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Seller: ART Teknika, Inc.

・Bug in SysEx messaging fixed.
・Now able to run in background while connected to a MIDI device (iOS6, not iOS7).
Still unable to interact with Line6 MIDI Mobilizer 1, but you may be able to use Mobilizer 1 via MIDI Toolbox. An app that supports CoreMIDI and virtual ports is required.
Apps confirmed working:
Animoog, Organ+, NLog Synth Pro, ArcticKeys, SunrizerXS synth, Anaqphobia Mini, CrystalSynthXT, Sunrizer synth, Baseline, iVoxel, addictive synth, ThumbJam
(compatibility not guaranteed)

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Midi Tool Box is an integrated app for managing and controlling MIDI devices and data, and offers the following functions:

- MIDI event monitor
- MIDI status monitor
- SysEx editor & librarian
- MIDI recorder & player
- Program Change sender
- Generic MIDI CC controller
- Generic resetter

- Support Core MIDI & Network MIDI
- Support Line6 MIDI Mobilizer
- Universal App

Monitoring functions are provided with a MIDI filter, making it easier to check your data.

Midi Tool Box has a wide range of applications, including testing of MIDI devices, data management, music production, live performances, and maintenance of non-audio MIDI devices.

[Device info]
Following devices are tested.
But we do not necessarily guarantee that the MidiToolBox work with these devices.

- OK

USB Device via Apple iPad Camera Connection Kit
- OK

Alesis IO Dock、Line 6 MIDI Mobilizer
- Theare are a few problem with sending/recieving SysEx data.
Similarly, the sending and receiving of a large amount of MIDI data seems to have the problem.

Customer Reviews

  • Solve MIDI Problems

    by Rivera guitar amps are best

    I was working for hours trying to solve problems with my MIDI controller and various apps. Finally, I installed this app and was able to diagnose and solve my problems in about two minutes. I plan to use MIDI on my iPad extensively and expect this program to be an invaluable tool.

  • Super duper app

    by sava66

    I bought this so I could bring my sysex patches to my ensoniq esq-m instead of having to bring my synth to my computer. It worked like a charm. I can see this does lots of stuff. It even plays sequences I think. I only tried the send receive for sysex patches and performed a successful test. I did make one setting change under preferences from 0-15 to 1-16. That seemed to do the trick. Can't wait to see what else it can do.

  • It Just Works!

    by shakurav1

    This for me is almost the perfect app. I was looking for an app that I'd be able to communicate with my old Ensoniq ESQ 1 synthesizer. This thing does the job perfectly. It stores all my patches (a.k.a. presets), sequences etc. and it can send them back to the synthesizer. Among many other cool functions. This is worth every penny. MidiBridge is also a great app. But this one, MIDI Toolbox, "Bridges" certain functions that I absolutely needed and he could find nowhere else. Did I say it was worth every penny? It's worth at least twice that. Sure, I could do this before on my MacBook. But now I can do it right on my iPad. How cool is that?!?

  • It works


    I used this app to transmit and receive sysex messages to/from my devices via midi. One file was downloaded and shared by iTunes. It worked perfectly. A little expensive in my case, as I need only for this function.

  • Needs Transmission Rate Selector

    by carson day

    Cool APP for backing up Sysex files from gear. Unfortunately there is no ability to change the transmission rate of the Sysex messages being sent from the APP. Every file I've attempted to send from the APP to a piece of hardware has been corrupted due to the high rate of data transmission. This APP would be top notch if it had a transmission rate setting added, unfortunately at the moment it is useless for me.

  • Great with the Yamaha i-MX1

    by MarkDeLo

    Been backing up all of my MIDI gear.

  • Really too many bugs!

    by Fontanasian

    I originally tried to use this with the Alesis IO Dock and couldn't get the system exclusive... After I read that it has problems with the Alesis IO Dock, I bought the Yamaha I-MX1.... Got the exclusive to get in but apparently they limited the amount of data that it could record... Could not save all the data from my QY70. There isn't much of a support page. Also the monitor part of the app isn't consistent... Doesn't always work. It's a great idea for an app, but more work needs to be done to make it worth the price.

  • Very Buggy, Please Fix!

    by Software5

    Crashes when I open the keyboard controller. Sysex librarian only records part of a sysex dump from my drum machine then quits, making it useless. I can record a sysex dump in the SMF player when I enable sysex in the filters, but when I play it back my drum machine doesn't respond so something's not working. If I try the same sysex dump and playback with the free MIDI Memo app put out by Line6, everything works great. User interface is sluggish. Needs a lot of work. Using a Line 6 MIDI Mobilizer 1.

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