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Languages: English, French, German, Italian, Japanese, Spanish

Seller: AMZN Mobile LLC

- Now AppSwitcher-compatible in your BMW or MINI
- Fixed bug that cut off some music

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Your music. Everywhere. Listen to your music collection from the cloud on your iPhone, iPod Touch, or iPad anywhere you are. You can download or stream your library from the cloud – or play the music you already have on your device.

To listen to your music in Cloud Player:
• Start with music you’ve bought from Amazon in the past – when you first sign in, eligible MP3s will be added to your Cloud Player library for free. So will MP3 versions of any AutoRip CDs you bought from Amazon since 1998.
• Shop over 20 million songs from millions of artists in the Amazon MP3 store right from your Safari web browser, with bestselling songs from $0.99 and albums from $7.99. Music you buy is instantly added to your Cloud Player library, whether you buy it from your iPhone, iPod touch, iPad, PC, or Mac.
• Buy any AutoRip CD on Amazon and get the MP3 version for free, immediately added to your Cloud Player library.
• Visit Amazon Cloud Player on your PC or Mac and import your music collection from iTunes or your other folders. Once imported from your computer, music will instantly be available on your iPhone, iPod touch, or iPad.
• Simply play music from your iTunes collection that is already on your device – even music downloaded from iCloud can be played with Cloud Player.

With Cloud Player, you can:
• Stream your music from the cloud.
• Download locally to enjoy your music offline – no Wi-Fi or mobile network needed.
• Create and edit playlists.
• Control your music from your lockscreen.
• Use Bluetooth to stream your music in your house or car.
• You can also listen to music in your Cloud Player library on your Kindle Fire, PC, Mac, Android-based device, Sonos, Roku, or Samsung Smart TV.

Customer Reviews

  • Awaome

    by Edward Cullen Fan

    Love this app now I can play all my favorite Twilight songs in full!!! Keep up the great work!

  • Bomb

    by MiaC1979

    This app is amazing, I def recommend. One of my fav apps!

  • Best music app

    by Steve 5727873

    Most reliable music app out there

  • Great service

    by MethodMan008

    Great app, can't tell how to delete downloaded songs tho

  • !!!!!!

    by KungaWunga


  • :)

    by Maxiemaxx

    I have an iphone and this app saved me from a lot of hassle. I hate dealing with iTunes and converting my music, this makes it so you have everything right there no need to involve a PC

  • Needs to remember now playing song

    by Ralph From the Future

    Good app, but forgets what song I was playing after stopping the app.

  • okay app

    by daft93

    I cannot listen offline. please fix this. How can I listen offline?

  • Love it

    by Swimmom1991

    Love the app but why can't we purchase music? Would love to be able to buy music through the app instead of having to go on my laptop

  • Audio Source Select?

    by Diodepack

    Where is audio source select? For example if I am connected to Bluetooth and still want to listen through my headphones, there's no way to make it happen.

  • Confusing

    by ashley bart

    I cant figure out how to add music to my cloud player because i cant find the website.Some one please help?

  • X-Ray

    by Thomas.Sipp

    X-Ray would be nice! Will definitely give edge over apple's player...

  • Crashes on iphone 5s

    by Smooth Fun!

    I love this app and it has worked great until i got my new 5s. now it wont even stay open longer than 2 seconds. Please fix

  • A+

    by  Dean Spader

    About time! Excellent!

  • Cool app

    by G.T.A.D.

    Works well with my 30,000+ songs!

  • Very awesome

    by aaronbz01

    Everything works good except Facebook share! I would like this option fixed so my family and friends know what I'm listening to.

  • Love it!!!

    by WittleIndianGirl

    Thank you!!!

  • Outstanding

    by Eaglefan414

    Works like charm. Very easy interface. 5 stars.

  • Great cloud support for mp3 purchases

    by astodrew

    I've found this service to be much more reliable than iMatch through iCloud, which frequently loses service for me.

  • Streaming

    by Meowtau

    This is a very nice and easy way to steam my music collection without transferring to my iphone. Streaming works great in the car. Happy. But do be careful on 3G data use. It is great for occasional use in the car. Easy.

  • It was great

    by  Biggest Winner O

    It worked great for me till the last update, it crashes every time I try to open it !! :( it used to be so great

  • Was great but now...

    by Kavik3

    This was my favorite app until songs started getting cut off. Songs cut off in the middle...nothing I can do it solve this. The newest update actually made it worse; now most songs get cut off midway thru the song. Disappointing because I used to love this app.

  • Updates killed this app

    by  Johnthunder1443

    Since the last updates not all my music loads this was a great app better then using Google Music but right now I have to use Gmusic because this does not load all my music not matter if I log off and on nothing works

  • Needs to play off line

    by D-nutty14

    Doesn't lat me play any music off line.

  • Hmm

    by Rawr17651976

    Wow this app is literally worse that Hitler

  • Updates Did Not Fix Issues

    by ChristinaB14

    I recently updated the app that supposed to have fixed music from being cutoff but I have found that the same sings get cut off after 5 sec in. The only way to fix it is by re-purchasing the song. Thinking of re-buying my collection through iTunes.

  • Not that great

    by angelsanchez23

    Have to press shuffle every time I pick a new song... Kinda ruins it makes me wish that I could get these songs on my actual music

  • Why?

    by AriaLHM

    If I buy the music and download it to my player, why are you deleting it if I sign out? It's bad enough I can't download it straight to a computer. Maybe it's time you got with the times and look at your competitors...

