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Get the app that saves you up to 75% on amazing offers from local businesses, national chains, and online merchants. Every day, we bring you deep discounts from top-rated restaurants, spas, events, and more.

Our app lets you view and buy offers in seconds, whether it’s a fast-selling Amazon MP3 deal, a special chef dinner, or a luxurious massage. You can set your deal preferences so you only get email when we have the kinds of deals you want. And your vouchers are always with you – no need to print them out anymore.

Download the Amazon Local iPhone app to:
• View and buy deals instantly
• Redeem deals directly from your iPhone without printing vouchers
• Set preferences for the types of deals you want to see

While you’re on the go, use our app to:
• Map the location for your deals and get driving directions
• Quickly mark deals as used and see your unused deals
• Decide whether you’d like to receive emails or push notifications or both for your cities
• Call Amazon Local or the merchant with one click on your iPhone
• Lock the app with a passcode for added security
• Share deals with your friends and family through Facebook, Twitter, email and SMS

Customer Reviews

  • Awesome

    by Dee. Dee1

    I have been looking at this deal for awhile and I'm glad I'm going to gift it for a birthday.

  • Hard to stop buying vouchers

    by Captain0346

    The deals are so good it's almost unbelievable. Perfect for bdays, anniversaries, or just a nice random gift!

  • Livelove

    by Lenzie Hooks

    Great app, very useful, and user friendly.

  • Great app!

    by Moviefanatic!

    Easy, convenient, and full of good deals!

  • Love it

    by DrMiner

    This is 1st app I've ever written a review for - that's how much I love it.

  • Love it!

    by LeeneWeenie

    Why didn't I start using local before now? Great deals super easy to use.


    by Peaches2210

    Thank you for helping make our Valentine's Day so fab!! =}**

  • Deals!

    by Amandalovespizza

    Easy fast & awesome

  • Fantastic

    by Tchantastic

    One click purchasing makes it tooooo easy to buy

  • Clean and easy!

    by DearAli

    User friendly, good category breakdown, and never freezes. Hooray! Great app!

  • Great

    by Falopean toobs

    Spent to much...

  • Diggin it

    by Dirty wood 85

    This has a lot of great features. I just wish there was a search function.

  • Good App

    by Grrrrrrrrretch

    Used it only a few times and haven't had any issues, it's very easy and nice.

  • Love it

    by Nina3610

    Its gave me great offers and coupons

  • Works when I need it...

    by Dotunuki

    Never know when I will snap up a deal but when I do, it's ready, no hassle.

  • Great app!

    by Jess7134

    Easy interface and good deals!

  • Good

    by Tony William

    Doing good

  • Love it

    by Matthew Levy

    I am always finding something fun me and my girl can do. So far I bought a coupon for roller skating, flowers, and hot springs for us.

  • Easy to Use!

    by Snack Pack206

    Easy to use & great design/layout. I like how you can easily tell what vouchers you have left & display them.

  • Easy to use and navigate

    by Debmole

    I use this at home and on the go to get great things at a discount.


    by Noob1978

    You guys have to have better deals if you want people to buy.

  • Great app, but asks for reviews

    by Why Me???

    Great app, but please stop asking for reviews.

  • Wish it stored vouchers offline

    by ossandcad

    Otherwise great app. Offline voucher support would be great.

  • No complaints.

    by tuckerMD

    Good deals, easy to use app!

  • Fo' Sho'

    by pauliewog77

    What a great app, local deals and area specific deals where you want 'em. It's nice to just browse and shop too. I use it all the time, fo'sho!

  • Local app

    by Ccrn162

    Great, LOVE THIS APP

  • Awesome app

    by gabo.rodz

    Love the interface! And the deals, of course.

  • Interface is now terrible

    by MrOrndog

    Nice concept with lots of competitors. The scrolling is so bad I quit using this app. It used to work fine and all other apps still do.

  • Love it!

    by .::Andrea::.

    Great way to find awesome deals locally and most important save money.

  • Online magazines subscription

    by stellajiang1990

    Very convenience and cheap. Pretty cool app

  • It wont even launch.

    by justlittleofurtime


  • Great app, works almost as well as the actual site.

    by Alan Feijoo

    My only gripes are that you cannot specify the types of deals you only want to see. I normally do only vouchers for restaurants so I have to scroll through offers dealing with whatever I don't want to see.

  • Best deals.

    by Onix007

    Love the prices and the business's that I get access to.

  • Easy

    by Dr scorpion

    Really easy to use and select then wonderful way to safe money

  • I likee

    by Air run 1970

    Comes in handy for us poor people.

