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The Musician's Toolbox is proud to present the Beginning Guitar App! Why should you download our app? Because no one else teaches from the first-person perspective! It's the easiest way to learn guitar because what you see on the screen is what you see when you look down at your own hands.

All of the videos in this app are viewed from YOUR perspective, making it the easiest way to learn guitar. Our animated graphics light up the strings, showing you what to strum and eliminate the need for confusing split screens.

We've packed the most commonly used chords into this app, along with some basic tutorial videos so you can get started playing the guitar right away.

There are over 100 of the most commonly used chords in the app, play-along chord progressions, and basic tutorials.

There is also a record feature, so you can record yourself playing and hear how you are progressing along.

Recommended wi-fi connection for best experience.


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