djay 2 Music App Review (iOS, $9.99)

  • Category: Music
  • Publisher: Algoriddim
  • Updated: Jul, 25 2013
  • Version: 2.2.1
  • Size: 52.22 MB

Languages: English, French, German, Italian, Japanese, Chinese, Spanish

Seller: algoriddim GmbH

• Added Chinese localization
• Bugfixes and improvements

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Ready to rock your next party? Introducing djay 2 - the next generation of the world's best-selling iOS DJ software and winner of the Apple Design Award has been redesigned from the ground up.

• “Got a hidden scratch master inside of you? djay will serve beginners and experts.” — The New York Times
• "djay 2 will blow your mind. And your ears. And your eyes." — iMore
• “One of the most impressive music apps we’ve seen for the iPad to date.” — Engadget
• “It’s going to revolutionize DJing as we know it.” — ZDNet
• “One of the best iPad apps around.” — Macworld

djay transforms your iPad into a full–featured DJ system. Seamlessly integrated with your music library, djay gives you direct access to all your favorite songs and playlists on your iPad. You can perform live, record mixes on–the–go, or enable Automix mode to let djay create a seamless mix for you automatically. Whether you are a professional DJ or a beginner who just loves to play with music, djay offers you the most intuitive yet powerful DJ experience on an iPad.


• Direct music library access
• Automix
• Audio FX: Flanger, Phaser, Echo, Gate, Bit Crusher
• Mixer, Tempo, Pitch-Bend, Filter and EQ controls
• Looping & Cue Points
• Live Recording
• Sampler with included sound packs by Snoop Dogg, DJ QBert and others
• Single Deck Mode
• Colored HD Waveforms™
• Pre-Cueing with headphones (using Griffin DJ Cable or multi-channel audio interface)
• Advanced time-stretching (Key Lock)
• Key Detection and Matching (requires iPad Air or iPad mini with Retina display, or better)
• Automatic beat detection
• Auto-Gain
• iCloud integration to sync metadata
• AirPlay integration
• iTunes Store integration
• Support for Inter-App Audio and Audiobus
• Support for all major audio formats (no support for DRM protected songs)
• Support for DJ MIDI Controllers: Pioneer DDJ-WeGO, DDJ-WeGO2, DDJ-ERGO, Vestax Spin 2, Numark iDJ Pro, Mixdeck Quad, iDJ Live, iDJ Live II, ION iDJ 2 Go, Reloop Beatpad, Casio XW-J1, Philips M1X-DJ


New User Interface
• Multiple Performance Layers: easily switch between turntables, waveforms, and the sampler to take your DJ performance to the next level
• Single Deck Mode: rotate your device to focus on an individual deck with larger controls

HD Waveforms™
• Parallel Scrolling Wave View: touch and interact with two songs side-by-side
• Colored Waveforms: visually find sounds, such as drums, vocals or base lines, using a frequency based color mapping
• Slice Mode: turn the beats in the waveform into temporary hot cues and remix on-the-fly
• Slip Mode: scratch your music without interrupting the flow as it snaps back in time on release
• Beat-Grids: use auto-detected visual beat markers for precise cueing and beat matching

Sampler & Drum Pads
• Sample Player: tap any of the 12 sample pads to trigger sounds from the pre-bundled content
• Sample Recorder: record live from playing decks to create your own one-shot samples
• Custom Presets: assign samples, color-code individual pads and save it as a custom preset

New Music Library
• Song Queue: quickly build a playlist for requests and upcoming songs
• History Playlists: see what has already been played during your session and easily recreate a great mix later
• Instant Preview: tap and hold a song in the library to preview it before loading it to the deck
• Analyze Library: pre-analyze your library so BPM, waveforms etc. are instantly available when loading a song
• Full-Screen Mode: dynamically expand your library to browse songs more easily
• Light & Dark Theme: adjust your library theme for maximum readability depending on lighting

Advanced Performance Tools
• Perfect Sync™: seamlessly blend songs together for a perfect transition or mashup
• Loop-FX: remix live by swiping across the XY-pad for beat-matched loops with simultaneous filtering

Customer Reviews

  • Current best iPad djing app for me

    by TheLastOne2

    Only one problem with this for me. Cannot adjust the beat grid when it's wrong sometimes. Algoriddim says they are working on it. My workaround is to then not use sync or trust the bpm counter but it's hard. You could tap it though and you can 2x and /2 the tempo if you need to. It usually makes the track unmixable because I'm not using a headphone cue right now. But I can obvious see I need it because neither DJ Rig or djay is there for me 100% of the time with sync.