  • Excellent App!!

    by Angela-la-la-la 85

    So glad I found this. There are tons and tons of deals. I will definitely be using the app daily. Worth the download.

  • Good Layout & Nice Deals

    by 20jkm 

    Just made my first purchase... Lets hope it goes well!

  • Great app

    by Missie E

    Its very easy to use and to navigate. I like that its already set up for me to find my vouchers and suggest what kinds of deals I like and dislike

  • Very good n useful.

    by 뉴욕곰탱이

    I love this app. If I need some I can get whatever I want, use this app

  • Great Deals & Easy App!!!

    by carol rocco

    Fantastic!!! I use it for personal use, family & friends. Best deals ever!!!

  • Awesome deals!

    by Brainydoc

    This is a great app for finding local deals. The variety and choice of deals is pretty amazing. Just booked a great deal for an overnight stay at a local casino hotel resort.

  • Love it

    by legacy813

    Love the app! Great deals!

  • Great Deals

    by SuzyCT

    Love this site. Nice and easy to use with awesome deals!

  • Lots of deals!

    by Phil Winfrey

    I've used this app for birthday/Christmas presents and for my own enjoyment. Easy to use and a lot of great deals!

  • Great app!

    by groovefactor82

    Good to have when planning a date night with your significant other, or an outing with family and friends. You can also find great deals on home maintenance and repairs, or automotive maintenance and repairs. Really good app. Highly recommend it!

  • Clean and easy

    by Krason7

    Just worked. Didn't need to learn anything new. I like it.

  • Great app

    by Walkwithjesusonly

    I like this app and the deals

  • Good deals, great prices

    by N8charm

    .... And very convenient!

  • Very Convenient

    by NelsonEE

    I added a new CC and billing address seamlessly. This app works great and I am ready to use the voucher on my bday.

  • Great deals

    by Sprabhuk

    Excellent app. A whole bunch of great deals. Very easy to return deals you do not want anymore. Wish they had a search function. It's quite painful to scroll through the large number of deals.

  • Great site for deals!

    by Moxiemama1

    You can really snag some great deals here.

  • Awesome app!!

    by Jnovaco

    Great app with great deals for places we love to go!

  • Encantadora

    by YosiMerch

    I love this App, thank's!

  • Great Fast Fun App!

    by Somename321

    Spend money on the things you like or gifts for others fast with just a click. Would like a more elaborately detailed preference and search option though

  • Great deals

    by EL4825

    Easy to use

  • Love this app!!

    by 30three

    So many great and diverse deals:) this app is the shizznit

  • Useful, easy to use

    by beginnersview

    Just used the app for a local deal. It was fast, easy -- useful to me. (Have not 'redeemed' the purchase yet but seems it will be straightforward.)

  • Excellent!

    by Neck Deep in Snow

    A great app for a great service. Hard to beat the ease and functionality of this one!

  • Great app

    by Junior12766

    awesome app

  • Need a search feature on Mobil app please

    by Mklagirl

    Like the deals but hard to go back to an item while using mobile. Please add categories or search option.

  • Save now!

    by FierceLink

    I always find local deals I really like! So far I've used it to get sport tickets, food and video game discounts!

  • Awesome :)

    by Ffffffffabbbbbbbbbb

    Thank you

  • Easy Peasy

    by imdoctari

    I really like the convenience. The app works great and really streamlines the purchase process.

  • Great offers!

    by MRdigz7

    This app has saved me at least $100 so far and I've only used it twice so far! I like the fact they're not the frivolous type of offers, but targeted to what I like :)

  • Good

    by Monika Szczepaniec

    It is a great way to find good deals. Would be more useful to be able to narrow down the search to a particular category apart from your general settings.

  • Great

    by SalaRegionals20X

    Gives you fun things to do in your area for cheap. Great for dates.

  • Super cool

    by Dr1228w

    Good way to try new things or enjoy favorites!

  • Easy app

    by Andreavr5

    Super easy app! Love the deals! Once your credit/debit card info is saved, it takes seconds to buy deals you like.

  • Good app

    by Ilaf

    It is good , keeps you updated with the promotions in your city.

  • Huge usability gap

    by Elsmama

    I could say this app works well in some cases - as long as you don't need to print your voucher. However, there is no printing from this app. None. Nada. Niente. According to customer service for this app, "Most places don't need the voucher printed." Yes, well, many in this neck of the woods *do* want the printed voucher. I do not want to be told "Just go to the regular website if you want to print." Then why even make the app? What's the point? Just put a print function in the app for goodness sake.

