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Seller: AppHappy Studios LLC


✰ Fixed the new iPad Screen Issue

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Blast through the universe at the speed of dubstep! Span a vast sea of stars with wobbles and sound effects that will take your dubstep production to the next level!

Featuring the one-of-a-kind Wobbleometer. Modulate your wobble base by just titling your phone. Tilt up for a tightly coiled high pitched bass or tilt it down for one of the slow grimy wobbles that started it all!

Turn on the ALL NEW Super Bass feature to rattle the walls! Also try out the glitch feature to really change up the rhythm of your song.

Feature Highlights
★ Universal Binary means one purchase and you own Dubstep Universe for your iPhone, iPad, and iPod touch!
★ Simple user-interface lets anyone become a professional sounding Dubstep DJ in just minutes!
★ High-Definition audio samples will make your party go wild!
★ The first ever Wobbleometer puts sound modulation at your fingertips! Just tilt and make it wobble!
★ Traverse the universe endlessly with a background of stars that moves with your music!
★ Glitch and Super Bass features bring the house down!

Customer Reviews

  • Thanks :)

    by Daniel Meijer

    Yes! Bug fixed for iPad so for that Thanks. 5 star ofc it's not the same but if you love dubstep it's a fun app. For some time it's only 0.99 cents so give it a try :)

  • Really fun game!!

    by Ryan4527

    I dont write reviews often but when i do it is a great game! Its really addicting and fun to play! I love this game! But would be perfect if it had frequent updates and gave more dubstep sounds:))

  • Neat

    by Bidicauxjgkgsud

    It's pretty fun to mess around with but gets a bit boring after a bit.

  • Freaking awesome

    by newappreviews

    This is the most innovative music app I've ever used! Tilt to modulate is genius! Great update with twice as many sounds!

  • Great app!

    by Some Music Nerd

    I live this app, it's great! Only thing I Would add is a way to record and export what you make on here. But I love how you can change pitch with the angle of the iPod.

  • Pretty good...... on iPhone.....

    by lauranmc

    Despite the other reviews, this app is pretty good. It offers some great effects, and the tilting idea is ingenious, however, it is bugged on iPad where I can only see the bottom corner of the board, so I can only use it on my iPhone. It's a pretty entertaining app, especially with friends. I wouldn't wanna spend more than a dollar for it, but I'd say it's worth that dollar for anyone looking for a little entertainment that loves dubstep. Doesn't keep your attention for too long due to the few effects, but it's fun to mess around with here and then.

  • Dubstep

    by Draith

    It was okay, not many noises but it was pretty fun to mess with

  • Not Lovin it.

    by Crash-head

    You can't record...should've read into it...

  • Awesome!

    by MagicFan23

    Great design, awesome theme, and totally addicting.

  • Dubstep in space

    by THEbenwade

    This app really takes dubstep to the next level. You feel like a musical genius as you move your iPhone to hone in on that perfect pitch, and that hi-def audio really pops.

  • Sorry, NO BPM :(

    by Mr. Burgraff

    Sorry, but No BPM makes this useless for most…..

  • Bad

    by fat COOKIE1123

    Dont buy

  • Horrible App!!!

    by dre perry

    One of the worst apps available! Not worth the time or money.

  • Don't make a move!

    by Revlis335

    Don't bother downloading, simply doesn't work. No noise, nothing. Useless.

  • Gay

    by R3boot911

    Gay -____- don't buy waste of $$$.....

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