AudioTools Music App Review (iOS, $9.99)

  • Category: Music
  • Publisher: Andrew Smith
  • Updated: Sep, 08 2009
  • Version: 6.5
  • Size: 50.37 MB

Languages: English

Seller: Andrew Smith

** Added Amplifier Tool on Design Menu
** Added Wire Gage Tool on Design Menu
** Added Microphone Tool On Design Menu
** Added 3d Waterfall Plots to Impulse Response
** Bug Fixes and Stability Improvements

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AudioTools is a suite of professional-grade audio and acoustic analysis apps. Included in the price of this app is a great collection of professional tools -- SPL, RTA, FFT, Speaker Polarity Test, Generator, Audio Scope, CLF Viewer, and Recorder, and the framework to add more sophisticated modules as you need them.

And now with iOS 6 and 7, measure up to 120 dB SPL on your iPhone.

Customize AudioTools for your needs by buying any of the additional optional modules, like Smaart Tools I, SPL Graph, or Impulse Response, at any time right from your iOS device.

Start with the basic AudioTools package, and upgrade as you need more capabilities.

Add iAudioInterface2 for a complete professional audio and acoustic test and measurement platform.

Actual reviews:

“...AudioTools is a “how did I ever live without it” app”.

“I think this application is the best I EVER purchased.”

“I have used many thousands of dollars of complicated test equipment that doesn’t measure up to this app suite.”

***** Included in the app price *****

* SPL Meter
A faithful reproduction of a classic analog SPL meter. Includes A and C weighting, and Fast and Slow ANSI decay modes. All filters meet or exceed ANSI type 1.

A 1/3 and octave band Real Time Analyzer. Includes touch-GUI range control, a cursor, max/min bars, and noise curve overlays.

Detailed acoustic analysis, up to 32876 points. View full detail or smooth to 1/24, 1/6, 1/3 or octave. Includes cursor, scalable graphics, and peak tracking.

* Polarity
Speaker polarity checker. Route the test signal to a speaker, and read the polarity of the speaker on the screen.

* CLF Viewer
Show loudspeaker data, including plots for impedance, axial response, sensitivity, polar response, and 6dB coverage, and a 3D color balloon plot.

* Delay Finder
Measures the time it takes for a pulse to return from a speaker.

* Generator
Generates sine waves, square waves, white and pink noise.

* Line Level Tests
A line level measurement function and frequency counter.

* Audio Scope
A dual-channel audio oscilloscope that includes auto-triggering, variable gain and sweep rate, and storage of scope images.

* Recorder
A mono/stereo audio recorder with WAV and compressed formats and 8k-48k sample rate. Transfer files via WIFI.

* File transfer of results via wifi to PC / Mac.

* Audio Calculators

***** Optional modules available for purchase from within AudioTools *****

* Smaart® Tools - Single channel module.
The power of Smaart® on a mobile platform. Includes RTA graphs to 1/48th octave and Spectrograph. Split-screen on iPad.

* Transfer Function -- Requires 2-channel interface.
Two-channel FFT-based measurement. Allows you to analyze sound system performance with music or pink noise as the signal source.

Energy Time Curve. Plot decay of an impulse over time, and compute RT60 time. Internal or External trigger.

* Impulse Response
Record and analyze an impulse or sine sweep, compute octave and 1/3 octave ETC, T30, C50, C80, CT, Definition. Also shows FFT and Schroeder curve.

* SPL Pro
Digital SPL meter with ANSI Slow, Fast, Peak, and Impulse mode, along with LEQ. Includes A and C weighting, and all 10 octave band filters.

* SPL Graph
Plot second-by-second SPL level for up to 24 hours, and optionally record the audio. Also, add the optional Octave Band Logging upgrade to elevate this tool to rival any professional logging SPL Meter.

* SPL Traffic Light
Monitor live sound levels SPL and Leq and see status in a simple green-yellow-red display.

