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  • Category: Music
  • Publisher: 8tracks Inc.
  • Updated: Apr, 11 2011
  • Version: 2.2
  • Size: 16.28 MB

Languages: Danish, Dutch, English, French, German, Italian, Japanese, Korean, Polish, Portuguese, Russian, Chinese, Spanish, Swedish, Chinese

Seller: 8tracks Inc.

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8tracks provides the best music for any taste, time & place.

Need a playlist for the weekend, working out or making out? Do you like deep house or dubstep, indie rock or classic rock, jazz or punk? We’ve got it all in droves -- you can pick from more than 1 million fresh, free playlists, each curated by someone who knows and loves music. Enjoy millions of songs uploaded and curated by people ‘round the world.

What’s different from other internet radio & music apps?

- Free
- No audio ads
- Less repetition
- Music in every genre, for any mood or activity
- Unmatched music discovery
- Talented DJs “behind the music”

- YouTube & SoundCloud integration

Join 8tracks’ global community of 8 million monthly listeners. Tune in for free today.

Customer Reviews

  • Amazing

    by Rubious Productions

    8tracks is by far one of the best music apps i have downloaded. If you want to save all the "hour long music app search sessions" than this is where you need to start. 8tracks is unlike no other music app out there. This is a must have app for music. Mix, Create, and share your own music has never been so addicting. This music app is organized to it's perfection. The only downside I have is that you need to be on a computer to create a music playlist. Other than that I can assure you with superb sound quality, aswell as the ability to follow your best playlist creator to keep up to date with the latest music and make a name for yourself. It sure replaced Pandora. (My opinion) This app will be hard to replace. I assure you.

  • sure

    by alpacayourbags

    Just use the app it's pretty neat

  • One of my favorite Apps!

    by Joey mcBride

    8tracks is the best place to find new music. It's very easy to use and has a ton of cool and helpful features!


    by emilyohyeah

    There's a lot of glitches. Some of my history and liked mixes won't show up unless I press see all or whatever. A lot of the songs repeat. It's not playing continually, like it will play one song and then stop playing the whole mix. I tried to restart the app and everything but its not helping... Please fix! These glitches are SUPER ANNOYING

  • Some bugs

    by a very frustrated gamer

    Let me start off by saying I absolutely love this app. I listen to it everywhere. It lets me listen with ease, actually finds me new bands I never heard of, and best of all THERE ARE NO ANNOYING ADS THAT STOP YOUR MUSIC. However, some bugs are really getting on my nerves that NEED to be fixed. First, when playing a song sometimes when I check to see who it's by or the title, it shows the wrong song from either the last song or the next. Also, sometimes songs tend to replay themselves. Finally, my music likes to shut off almost often. A song would finish, and then no song plays after it. And, if I press another track no songs play. Please fix

  • My go-to music app

    by Michelleeeeeee7

    I used to be a diehard pandora listener but since a friend introduced me to 8tracks, I haven't opened pandora once. No apps to interrupt my music, huge variety, I recommend this app to anyone.

  • Great App But

    by Mahmoud Al-Sofyani

    Great app but there are a few glitches here and there. One of the main glitches I've noticed is the app doesn't log you in automatically and sometimes takes a while to log you in and sometimes never making you have to quit the app entirely just to log in manually.

  • great, but..

    by Smiley gal 545

    amazing app! I love it and use it all the time, but I want to be able to adjust the settings and create playlists on the app, it's an inconvenience to have to get on the website.

  • the best thing to happen to music ever

    by Gotta Love This App

    i'm so obsessed with 8tracks tho it's honestly my favorite app and i totally recommend it :))

  • Chance the Rapper

    by Rchrdprz

    Strongly like the app, but I'd love if I could make mixes through the app. Other than that I hate it.

  • Good app.

    by Lkiiyfyvsdfvjt

    This app is cool, but it would be way cooler if it wasn't so clunky. Might need a bug fix or an update.

