A+ Children sing along songs- Full Nursery Rhyme music collection Music App Review (iOS, $2.99)

  • Category: Music
  • Publisher: Angela Hayes
  • Updated: Jun, 23 2012
  • Version: 1.1
  • Size: 41.68 MB

Languages: English

Seller: Angela Hayes

Bug fixes and minor enhancements such as graphics

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Kids Music Collection of all the old traditional Classics!

Great for preschool, babies and children of all ages.

Comes complete in alphabetical order of song choice. (Easy for kids to navigate)

Plays audio and also displays the song lyrics in text.

Learn the words to all the best kids songs in the world.

Rhymes, riddles and more! Great to take on the move and song along to.

Sang in clear English and lots of funny voice overs and expressions.

TAP the screen when inside a song to leave the song and return back to the menu for easy control.

Nothing is better than the childrens folk tales we all grew up with! Its a part of history.

Customer Reviews

  • Very good!!

    by Heeheenboots

    Good collection of songs. Love the singers voice, it is nice clear and easy to follow for kids and adults.

  • Children's songs

    by Velez, Luis E

    It has all of the old favorites and many new to me. My daughter loves it!

  • Children sing along songs

    by No passwords left

    This is a great app! Teaches my 2 yr old granddaughter to sing songs and easily navigate the site by herself.

  • Great Great learning to,Kline,kj,k,k.ol

    by Jdaph

    Very special and old songs for children that we need to teach them because our aunts and uncles taught us. But one thing that ruinsit it is all the ugly war game ads that pop up often, please get rid of them this app is worth paying for just to keep the ugly war games and gambling games off this cute and innocent program.

  • Best app ever

    by Pao00084

    My kids love the songs in this app

  • Wonderful songs~thank you!

    by Gramma89

    Except for what appears to be marijuana leaves adorning every picture, I love the songs and enjoy singing them to my granddaughter! I'm "sure" they are maple leafs, right!!

  • Wow!

    by fernie b

    Best one!

  • Kids songs

    by Nelfam5

    Good, but too many ads that can easily cause you to inadvertently leave the app.

  • Love it!

    by bigdog1515

    As a new Grandma was looking for something to refresh my memory and to sing with our precious. Thank you

  • Perfect, But…

    by MudslingPyro

    Exactly what I was looking for funny and my new baby. However, for paid for app that are many many ads.

  • Mother

    by Emma92626

    Like songs, but don't like that it doesn't play them consecutively.

  • Great app

    by Madamedelamusicale

    Best app for young children when you want to start singing songs!

  • Perfect!!!

    by Reynaldo_Levene49

    Another great the app.

  • Very greeeat! this thing

    by Armand_Dvorak33

    Forget the babysitter, I gave them this.

  • Makes sense to me

    by RogerBonaparte87

    I like this so much!!!

  • Kids love it!!!

    by Shehab.Joa16

    Family loves it...

  • My kids love it.

    by Ang79Conly39

    Top 25 this thing for sure this year.

  • kids luv it

    by JZook54

    This the app is a lot of fun.

  • little girl loves it

    by BardoMyron22

    The price is just right :-)! this app is good

  • Wow - Fantastic!!!

    by KrupaAndy6

    Perfect. I am saving this one on my device


    by Coco~Btvs

    Why are their Ads??!!

  • Not worth paying for

    by Cocoplkm

    This only has two songs and the ads are annoying! I wish I could get a refund.

  • I want a refund !!!

    by Norms sutton

    I paid $2.99 for this app and there is an ad EVERYTIME I open it!! Why are there ads on a paid-for app? Most of these app ads are not appropriate for a 4 year old to even see (slot machines, etc). Do not buy this. There has to be so etching better out there that does not have ads if you pay. There is no way to email the developer, either. The best is getting to a Facebook page. "DEVELOPER", if you read this, I want a refund. I am never downloading another app of yours!

  • Crashes, filled with ads and play all doesn't work...

    by Antipodean1

    This is the worst app I have ever spent money on and I will be looking to get a refund as the app crashes too often. The play all button doesn't work. The user interface is poor. The music stops when you switch to another app, so useless in the car if you use your iPhone for navigation. The ads are the worst, while they load they make the app unresponsive and they are not what you'd expect from an app that cost $2.99. The songs are ok but just a lady/man and a guitar.

  • Really....

    by S2k_guy

    You've got to be kidding that I paid for this app and still get ads! Not only that but no way to stop them which means the kids can't open this on their own.

  • good stuff here!!!

    by BMclagan25

    Spot on fun... My mom likes it.