  • Useful for the beginner

    by KPSFO

    I bought this to play around with mixing music at home without having to throw a lot of money at something I might or might not enjoy learning. So far, so good - but you've got to play around with it to get a feel for both the UI and the concept. It's not going to explain itself to you...

  • Quick, Easy & Effective!

    by Bay DJ

    While an iPad app still lacks the FX processing ability and resolution of DJ software on a laptop, Algoriddim has created a workable, portable solution that can be used effectively for events. I have used it for parties, weddings, fund raisers and even as the chief media player for a talent show-all with great success. As the processors in iPads & net books improve and the audio card interfaces getbetter,more people will be turning to this highly portable, quick access solution. It's fabulous! ,

  • Awesome

    by He-man83

    Great app. Just need iCloud support and it'll be perfect.

  • Simplesmente o melhor

    by Ed de Oliveira

    Muito bom, não existe outro

  • Like to see more

    by nickow

    It's a nice app I use all the time, but I'd like to see more effects and roll. Maybe add more cues and some loop cues too. Also the effects bring down the volume level for some reason. I'd like to see that fixed

  • Nice

    by Rio Googlemslim

    Love it very much!

  • Overall nice app

    by Ratchamp

    Great app. Seems like all the bugs are fixed. Still would be nice if I could set individual trigger marks at the end of songs instead of always using the generic 0, 5, 10 sec etc. triggers. Otherwise, love it...use it all the time.

  • DJ2

    by BigPlayInc.

    This app is so Boss. The learning curve is steep if you have never experimented with turntables before, but that is half the fun of learning how to master this. For those who have some experience this a very great alternative to expensive real tables. Owners with a huge expansive library will be mixing all types and genres of music. Love the app. Not sure how I feel paying for the first DJ app and then having to pay again for the second one as well. A discount would have been nice but all in all it was only 5 dollars anyway. 5 stars in my book, haven't had any errors or shutdowns as of yet.

  • The best

    by Dopefresh019

    This app is amazing I love to remix my dubstep songs everyone should get this app!

  • Simple and Clean

    by Muthafukinmenace

    This app is relatively easy to use.

  • Top-notch!

    by plank-1

    Ignore all bad reviews. DJay 2 is a fully functional pro mixing solution. I've been spinning vinyl records for over 20 years and I love using this app. I've made plenty of flawless mixes with it and have played more than a few house parties with nothing but DJay and an iPad full of good tunes.

  • The Best Dj App Ever

    by Valdito

    I love the app. really easy to use. play anything mix it. highly recommend the splinter from Griffin its worth the 19.99.....LETS GET THE PARTY STARTED!!!!!

  • Could have more features

    by Teckmarkram

    The app is great for a small DJ party. It can utilize digital turntables (sold separately). It would be nice though if the app had more features inside of it for all my musical needs.

  • Amazing for Mashups

    by minispizza

    I use this app all the time to make mashups of which I post online, it is truly amazing and uses ground breaking software. To all of you out there who hate, try other software, you will be crawling back like a slug. I have no issues with DRM protection, those of you who do, your music must have been purchased in 2000-2010 cuz apple removed DRM from all iTunes songs after 2010. Once again AMAZING software, also try Djay for Mac, it's awesome!

  • Love It.

    by DanniBennett

    So far I really like this app. I need to learn more about it.

  • Esta jenial esta aplicación...

    by Jose martin Aviles

    Súper esta aplicación...

  • Very Cool

    by PJBrown702

    Best DJ app on the market

  • Going Pro DJ

    by jmeluna

    Enjoy using day with idj pro & mixdeck quad. Just wish a couple of thing were fixed. First is I wish it had sort by key matching on all versions of iPads/iPhones. Also would like to type it in if needed. Also would like to type in the bpm instead of tap option. Another thing is I wish it would keep my sets saved until I erase them & in the exact order I played them. So if I wanted to play a set I did months ago, I could. Thank you. Please Update for pro use.

  • Worth buying apps

    by Sanie1301

    Best app. Hope theres more FX soon. Please please please....

  • One Major Flaw

    by Jhonny bro

    This is generally an okay app, but I have found something that really gets on my nerves. On my friend's iPad Air, this app has a device that allows you to match the pitches of different songs. This is an amazing feature that would make mixing a lot easier, but it is NOT on my iPad mini. Why? PUT IT ON THE IPAD MINI!!! If you do, I will put a five-star review.

  • I like the app but...

    by Qwertyuilkfmskdm

    Please fix the issue that it RECORDS my preview! This didn't happen, but after I upgraded to ios 7 this just popped up! Please fix that.