* STIPA Speech Intelligibility
Meets the current NFPA code standards for testing evac systems and schools.

* Speaker Distortion
Measure THD+n of any driver.

* THD+n (requires iAudioInterface)

* Impedance Meter and Plot (requires iAudioInterface)

* Phase Meter

* Amplitude Sweep

Many more modules coming!

AudioTools is fully functional with the built-in or headset mic, iAudioInterface2, iTestMic, or any iOS-compatible dock input audio source.

Customer Reviews

  • Incredible!!

    by Bangarang143

    This app is an absolute must-have for any audio professional. Hands down the best app of its kind. The only reason it didn't get 5 stars is because of its UI. It's very windows 98 esque.. I'd like to see a more apealing interface. But as far as tools and functionality is concerned, five stars!

  • Great app set for guerrilla acoustic work

    by Jdcrosby

    A little pricy for some components, but quite useful.

  • The app is awesome, and the support is amazing!

    by Tooddelio

    Sorry for the delay guys, back in the states now... ABSOLUTELY AWESOME "Sound tech - love it... Use it daily at gigs, theater, etc... Smaart apps are the bomb. Issues fixed, so 5 stars it is. Couldn't ask for a better app for the iPad. :)" So quick to fix issues as well... Brilliant.

  • Extremely Helpful Tool

    by johnsondigital

    I don't mix a gig without it sitting on my console anymore. Quick, at-a-glance reference for SPL and RTA. I've ot just scratched the surface of all this app can do. Many, many thank you's to the creators.

  • Audio Tools

    by El beavis

    If you are a real audio guy this the biggest reason to buy an IPad. This has completed changed the way I work. Superb in all regards.

  • Update anomaly?

    by asych

    The app says it requires iOS 4.3+, but iTunes reports there's a problem when syncing. It says this app requires iOS 7. I'm using 6.1.2. I get a red indicator on the app store icon to update, but it says all apps are up to date. What's the problem?

  • AudioTools 5.8 Worth The Money? (YES!)

    by alwaysmprest

    I've purchased v2.0 a couple of years ago, and I've added modules as I need. This suite of sound tools works well, and replaces about 2 cubic feet of gear that would cost about 10 times as much. You have to adapt to the tiny size of the control knobs if you use an iPhone rather than an iPad, but it's top notch. Only limitation is if you have to do sound measurements for a legal procedure, that need calibration: talk to the developer: Andrew Smith is really helpful.) AudioTools is reasonably priced for the basic unit, but the in-app purchase add-ons can quickly add up quickly over $100. With that upfront, Audiotools is a remarkably well-designed pro-grade set of audio tools. So far, (first on an iPhone 3G, now with a 4S, with the latest version of iOS 6.xx), it's reliable with repeatable readings, and has never crashed or frozen. It is adjusted for the frequency response of the internal mic, and a calibrated external mic is available. So, if you need and/or can use this variety of tools (with frequent improvements), go for it. If you just need a good SPL meter, Studio Six Digital sells an analog meter, and a digital one that are nice (included in the full set, so don't buy lots of the separate tools if you think you will want the $19.99 set). The RTA (Real Time Analyzer) tool is a graph of SPL levels in each frequency band. Yes, it costs more than 99 cents, but it's a lot better and less expensive than the cheap ones. I used it yesterday to measure the noise frequencies from a new refrigerator, to design sound absorption. We are talking both Cool, AND Useful, (impresses friends and professionals, and lets you track down those funny sounds from the fridge, car, furnace, ducts, AC unit, etc. that make you crazy). This is the Real Deal.

  • Indispensable

    by Ktsound

    A must have app for convenience and value for anyone in Pro Audio or the audio hobbyist. Updates are timely and when there is a problem, they are quick to correct. Truly amazing the versatility this product offers on an iOS device. 10 years ago these features required a dedicated PC and $$thousands.