  • A cache hog!

    by Dantracht

    Decent app, but watch out, it'll fill up your cache and eat up space before you know it.

  • Functional but sound quality suffers

    by L4dv8dr

    I have enjoyed using this app for quite a while now however I'm realizing that without a equalizer the sound quality really suffers when you go to external speakers or listening in your vehicle through Bluetooth or aux port. UPDATE Since The last update I was seven the entire thing now have consistent crashes, and throws errors interrupting music. Customer service was useless. Update #2 Very flawed and won't stay open on my ios7 did everything still nothing. Grrrr now I have to figure out a new solution and move ALL the music to something new (what a pain)

  • Crashing!

    by Shieldmaiden0426

    I've loved this app but recently it keeps crashing! I uninstalled it once already ( big pain)! What's going on? I really don't want to install it again! Please fix this issue!

  • Can't sign in

    by Missy80170

    Keep getting exception #47 when I try to sign in and I can't access the music that I PAID for.

  • Can't load current version

    by MAJ1954

    The app says to install 6.0 or later which I have but can't load this app on my IPOD

  • Music

    by Melonkitty

    Is there a way that I could download the music from cloud to my iPod music library?

  • No more IOS 5 support!?

    by DisappointedMichael

    Tried to reinstall it on my kid's iPad1. Won't install due to new IOS 6 requirement. Please make the older version available.

  • "streaming" music

    by Ruth Thomas

    I only have 10 songs in my library, and they don't even play without pausing throughout the song. I haven't even made it through ONE complete song. How did this app get released without actually completing the program to actually PLAY a song?! Please finish fixing this app and update. Seriously.

  • Terrible

    by reinventnv1

    Just a really terribly made app.

  • Glitches

    by Tmn8891

    This app was working pretty well for me until 12/8/13. It got very glitchy suddenly and now it isn't working at all. please fix the bugs!

  • Crashing!

    by Lashena

    Kept crashing during my workout please fix problem ASAP....can't deal with boring workouts!!!

  • Best music app ever

    by Creedlake82

    Forget about iTunes And cheaper works perfectly i've never experienced any bugs Has a great interface And it is clean all your music is organized the way it should be I love this app

  • Stopped working

    by Kid c a 3

    I can't access my music. Please fix it

  • Poor sound quality

    by Rickwpgame

    If you care about the sound quality of your music then don't use this app. It has the poorest sound quality of all the apps available. I don't care about the cache. But I do care how my music sounds and won't ever use this app again. I don't even care that I had to repurchase my entire library again to play it on something that sounds 200% better.

  • Needs work

    by Peter Maurer

    Lack of integration into the iTunes library makes this app virtually worthless to me. It also doesn't auto-play after you hang up a phone call. Finally, it's impossible to read long song title names if there are various remixes. It's a good start, but there are much-needed tweaks.

  • Back/forward buttons don't work

    by Thigg1210

    With the latest version of iOS, the back/forward arrows are not active and do not work.

  • Back/forward buttons don't work

    by Thigg1210

    With the latest version of iOS, the back/forward arrows are not active and do not work.

  • Great app

    by Missgreenebean

    It's an awesome app because I can listen to my music on my kindle fire or on my iPhone when I'm on the go.

  • Giant background ads

    by Draugrim

    Not a new feature I appreciate.

  • Update not downloading

    by PirateLadyDebby

    Update is not downloading

  • Excellent

    by TravisL23

    Excellent app for streaming from the cloud. Clean UI and user experience. New version is very fast and addresses the performance issues of the older versions.

  • An excellent app

    by MasySyma

    The app works well. It is easy to clear the cache, and the sound quality is excellent.

  • Cuts off songs half way

    by Sndjjshsdb

    Previous version also did that

  • Was great but now...

    by Kavik3

    This was my favorite app until the last update. Now cuts songs off in the middle...nothing I can do it solve this. Apparently newest update has bugs.

  • Error since iOS 7 changes.

    by cocoamom

    Can't play music at all Pop up message says they'll fix it but haven't. Delete.

  • Terrible on data

    by whig4life

    Skips when on data, instead of lowering quality and optimizing experience for current data. Can't believe I spent $25 on this. This problem is so 90s.

  • Not good as i thought

    by Ammke

    It cut off songs before it finished ... Why? Am disappointed :(

  • I love this app but there are hidden problems.

    by gallagherblue

    Update Nov 21st 2013. Problem continues for me but not my wife's iPhone. Why? If I delete a track from my device it still seems to appear but with a blank label. Have submitted photos and log to support. Not sure if the blank labelled track takes up any memory on the device. Would love to get rid of my blank labelled tracks for good! Customer support e-mail is within the app, but The customer support team's policy is annoying too. You send them an e-mail of the problem and the log, and then they ask you to call them, and go through security identification to tell them the same thing!!

  • Highly recommend!

    by GBobik

    Like the new update with new look.

  • Update ruined it.

    by TheToph

    Can no longer switch between any of the tabs. Limited to songs on device or in cloud but can't view playlists, albums, etc.

  • Update train wreck

    by Crazykidsthree

    The last update is no good. I cannot toggle from artists to songs etc. and when it says my content is listed by songs it shows artists not songs and I touching the other music sorting positions does not work or is impossible because the icons don't work. Please fix so do not have to uninstall then reinstall all my music again.

  • Something wrong

    by Bennyzejet

    Very glitchy, layout looks weird. Please fix.

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