  • Awesome

    by Conner Baker

    Great deals in great places. Love the small business community

  • Very useful and a necessity!

    by J bizzle lol

    This app is very useful and I believe everyone should use it because of its performance and ability rates considering all it can do by looking at local deals

  • Can't even do a search!

    by Nolramo

    Can't search Can't specify exact miles from a specific spot for deal preferences (why do I want a deal for sandwiches 20 miles from my house?)

  • Easy peazey!!

    by CLWW70

    Provides awesome opportunities to check out things to do and see in my local area...

  • Not Very Local

    by WV Jeff

    App is only helpful if you live in or near a big city. If you live in a rural area, you are relegated to the National offers only. App also ignores your preferences. My preferences called out a dislike for Kids Entertainment, yet kids' parks keep coming up for me. I don't have small children and have no need for a kid park. Other deals shown also tended to ignore preferences laid out. Not very helpful overall

  • Sometimes you get lucky!!!

    by Canibuyavowel

    I didn't think I would like this app, but I do. Sometimes it's really handy. It keeps things fun and fresh with new things to try. Overall, decent app.

  • Great app

    by Foodsur icicic

    Love this app

  • Needs search

    by Zé Turbo

    Other than that, it's a great app!

  • Crash

    by Flynomo

    Crash, open, repeat.

  • Plethora of Deals

    by GeeEmWhy

    Love the variety of offers. Most have excellent "shelf life" before they expire.

  • Great App

    by Realty Rowe

    This is an excellent app. I wish more companies near me participated.

  • Wonderful app

    by SEALTeamVI

    This is a wonderful app that helps me find deals near me. I like the iPad app's map, which is not there on the iPhone app yet!

  • Works Every time!!

    by Vtapes

    My title says it all. This app works every time I use it. Rarely if ever crashes. I'm very happy with it. 4 stars because nothing is perfect.

  • Love it

    by Cheryllw2lls

    I've learned of businesses in my area that I never knew existed. Great marketing idea and awesome deals.

  • Informative!

    by MMDLVii

    I enjoy receiving offers for events sales activities in my preferred area/zone/city/village/town..there is no other app like this one that covers all my interests so i like it!

  • Great offers

    by Cyinca

    I love the variety of offers

  • Amazing

    by Smileygen

    So useful , I use it all the time ;)

  • Awesome app for good deals

    by Kunal Wagh

    I use this app for photo book deals a lot. No crap and the deals are quite good.... But i would like it more if they have variety of deals.....

  • Local steals

    by Hahanates

    Having fun and saving money a great app indeed!

  • Fast & Easy

    by Lee8908

    Great app for trying new things in your area. Fast and easy just a few clicks and your done.

  • Spam app

    by Keser Sose

    Ignores you preferences and just pushes any useless deal they are selling. I only "like" restaurants and food but the show spa, golf, travel. I wish non drinkers could filter alcohol related offers. I'm 48. You aren't going to convince me to be a drinker no matter how hard you try.


    by Sprtjcksea

    Discounted local shopping done RIGHT! So long G-Pon, the Bezo's A-Team is here to show ya how to get things done!!

  • Great Deals

    by TWheeler

    I love this app. I do wish they had deals for Little Rock though.

  • Re-Discover Your City or Town

    by Pazzuzu

    This is one of the BEST apps ever, super discounts on restaurants, tours, trendy out of the way shops you would never know existed, the list goes on and on. Bored on the weekend? Just open the app and you're on your way to fun and new things you never even knew existed so close to you at discounts up to 90% off. I use it all the time. I would recommend this app to everyone because the deals go from children's all the way to bars an everything in between. Don't even think twice, GET IT !

  • Stand behind their deals

    by Starr1999a

    I've only purchased 2 deals. The 2nd one provided exactly what was advertised. The first one I didn't get a chance to use and they politely refunded my account. This is the best anyone can do.

  • Easy way to keep up with deals

    by evie_3

    Like the ease of accessing deals on the phone. Good notifications too.

  • So far so good

    by Christy Faucheux

    Love buying local. App is great. Just bought my first item!

  • Great deals

    by Cool Beans,,,

    I have found several deals cheaper on this site over some of the other ones. App is very easy to navigate. I have not experienced any crashes.

  • Awesome!!

    by Crazy/kitty

    Love this app. I find great local deals all the time. And for the places I like to go to.

  • Excellent deals and easy to use app

    by Brussell708

    This app is super easy to use

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