  • Functionality awesome, appearance cartoonish

    by admsjas

    As far as function goes its great for audio tools on a phone. I just updated to the new "more professional" look and I have to say its really cartoonish and unprofessional looking. I really don't get this push for icons and buttons that are flat and have no depth. To me it's visually unappealing. I will not be updating my other devices until they go back to a real professional looking interface.

  • Awesome app!!

    by Jazzbass99

    If you are into any type of audio work , especially pro audio work, this is a must have app, it's a lot of tools in one app

  • Works fine most of the time

    by p8blr

    Good app but overpriced for what you get, over half of the features require in-app purchases.

  • Nice!

    by Donald Davenport

    Have used this since it released in the App Store. Buy some of the items to see what it's about. I own 5 so far an will be buying more. The features are very good for not having to be tied to a computer for smaartlive. I use it on phone and ipad! Awesome!

  • Fantastic

    by GTI Dude

    You could spend thousands, even tens of thousands of dollars on powerful and sophisticated software and equipment which my iPhone and Audiotools can easily match for the price of a nice dinner out. I use it almost everyday for quick noise measurements, FFT analysis and sound monitoring. Love it.

  • Review of Audio Tools

    by Terry404

    Been using this app for almost over a year and it is great when considering the value. I also purchased several of the in-app add-ons and each has worked great. Primarily use it for live and fixed sound system setup, but works very well at testing speaker drivers and boxes. Highly recommend AudioTools for your audio testing needs.

  • Amazing app!

    by photofreq

    Love the functionality and usability which this app offers. Hands down, the best tool on the iOS platform for audio professionals. Accurate (given the limitations of the onboard mic, external interface makes all the difference!) and detailed, great reports and relatively easy to figure out interface make it a great tool!

  • I'm not an engineer, but I love this app

    by boldstandard

    When I bought this app over a year ago, it was pretty much the only one of its kind on the store. Now there are lots of competing ones, so I can't comment if this is the best or how it compares. I am a musician, and I use this app to gain a better grasp of the sounds around me. I quiz myself, guessing how many decibels a certain sound is, and checking my answer against the SPL meter, or trying to envision how the EQ is shaped when I listen to music, and checking it against the RTA. I use the pink noise generator with the RTA to get a flat sound from my PA when I am performing without a professional soundman. For all of these applications, this app has been an enormous asset. But the most helpful thing of all is in restoring my sanity-- about a year ago, I attended a very loud concert, and stupidly removed my ear plugs during the set. My ears were ringing for a few days, and I was afraid that I had given myself permanent tinnitus. Still hearing a faint high pitched noise at night in my bedroom a month later, I was convinced my hearing was done for. However, thanks to the RTA on this app, I was able to discover that there actually *is* a high pitched whine in my bedroom, and it's not coming from my ears. It turns out that the frequency which is spiking, around 20khz, twice the volume of the nearby background noise frequencies, is precisely the pitch that I had feared was tinnitus. You can't imagine my relief, and for that, this app certainly deserves my highest rating! Now, if I could only figure out what is actually causing that annoying sound in my bedroom..

  • More problems w/ 6.1.2 update

    by libbyjo

    Had the app for about 9 months and the bugs seem to only get worse. Most annoying: cracks & pops passed to amp w/o the app even running, constant crashes, iaudiointerface 1 unable to sustain mic acceptance w/ iPhone. They seem to offer frequent updates but don't seem to correct the problems. Don't know if interface2 is any better.