  • Was great but now its useless

    by fndfhkf

    Everytime the app is opened it said cannot connect to network

  • Beautiful

    by I'm just Nicole


  • Best music app I've found yet

    by Michele Siravo

    Love the keyword search by mood/artist/activity. Just be wary of the high incidence of One Direction fans. Usually easy to spot and avoid.

  • Great app but...

    by Carmen Bello

    I love 8tracks, I literally listen to it everyday. The problem is that the app keeps crashing. Sometimes it repeats the songs. When I look for my presets they are not in the menu, so when I try to edit them all of them are on the list but just one is on the actual menu. When I search and click on a mix it sometimes wont play and keeps playing the one that I was listening to minutes before as if it was the one I chose. Don't get me wrong, I love the app, but it annoys the hell out of me sometimes with all this problems.


    by gothicgirl1000

    As title stated *only has a glitch here or there sometimes but overall it is epic

  • Much better after most recent update

    by Emily_00

    I love this app, and was so frustrated before due to "dropped connections" and it randomly quitting, but I haven't had a problem in ages. I like that the feed is just things that people post, not that they've listened to or liked, like on the website.

  • My only music app - fix glitches please.

    by Wednesday cafe

    I love this way better than any other streaming service and use it every day. 8tracks is basically my life. (No audio ads = best) ... But lately I've been having issues getting mixes to play.

  • Most used app BUT...

    by BeedaQueen

    I heart 8tracks because I am a music lover and this allows music lovers do what they know best-share great music! My only hassle is the glitches...big music foul. Please fix.

  • Amazing App, but...

    by Petit8Lapin

    This app is a really great! It has so many different songs and playlists compared to Pandora. The only thing I wish could be fixed if we were able to view our collections. Also when I want to 'like' a mix, the heart never appears, it's just loading sign.

  • Needs Improvement

    by katkitty

    8tracks is great, but I have constant issues with the app. Liked mixes sometimes don't show up at all, and if they do, they tend to replace another mix in the liked list. On top of that, listening history will randomly clear certain portions, or shuffle the history entirely. Some of my favorited tags have also disappeared from time to time. While I love 8tracks, these issues, among others, have been very frustrating. Hopefully there will be an update to fix these things.

  • Amazing app, recommend, but...

    by EllaBella793

    I love this app. The music I find on here is amazing and never disappointing! Just 2 complaints. A major issue/lag with the app (and website!) is that it's always skipping tracks or often just stops playing and no mix will load and I won't be able to listen to music from the app, I've tried reinstalling but nothing works! ): Also, I think an added feature where we can add tracks to our collections would be cool (like on the website). Anyway. That's all, otherwise the app is great! Just some fixtures needed!!! Please fix the website and app! Stop it from skipping tracks! Thank you! (:

  • Dose this app need wifi


    Because in some of my classes I can listen to music and I want to know

  • Love the app, but major issues

    by Meeeeeeeee c:

    I love this app, been using it for months now, but all of the sudden, my presets are being really weird. It won't pull up the new ones I've added, and it won't let me remove others from my home screen. Can you please fix this problem? It's quite irritating. Thank you.

  • Love it, but

    by (• ε •)

    it's an amazing app and all but it won't let me add tags to my home page anymore and it's glitching massively on me.

  • Please fix 8tracks!!

    by Twiggie13

    I love the music on it and like someone has said before the history is messing up and also it is very hard to get music to play after I've already been on two mixes, and it doesn't have the iOS7 update yet, which I'm not really mad... It's just I want the glitches fixed! Please fix this... I really love 8tracks besides these few problems!!

  • My most used app

    by Kokomo1983

    Love music Love 8tracks :)

  • Great! I learn about SO much music lol

    by DahPearle

    Much better than Pandora!

  • Fantastic

    by coledude12

    From discoveries to typical tracks, it does more than suffice!