  • Not worth the 10 bucks

    by Cch1999

    It's not worth the 10 bucks i paid for it, I have found other dj apps for half the cost or cheaper that have more features than this, don't waste your money. I'd rather use the ten bucks as toilet paper.

  • Not a happy dj

    by Cmacho

    Well the app looks great and has great functions but.......... When I received my all time Christmas gift IDJ PRO by Numark I didn't expect to have a huge app issue! It's either the app or the firmware I can't pin point who to blame but both companies should be working together very hard to please their clients. After reading several forums it seems like this is an issue and neither side has made a move to fix the issue or has kept anyone in the loop about it. Hope this gets fixed! I now have I square with buttons and a $10.00 colorful app! I wonder should I be getting a refund?

  • Awesome

    by Mc Awsome23

    The best djay app in the world

  • Does not play iTunes purchases

    by BoricuaPR11

    I paid for this app and it's really cool, however it cannot play about 80-90% of my iTunes purchased songs downloaded on my iPad. It's due to DRM restrictions. IOS music player plays them just fine, of course they are all apple applications. But this app purchased on iTunes, cannot play them on the same device as the IOS music player. Is this an app limitation or Apple being Apple? Everything is purchased thru iTunes. What gives? I even tried to sync my music directly from my PC.

  • D Montalv

    by Verset

    Best DJ App, period!

  • Great App


    It's pretty good! And if you didn't know it can open and mix MP3 and mp4 Files! More effects and fun stuff.

  • Absolute Killer!

    by intamarac

    Wow! I'm now able to operate my entire DJ business off my iPad. Thousands of songs easily locatable, simple to create queue lists and a powerful and intuitive set of decks … I'm utterly impressed. Thanks for updating a great app!

  • For Fun

    by Tiosfer

    Awesome... U must try this,.. Just for fun

  • Does not work with iDJ Pro console

    by Don_Ron

    For over three months already we cannot use this app anymore with the Numark iDJ Pro console because of a bug that suddenly brings the cue signal to the house speakers. I bought this app because it was promised to work with iDJ Pro. I want a fix or my money back!

  • Great App

    by Greg Tang

    Fun for parties!

  • Love the app.

    by Law_Dawg

    I love the app, it's user friendly for beginners like me. My only problem is you can not record your session and use it with iTunes or other similar like media apps. They need to make it compatible so you can transfer and listen to your own creative sessions.

  • Good

    by J DOUBEL T

    I love it

  • Awesome!!!!!

    by Don Shuffler

    Love the upgrades. Best part is having a history of what I've played.

  • Don't wast your $$$

    by cradhernan

    Can not play 98% of my music! Wast of time and $$$$$

  • Best app ever!!

    by Ryan Dizzy

    I love this one just as much as the last one!! Best app ever!!

  • Excellent!

    by MasterTurner

    Works great with IDJ Pro.

  • Excellent

    by CasinoZenGarden

    Has all the features that I need. I admit I don’t use the sound effects or transition effects since I play salsa music (which usually calls for a distinct beginning and end to each song), but the features I do use - controlling bpm, equalizer, pitch, cue points, and continuous play - work perfectly. I used djrig before and it would cut off some of the songs I had; no such problem here. Totally worth the $10 (even though I bought it when it was %50 off; even sweeter)!

  • Good

    by W1ck3d23

    As a beginner this tool is pretty good I love it, easy to use and with the hardware is outstanding. Worth every penny.

  • One small thing wrong

    by Cuhhneedo

    The recordings are difficult to manage seeking through and also when you move your iPhone/pad sideways it stops playing your recording and restarts it

  • One small thing wrong

    by Cuhhneedo

    The recordings are difficult to manage seeking through and also when you move your iPhone/pad sideways it stops playing your recording and restarts it

  • For parties and entry levels

    by Raytactac

    Works just like the real dj controller. Has all the essentials but I wish they had more effects and key tags. Other than that works fine, love it, and believe it or not this worked great when I was learning how to dj. Great for small parties, so don't go waste your $200+ on other portable dj controllers.

  • Nice!

    by Choeysmalls

    It's fun and easy to use.

  • Awesome Game

    by Bugs bunny 333

    This app is perfect for learning how to be a djay once you get the hang of things. MAKE MORE

  • Can Be Better

    by DJ_IAMsav3d

    Please add a share to soundcloud or an easy way to upload from your iPad!!!

  • Great app

    by Lamborghini Dreamer

    Great app. Bought just to have a little music fun every once in a while. From what it looks like it has the potential for serious professional use as well.