  • Great app, for a price...

    by Paramneja Vu

    I am a theatrical sound designer for theatre and live performances, and have been using this app for about a year now. It's had it's ups and down though the updates (With the recent iOS 6 update, it was a little screwy until studio six released an update of their own). Over all though, I find it to be an invaluable app. Between the calculators, recorder, and the Spectrograph, I use it all the time. The con, in app purchases are a must if you want real benefits from this app. The RTA spectrograph I use is a $50.00 purchase (in addition to the $10.00 you pay up front), but for my professional use, it's well worth it for me. Some of the built in features also tend to be over looked. The built in recorder is great quality, however the interface takes a little adapting, but I'm in it for quality. My favorite feature ha to be the way you can wireless transfer recorded files between your device and any computer on your LAN. When you utilize this feature, it automatically sets up your iPhone or Pad as a temporary online server, where files can both be downloaded and uploaded. It's simple, basic text navigation, but it works every time. You might have trouble getting it to work on complex networks (such as college campuses), but I've have great success with it. You simply type the IP address it tell you on your laptop/desktop on your web browser of choice, and you're connected! I use this app on my iPod paired with the Tascam iM2 dock condenser microphone (now $60). This means I now have a high quality, recording studio/audio diagnostic tool that fits in my pocket, quite literally. I would never use this microphone as a replacement proper recording, but when I need a vocal announcement for technical rehearsals 5 minutes ago? Or need to capture the sound of street traffic for a sound cue? This puppy has made it easy. Just record and wirelessly download to my laptop. My advice about buying, go to their website where all of the in-app prices are and decide for yourself what you actually need. I think if all you need is a great recorder, just buy the core app for $10.00 and you're done. If you need an RTA/Spectrograph or any of their other premium functions, be prepared to spend more. Five stars for being one of my tools of the trade.

  • Smaart and other Tools Rock

    by John E K

    I have been using SMAART Live for years on my PC for live sound and this is so much cheaper and works just as well for a really good RTA. I have not used it yet for transfer function, but assume it would rock if it is 1/2 as good as the RTA and other tools they have. It's affordable by any real working audio engineer and I have told many touring pros to get it. I use the Shure mic Pre with a USB hub for power as just got the iPhone / iPad Pre from the Audio Tools Website. It's is awesome.

  • Great app

    by 359bob

    This is possibly the best app in the app store. I purchased the iAudioInterface off Studio Six Digital web site and it is a great setup. I really like the part of being able to buy the modules I need as I go along instead of purchasing a complete software package for hundreds of dollars that is full of things I don't use. The other thing that impressed me is that when I had a problem I emailed for support and with in a few hours had a reply and a solution to the problem. The accuracy of the measurements seems to be right on. Some have gave it a poor rating because of the price. When is the last time you priced a audio measurement software? Bet it didn't fit in your pocket either...

  • Needs an update ASAP

    by Spankyc52

    Was a great tool now the screen on the RTA is off, white lines above and below the freq field. No bueno.

  • Used to work great

    by Dougcs

    After the latest update, my paid version now crashes when the paid FFT function is started. Can't recommend until this is fixed. Refund?

  • A total deception, don't waste your money like I did.

    by Soundguytyler

    From the screen shot to the poor rta that come stock this thing is a ruse. I would not trust my reputation on either of the stock modules you get. They may claim you get this that and the other thing. What you essentially get is their "analog" spl meter the (digital version costs more), lol. The rta using the built in mic is laughable. He does throw in a decent calculator though. So to recap so far, the big three he offers for sale can easily be had for free in the app store. Another ploy he pulls is giving you a free module that will only work with an outboard piece of gear. The cost of those couldn't be determined as the page would not come up on the site. Pretty big red flag to me anyway. I don't mind paying for quality. I do quality work and get paid quality wages. I don't have have one sound system displayed on my web page and show up with something else, and then say oh, you didn't read the fine print. You don't get that with your purchase, I call that deception. What he is selling is a gadget. If you want to get what you think you are getting, you had better open up your wallet wide because it is going to cost you. In summery, there is NOTHING in the initial purchase that can't be found elsewhere for less or free. If you are the sort that has to have everything, an app addict if you will, then you have found a bottomless honey hole.

  • Very disappointed


    Bought this app for over $19 and realized most of the tools were limited editions and had to pay extra bugs to get the others. Will certainly not try this one. Pls let the buyers be aware of what they're paying for. Very disappointed!!!

