use of your own iTunes Music for the Alarm Audio.

- Added a new Save Preferences feature that allows you to Save, Load, or Restore to Default, the preferences for each program. This saves duration, alarm, background preferences, and even a separate playlist for each program.

- Added a toggle to the Custom Duration Menu that allows you to set the custom duration by duration or time.

- Improved Fade-Down/Fade-Up between stages.

- Users with Hypnosis, Meditation and Affirmation audio in their iTunes library have asked in the past that they be able to combine that audio with our Binaural Tones and Ambience, so we've enabled that as well. Be sure to review the help to understand all the ways the app can be combined with other audio.

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ON SALE! - 5 Advanced Binaural Dream Induction Programs in One App! Dream Inducer combines soothing ambient sounds with powerful binaural sequences to synchronize your brainwaves with frequencies associated with 5 different levels of dreaming. * Universal iOS App supporting iPhone/iPod Touch/iPad HD/SD * Supports iOS 5.0 and higher * Each program includes a sleep induction phase and then introduces progressively higher frequency Alpha, Beta and Theta dream sequences to stimulate increasingly vivid dreams.

** How Binaural Brainwave Entrainment Works **
Through the process of brainwave entrainment human brainwave
frequencies can be to synchronize with a frequency corresponding to a target mental state. These Brainwave frequencies are too low for the human ear to hear, however, these low-frequencies can be perceived by the
human brain if two different audible frequencies are played separately into each ear with headphones or earbuds.
For example, the human ear can't directly perceive a 2 Hz Delta-wave frequency
associated with deep sleep, but if you wear headphones with one side playing a 135 Hz tone and the other playing a 137 Hz tone your brain will
perceive the 2 Hz difference between those frequencies as a periodic beat. As you listen your brainwaves will begin to match that frequency, and as a result the
associated state of mind will be induced.

Dream Inducer improves upon basic binaural techniques by layering multiple signals and then assembling these into sequences of programs that combine to create extremely unique experiences.


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