  • Does not play iTunes purchases

    by BoricuaPR11

    I paid for this app and it's really cool, however it cannot play about 80-90% of my iTunes purchased songs downloaded on my iPad. It's due to DRM restrictions. IOS music player plays them just fine, of course they are all apple applications. But this app purchased on iTunes, cannot play them on the same device as the IOS music player. Is this an app limitation or Apple being Apple? Everything is purchased thru iTunes. What gives?

  • Buena herramienta

    by Tararira

    Me gusta, es sencillo, y muy divertido!

  • Epic but

    by Dude what the heck!


  • Fun

    by QSav98

    A fun app to mix your music and has all the tools you need to make it even better

  • Worth the$$$

    by BigMaK

    Great app, worth the scratch to create some great juice to your existing tunes

  • Más opciones y efectos

    by Srpikoro

    Compre esta aplicación en un comienzo para iPod y era satisfactoria, pero al comprar una mesa numark con un iPad, me pareció que es insuficiente la cantidades de opciones y efectos, si agregan más podría dar 5 estrellas

  • Nice

    by mr x3

    Best one I have used thus far. Best 4.99 I've spent on here.

  • Here's why...

    by tripbreaker

    You pay for Djay, then they stop supporting it all together. Every time you open Djay, there's an ad to purchase Djay2. Then you get Djay2. It has a cool "analyze all" feature and it means it. Even your podcasts are analyzed and put into the mix. Sure, when I take a break, I'll happily put on the latest Night Vale podcast, sure. And it seems most iTunes purchased songs cannot be played due to DRM restrictions... Sorry guys, but I paid to have DRM taken off over a year ago. All my other apps have no problem with these songs. Yours does. Djay 1 didn't. Now, when I open the app, I get a pop-up asking to review your app. Ok. Two stars... Heres why...

  • Dj at ease

    by RPdrums

    It's a great way to bring less gear, and still have a quality listening experience! Dj'd a New Year's Eve party til 10pm using the IDJpro numark console. Headed to the family party threw up two speakers ran the app from my iPad mini. No problems whatsoever. Yes, there are things I would've done differently, I didn't make the app, but I do enjoy it!!

  • Best app djay

    by Navybeto

    We'll I first got it and played with the program and got hooked. Then I got the numark idj live 2 and it's even better. Good app to get

  • Freq'n AWESOME!!!

    by Vectorzebra

    Wow, what a great upgrade! Djay was nice before, but now it's bada#%!! So many cool options, and a very short learning curve to get up and running in a flash. So much fun I listen to it at work on automix! Worth every penny! Get it and bliss out or don't and miss out!

  • Soundcloud please!

    by Jasonoesch

    This app is great but I need to mix songs from soundcloud! If this app can mix songs from soundcloud, it would be 100 times better. Please make soundcloud compatible with this app!!!!

  • Move around background music

    by :):(:$:;:&:@

    Can u please make it so u can take background music from another song and put on another one. If u can pls tell me

  • Fun to practice!

    by FlaDJ

    If you have a 'hidden' DJ inside of you, lots of fun to practice and learn. Not very flexible but always improving over other versions. Highly recommended.

  • Best DJ app in the App Store

    by rcdancer

    As a competitive ballroom dancer, this app is perfect for serious practice or social dancing playlists. Light-years better than the Apple music player (which is miserably worse in IOS 7). Well-thought out design. BPM detection is not reliable for 3/4 time music but I still give it 5 stars because (1) no software I've encountered can reliably detect BPM for every piece of music, and (2) you can use manual tap in djay 2 to set accurate BPM. Seamless integration with music library. Go to the developer web site to review the numerous features.

  • Bst dj app wver

    by Miguel santoyo

    Cant say than what 5 stars rate simply the best

  • Perfect for beginners and Pros

    by JelvlG

    I have a Numark iDJ Pro controller and use Djay2 for all of my mixes and practicing. The layout is clean and everything is easily accessible for on the fly mixing and effects. The HD colored waveforms help you to easily identify complementary beats and sounds. (Orange for kicks, blue for snare, etc.) It also makes it easy to visually beat match accurately before perfecting it with headphones. The app is visually pleasing and a lot of fun to play with.

  • Djay

    by IDK MY NI€KN@me

    I am a DJ and I use my ion turntable to mix my music i love this app I use it all the time it is great! The only thing that i suggest is the next updated you needed is more effects for the soundboard

  • Love It!!!!

    by DJ La Morena

    Awesome app!!!