  • Big disappointment

    by LikeaBossMJ

    I purchased this app after reading all the feature lists and watching videos of its use. However, upon opening it up I discovered that the rta feature is limited to 1 octave and 1/3 octave. How am I supposed to get an acoustic environment reading with that? It's useless. Many of the features are blocked out unless you purchase them individually. WHAT?!?!?!? I paid $9.99 already and got nothing?!?!? The dock mic feature is supposed to enable the use of an exterior mic via the dock port. Doesn't work. It was picking up sound from the built in mic still. Don't waste $10 bucks of your earned money on trickery such as this app. You'll have to spend and additional $50 on in-app purchases to get the features listed in the description.

  • Beware!

    by Jsssssssssssssssssssss

    I run a sound company in southern california doing concert and corporate work. This is a good ap. RTA is very accurate. However if you try to buy any accessories like the interface to plug in an external mic, don't. I have been waiting for mine for over 2 months. There was no indication that it was back ordered, they have not responded to my frequent attempts at communication. It's like they stopped caring about their customers. My advice don't buy this ap. buy the basic RTA only for 99¢. And just use your phone.

  • Great professional tool!

    by AVIntegrity

    If you are looking for a basic tool to mess around with try the jbl tools app by Studio Six Digital. If you want to add professional features that cost $100's of times more than these in app purchase and use a professionally calibrate microphone through their interface than look no further. Yes they cost money, you get what you pay for though, and them some.

  • Wonderful App

    by NI7F

    I have used Audio Tools for quite some time. Some might be upset about the extra expense for in application purchases but I am not. Not everyone wants all the amazing features available in this app. Allowing us to purchase the features we want and will use is a very smart way to go. Anyone who knows the effort to develop all these various acoustic applications completely understands this. I absolutely love this application and highly recommend it to anyone I retested in acoustics.

  • Amazing Value

    by Clybdav

    This suite of apps is a steal for any serious audio engineer. I am in the process of replacing well over $4000 worth of test gear with this app and the iAudiointerface2 (available soon I hope!). Total investment including an iPad will be less than $1000 and the app will do way more than my much more expensive RTA. Thanks for the great app!

  • Small shop in east peoria il

    by The Chuc Stop

    I'm with you. I like the app but didn't know that all the other portions of this come as an upgrade with a price attached. Need to look a little further in before I purchase more from this company. But my iPhone app is good overall

  • This thing needs an update

    by John Croswell

    I used the iPhone rta made by these guys on a weekly basis. I felt it was really accurate. Bought an iPad to do my mixing, went straight to the guys I trusted. This thing is terrible. 1.) it doesn't pick up anything under 100Hz that well. 2.) gives you an inaccurate depiction of the dB your running (A weight or C weight). I ran some test over my system and compared this app side by side with iPhone rta app I'd been using. The iPhone said around 90 dB(C) with my low end Hz running louder than my high end Hz while the iPad rta app was giving me an overall volume lever reading of around 80 dB(C) and telling me that any frequency below 100 Hz was running at a volume of around 20-30 dB(C).?? I dont trust this app like I do my iPhone rta (which I've been using for a good 5-6 months. If they update it with a correct algorithm I'd use it but until then I guess I'll go back to the iPhone app. :-/

  • Awesome app suite

    by Wil Hinds

    I'm a serious audiophile, musician and kinda tech savy guy. Maybe i've gotten old but back in the day you would have had to buy an extremely expensive rack of gear to get this kind of flexibility and performance. Great Suite of tools!