  • BESTEST best best.

    by Robert.Makar

    Wow!!! I am being held hostage to write this review. good thing I like the the app.

  • Awesome!

    by Marianne Bergeski

    So many songs to choose from! Keeps our grandchildren busy! They love it.

  • Kid songs

    by Mary Lord

    Great app! The. Kindergarten ears will love it!

  • Fun

    by Joe G 024

    Great app that Grandbuddy enjoys with his 16 month old toddler buddy

  • Good app!!!

    by Uaer

    Great for learning kids sound and to entertain kids on the go!

  • Great App!

    by Akbar1942

    I love this app!

  • Good one

    by Tun Lin Thu

    Love it

  • Great

    by SomeGuy765

    Excellent value. A zillion songs, nicely sung, together with lyrics. Not hi-tech but that's ok.

  • Awesome app!

    by Bridget Hughes

    My 3 month old loves it when we sing these songs!

  • Wow!

    by Deebi27

    This app is fabulous!!! Great variety!!!

  • Love it

    by Rhiankid

    Great app!!!

  • Not worth it

    by Angeleyez2921

    It's nice that it has so many songs, but even after paying for this app there are still tons of adds that my 2 year old touches and then it navigates away from the music & I have to constantly reset it back into the app for him. Gets old fast when I have to interact with the app more than my toddler.

  • Not happy at all

    by Squirrel2634

    This is a paid app and yet I have to click to close an ad every time I open it to actually get into the app. And they're spammy, unrelated, game app ads at that.

  • Very good app for rhymes and lyrics

    by Qwertn83

    Kids find it easy to learn

  • Love it

    by Jennifer McGrath

    I love this app for my 2 month old. All the classics in a sing-a-long format with great illustrations. My only suggestion would be to have the lyrics scroll automatically for the longer songs. That way I can show baby the screen instead of trying to scroll manually and turning screen more toward me. All in all love singing along with the songs to my baby! Can you add patty-cake, Jesus loves me, and the name game?

  • It's a CHRISTIAN app!

    by ToriPurple

    Nowhere on the description and the title says that it is, but it is! I think that should've been stated from the beginning. Although I don't have anything against it, I think you should inform buyers about it before they pay for the app. ( e.g. Replacement of "Hooray" in the songs to "Amen".) and Kumbaya. Another is the Accent. We're trying to teach kids here how to speak and phonics and you try to experiment on your accents while singing. It confuses them and even us grow ups. I mean a nursery rhyme from someone practicing a British accent, Seriously? And please, don't change the Tempo of the all Ike favorite songs, it throws the kids off track since they also do listen to the same songs in their original tempo.

  • Great!

    by Sams100812

    I love the singer's voice and the guitar accompaniment. The only improvement would be to be able to play all continuously. I know there is a play all option but it never worked. Also, I don't like that sound effect when you go through songs and the letters of the alphabet. We still love it.

  • App crashes / too many ads

    by Songau

    It's a paid app still there are way too many ads. There are not many songs.Also, crashes everytime I open the app or when I switch between songs. Such a waste of money. :(

  • So sorry I paid for this! Waste of money

    by Bellexxxx

    Links to other games this company makes must be followed BEFORE listening to the songs. Too complicated for some of my grandchildren to get around the games to songs. Their parents and I find most games unsuitable. Additionally many songs are Christian, not nursery rhymes. This information should be made clear before purchase. Also, sung, not sang, is correct in the company's next to last descriptive point of the product.

  • Ads

    by Cohens Mom 907

    This app would be fantastic if my child wasn't being bombarded with ads and sent to the App Store every time he opened it. Crappy and annoying and ruins the whole experience especially after buying the full version. If I wanted to deal with ads I'd get the "lite" version.

  • Paid $3 and you still show advertisement!

    by Kayarich

    I am not happy when I paid $3 for this app and every time I launched it you show a big pop up advertisement taking the entire screen. Shame in you!

  • good

    by CarrieAlex

    good for kids

  • Way too many ads

    by SuperBigMac07

    A new ad pops up every time you play a new song and if your kid is holding the phone they will press it. Terrible

  • A+ Children sing along songs

    by Deborah Cavenaugh

    Angela Hayes is a thief who stole my artwork right off of my website, even had the audacity to leave my signature on it. This is in violation of all copyright laws and now she goes further to sell it. I have made a violation complaint.

  • Great Music BUT...

    by T.L.56

    The music that plays is great except it does not always play. The 'play all' feature frequently only plays one song. The app also crashes quite a bit. Most annoyingly there are ads. I paid for the app hoping to avoid ads sadly I was wrong. I will say my children enjoy the music.

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