  • Great app

    by Lambda12345

    I enjoy mixing all my music together and is app makes it so I can share my talent with everyone

  • Djay2

    by Nightstick smooth

    I absolutely love this app, I always wanted a pair of turntables to play with and now I do for a fraction of the price.

  • Must Have For Guest Entertainment

    by Cali_Steve

    Honestly, I choose this app over hiring a DJ. I love the auto mix feature. There is so much to do and figure out but definitely worth it.

  • Great App

    by Magivst

    Nice improvement from the first DJay app!

  • Nice job

    by El gato alpha

    Nice job on this one. A+++++++

  • Unreal

    by Liquid213

    The app on the iPad is great. If you want to have even more fun then I would get the Numark iDJ Pro mixer. It's amazing. Your iPad slips into the mixer and you look, feel, and sound like a real DJ. Best money I've spent. Cheers!

  • This is it!!

    by J$$$J

    Best app ever!! In terms of music...I got my new part time job for 2014 ... Merry Christmas!!!

  • Geeked!

    by HertzFreqs

    I am just getting started but I must say I'm impressed! For the novice it's easy to understand and use and to the professional it has all the tools on the fly without all the bulky hardware. Worth the money especially if your using iDJ PRO from Numark.

  • Awesome

    by Mfracer

    Love this app

  • My new favorite app

    by ROYdonkUlessness

    I thought BM2 was revolutionary cause of its production abilities, but lately I'm so stuck on DJ2 lately that now BM2 seems only to serve as a support program for something I'm doing on DJ2. Love this app I seriously really really love it! can't wait to see what you guys come out with next!! (More fx and que-points would be even better. But even with out its superior to anything else in its class.)

  • Very enjoyable

    by Joon.Na

    Way better than previous one.

  • Excelente

    by drmusiccr

    Buenísimo, fácil de usar, estable y con un controlador se aprovecha más!

  • Fantastic App

    by joseph872

    I do not know the first thing about DJ'ing, but I got this app and played music at a party. Everyone was very pleased at my performance. Very easy to use. I love it.

  • Great!

    by KidFromDaBronx

    I would like to be able to access songs from other sources besides the iTunes library. I have a NAS with a large library and it is cumbersome to have to dup my selections into iTunes. Great app. Keep up the good work. 3 stars for now.

  • Inter app audio.... Not

    by Strizbiz

    Shows up in the list for inter app audio apps for GarageBand, Auria ,impc and Beatmaker 2 but does play at all on ipad 2. Am I missing something?

  • Deacon

    by DGRevelle

    Absolutely love this kids love this app....future DJs in the making

  • Idjay

    by Bert Broadway

    Coming up from vinyl to CDJ's to this seems like the natural progression that any technology should head in, and it has just about everything you can imagine it's all up to you and how you tweak and use the knobs buttons phalangers etc. great great app it is taking me to a different level in my DJing abilities thumbs-up! [@#@]

  • DJ app

    by DodgerDawg55

    Worth the $10 investment for me.

  • Nothing more than a video game

    by make2drinks4u

    Thought this could be a long term dj tool, man was I a fool. If you just want to play around and impress friends in school, I guess it'll work for you, but taking a little ipad or iphone into a venue. na-uh. Things were looking promising with the IDJ Pro, but that was a bust. Who knows how things are with the mix-quad pro. Anyways, now I'm stuck with an untrustworthy piece of gear. Instead I'm going with Serato with either a Pioneer or NI controller: True software & hardware that do not depend on gadgets and/or apps which get updated every time there's a full moon. ---------------------------- WARNING! You will have to go back and re-analyze your tracks + reset all your hot queues No joke, man! It's a good thing I went back and rechecked to see if changes had been made, cuz had a gig, otherwise everything would've been on the fly. ---------------------------------------- Still no lock feature on the XY pads, man! Bummer! But still, I will never have to work with those silly little turntables again with the iDJ Pro. Totally appreciating the color work on the UI and the drum pads.

  • Problems with the IDJPro unit

    by Taj Turner

    This app is awesome until it's connected with the idj pro unit by numark. Then it's a nightmare. About 25 minutes into every mix that I attempt, my cue's will start playing through my mains and then my volume knobs will stop controlling volume. I've even sent my unit to numark for repair. They said it's all the app and not the hardware.

  • Griffin cable not working

    by Ronnielcool

    Hi I got the ipad mini and I try to use the griffin cable for my djay 2 app, but both music are playing thru the speaker and earphone, what am my doing wrong, I turned on the splitter part

  • Wth keeps crashing

    by Ads fvcker

    My app wasn't crashing, until I did the update. Fix this ASAP I am using the the iPad mini.

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