  • Worth Every Penny - And Then Some...

    by Mr. Harry Otto

    Don't be fooled with this one. There's much more included than what it sounds like. Another $11 for 2 in-app purchases and I can walk into any venue and issue an overall quality report of a clients system. Pre-sale support was equally impressive. Apps like these with ala carte module purchases make sense. And with modules priced at $5.95 you can really tailor this and not spend money for options you'll never use. I spend more than most on apps and have to say this was the best money ever spent. Harry Otto Ottotronics

  • One of the rare A+ apps out there!

    by IPG888

    To those who complained that they didn't know that certain features needed in-app purchases, I, and probably a whole bunch of people who have been using this for a long time, knew this all along. The developer has been upfront about this for the longest time, and the description of what you are getting has always been CRYSTAL CLEAR. They have always broken it down as to what was included in the base price and what was extra. Most apps in the iTunes store are trivial or even useless. This one is on the other side of the spectrum. ;-) It is one of the rare heavy weight lifting apps ever developed for the iPhone. The developer is a professional in the field, and clearly puts a lot of effort in the code. The accuracy, from my experience and others, has been really good and quite impressive given how cost effective the setup you're using is. The updates are really solid -- unlike others who introduce annoying bugs more often than they fix. So, it is worth what I invested in it! For a true audiophile that has the right technical background or a professional in a pinch who wants to get reasonably accurate figures without dragging along a bunch of professional equipment, this is really recommended.

  • buggy

    by budryerson

    The faux-realistic look for the SPL meter is OK, but fails on the Signal Generator, which looks silly and ugly instead of professional. The oscilloscope has serious bugs that limit it's usefulness. Bug fixes are promised in version 4.1; but this is their flagship product, so I am seriously concerned about making any further investment until they get this right.

  • The best portable acoustical tool to date.

    by dprimary

    This app with the modules and the hardware is by far my favorite measurement tool. Each version adds new features, and modules are amazing. These are professional tools and are priced accordingly. I was using the IR module today to test a room and the system was very easy to use. It allowed me to complete the measurements quickly, and store them, so I can review them at the office as I design a solution for the clients acoustical problems. The hardware interface is a must have for the professional and I have an Ipod dedicated to the system just for this purpose. I find also handy to be able to do some rough measurements just off an iphone in pinch when I'm meeting a client or on job site but I was not expecting to need to do measurements.

  • A Wonderful Analysis and Teaching Tool.

    by CrackedDish

    Not being either a Sound Engineer or Audio Professional, this app is incredible for the features it provides. I have used this app as both as a learning/teaching tool at work, and in helping my son with a science project involving temperature effects on tuning forks. I greatly appreciated the ability to add additional modules at my leisure, but can that become costly very quickly. Perhaps having a fully-loaded app (at least including the most popular add-on modules) would allow potential purchases to better understand what they are about to get themselves into. One of the highlights with this app has been the FFT with its available octave and time delay options, and another is the ability (for the iPad) to display two different modes at the same time. The app developer's web site is absolutely incredible in regards for letting you understand what each module can do, and how it does it. If there is a concern I have, it is that it appears the app developer attempts to compensate via a software algorithm for the low frequency cutoff on the iPad built-in microphone. Assuming the previous statement is correct, I would like to see what the behavior is without the software algorithm (just for comparison purposes).

  • Great App

    by TechieAaron

    I am a semi-professional sound tech and have had plenty of experience with software like this on the computer. This is a a great app, and has all the features you could possibly want. The in-app purchases can get a bit expensive, but for what you get, you could easily pay four or five times for separate software/hardware. Everything works great, and I wouldn't trade it for anything I can get for OS X or Windows. This will be my choice for a long time to come.

  • Small Price

    by kj-dj

    Incredible amount of tools for a pittance. Just the speaker phase test saves me $200 over a clicker. The RTA rocks. Love the calculator for finding room modes. If you own a professional PA this app is a must have. Thank you Studio Six!

  • Nice app, but gotta agree with Timothy Riggs

    by Anne Grant

    Bought this app at the end of a long day, not noticing that extra modules are at additional cost. By the time you get all the modules this app will cost in excess of $40. If its what you need, no big deal. Just understand what you're signing on for.

  • Best audio analyzing app

    by Audiochef1

    Regularly use this app and the IR module for testing. Solid build, excellent and intuitive interface. Optional hardware is pro. Highly recommended.

