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The Count of Monte Cristo is one of the greatest novels of all time and in fact stands at the fountainhead of the entire stream of popular adventure fiction. Alexandre Dumas himself was one of the founders of the Adventure genre.

Set against the tumultuous years of the post-Napoleonic era, the grand historical romance recounts the amazing adventures of Edmond Dantès, a dashing young sailor falsely accused of treason.

This enduringly popular tale of love and revenge in the post-Napoleonic era follows Edmond Dantes as he prepares to captain his own ship and marry his beloved Mercedes.

But on his wedding day, he is betrayed by spiteful enemies and arrested on trumped-up charges.

Condemned to lifelong imprisonment in prison, he befriends Faria, a priest and fellow inmate with an escape plan. When Faria dies, Edmond escapes alone.

Free at last, and incredibly wealthy, Edmond enters society posing as the Count of Monte Cristo to reclaim his lost love and enact a terrible vengeance on his accusers.

The story of his long imprisonment, dramatic escape, and carefully wrought revenge offers up a vision of France that has become immortal.

Edmond is indeed one of the greatest dynamic characters of all time that has been created.

The Count of Monte Cristo is a delicious book, full of intrigue, great fight scenes, love, passion, and witty social satire. Alexandre Dumas has a wonderful grasp of human nature and a talent for rendering all the follies of man in delightful, snappy prose.

Alexandre Dumas (1824-95) was a pioneer of the Romantic theatre in France, for which he wrote a series of colorful historical dramas. But he is best known as a novelist today.

The novel tackles all the great themes: war, revolution, love, power, money, justice, good and evil.

It is recommended for anyone who wants to laugh, cry, and triumph with a single character and his struggles.

This audio book application contains audio files for all chapters in one download, so you can listen to the book on the go without the need for an internet connection. Hence the application size is a little big, and you may need to download it over WiFi connection or through iTunes on your PC or Mac.

Audio Book Features ==>
Pause/resume function
Track progress slider
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Easy navigation
Audio continues to play when your device is locked.
Offline viewing and listening without internet connection

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