  • Read description fully!

    by Timothy Riggs

    Just know before you buy...most of the advertised features still need to be purchased inside the application above and beyond the iTunes price.

  • Absolutely Awesome

    by Joe Wiwad

    This is the greatest app of all time. I especially like the FFT analyzer. I didn't think the iPhone would have the microphone quality or the processing power to do a good job at this, but I was wrong. This thing has blown away all of my expectations.

  • A "Real" Tool...

    by franman006

    I'm an acoustic professional and I find this app a valuable 'real' tool. I've done noise analysis on HVAC system, background noise and hunted down room modal problems with my iPad and iPhone since I purchased this great suite. The SPL meter is quite accurate with the built in iPhone mic (I have a 3G now waiting on 5) and the RTA is versatile and fun to use. I use TEF and Fuzzmeasure on my laptops and I can't wait for the 2 Channel SMAART package to work with the new interface. This is really an exciting suite and by adding a small interface and measurement mic to my bag Audiotools allows me to have all this functionality with me all the time! This is a winner. Studio Six is a responsive company. They send out regular updates via email and they respond to questions right away. There are a few bugs and it's not the best solution for saving data, but for in-the-field measurements and diagnoses this app rocks. Being totally cable free (using the internal mic) is very liberating and convenient for many of the field measurements we need to make.

  • A great value

    by ampsarus

    I bought this kit and the Smaart plugin. The peak light on the 'analog' SPL meter doesnt light up on peaks, maybe the incandescent burned out, after all, its 50 years old. haha Please light it up dull orange-yellow in an update. Smaart works better than I'd expect a $50 version of ANYTHING this robust to work. Just praying that SIM (2-ch) is available soon with Interface2. Update- On my iPad2, Smaart Save/Recall doesnt work and SPL dashboard crashes after returning from Setup

  • Audio tools excellent

    by Jsixis

    Fantastic app, I use it all the time, Well worth the small cost, will eventually get the breakout box. The I pad has a weak microphone and even weaker speaker (noticed while using the sweep generator function) Perfect app for setting up the home stereo, surround sound, or for tweaking PA systems and showing the club owner that their juke box is louder then the band

  • Great App!!!

    by Gridrat

    I am the director of a Performing Arts Center and have to deal with audio issues in 3 different performance spaces and varied events from rock bands, orchestras, choirs, musicals and plays. I purchased the App when it first came out and have used the basic tools that came with it with great success. ( Had FOH audio engineers compare the accurracy of the app tools to their own and have come away impressed) I have purchased additional tools as needed which has saved me a lot of money compared to the single tools I would have purchased. To those having issues with cost or deceptive practices, read everything very closely and contact Line 6 if you have questions. Then Determine what tools you need to accomplish the job so you are paying for what you have need for. When I weighed what I would spend purchasing stand alone tools ( even the so called cheaper units) to what I spent with this app; In my book this has been a worthwhile investment!!! I plan to install on my Ipad 2 so I can use tools at the same time.

  • Deceptive advertising

    by a taco

    Company claims to include single-channel SMAART tools in the base price. That's a lie. SMAART tools is a separate $50 purchase.

  • OK

    by 0cents

    Fri 07/01/11 1:23 PM. So I was all about to storm in here and write a negative review -- but the trick is, you have to find a button that says "AudioTools" on it, which'll produce a 6 category menu, and then you can find for instance "Acoustics" and poke it, and there'll be a list of 5 gadgets, four of which have an "INFO" button which means you gotta pay for them, but the unencumbered button says "RTA" and that produces a spectrum analyzer -- or Real Time Analyzer RTA as they say. So the app actually has a number of available features without additional cost, not just 1 or two as I initially thought. The "utilities" section has 6 whole built-in features! … So I'm happy. I mean, the price is right.

  • Waste of money

    by GShafer

    Don't buy this app!!!

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