  • I've always loved 8tracks

    by gelatokate

    Lately there has been glitches, you guys may need to update soon. Usually 8tracks has no problems and everything is ace, so I hope an update will fix them. The one that has irritated me the most is my music stopping in the middle of a song and changing to the next song. It could be my favorite song and then it just stops playing and changes. I get really frustrated. Please fix this soon.

  • Awesome App!!!

    by Larryw801

    Most of the playlists are right on. Three stars only because of low sound quality. I'd pay for a higher quality in a heartbeat!


    by larryloser

    I have been using 8tracks for a little over a year, both the online version and the app, and I must say that it is the most ingenious thing in the entire world. The fact that you can create and share playlists based on a specific occasion or genre is the best thing ever. This is my all time favorite app in the entire world and I praise those who thought that this should be a thing because it is the best thing. THANK YOU SO MUCH

  • Needs an update, quick.

    by AbeytaFabian

    For goodness sake, make an iOS 7 updated version. This app looks and feels terribly old and outdated.

  • Wowow

    by Isthistakenapplereally?

    Never crashes, beautiful mixes. It's a little bit of an effort to make your own mix and you can't do it from mobile but when you learn how you get addicted trust me. There's so many communities on this site. There's even a side for fandoms! It's just perfect. If you like music this app is for you.

  • Love the app but...

    by Simba_fantasticness

    i love the app because it has great playlists and stuff. but i hate how it just randomly goes to a different playlist. like when i'm listening to my liked playlists; and then it goes to some playlist i've never heard and/or don't like. please fix a few glitches as well! thanks! beside that, it's a pretty great app.


    by michelletu1031

    Lately there's been a glitch where I'm playing playlists from my likes and then when I skip one, it plays a random playlist thats not from my likes or that I've ever listened to before. It never did this before

  • Super love this app

    by EldRs

    It's the absolute best.

  • Hell Yeah

    by Leeeeeeeeeeeeeeee666

    Hell yeah

  • Highly recommend

    by Karly27

    Best mixes for any mood! Only thing I listen for music:) highly recommend


    by Damianrules1

    Use everyday!

  • Erm

    by Kimlovesyouxx

    I wish we were able to view & play mixes from our profile on the website. I have a 'Studying' collection that I wanted to listen to but I can't access that.

  • Love it!

    by KeattyKat

    God bless this app. Like my love for this app is just too much- Follow me tho @angel_lawlorff

  • Wonderful

    by I love it a lot yo 111

    I love 8tracks! Got so sick of Pandora's ads and shuffle of the same few tracks. I'm so glad I found 8tracks! Much better listening experience. I'm constantly listening to new and interesting music and no annoying audio ads!

  • always works

    by Moocowjoa

    it hasnt crashed on me yet, but itd be even better the app allowed you to add music to your 8tracks playlists

  • Used to be better

    by Chuckdammit you guys

    I used to love the old version of this app. The new updates (iPad interface) just made all of the buttons ridiculously tiny. I also used to be able to choose a mix that I liked and have the app play the next app in my 'liked' list after it finished, Now even my liked apps go to other mixes that the app calls 'related' (Not even the slightest bit similar) instead of progressing to the next app that I liked. This app is deteriorating, and I might stop using it if the old features aren't reintroduced.

  • deleted my mixes

    by semi-satisfiedd

    this app was great until recently i went to go see is my ed sheeran mix had reached 12,000 plays yet and i found that it is no longer there. my hoodie allen mix which had 7,000 plays was also gone. i am not sure if it is the apps fault or the 8tracks website but i am very upset. hopefully this doesnt happen to anyone else. other then my biggest mixes being deleted i absolutely recommend this app

  • 8tracks is great but has some issues right now

    by CMDonovann

    I love 8tracks, but lately I have been having issues with the like button on the app. It will not allow me to like any mixes and instead of the little heart shape on the button there is just a little spinning loading symbol that never goes away. I am also having trouble accessing my listening history and liked mixes. I can view the lists, but sometimes things are missing from them.

  • Better than Pandora!!

    by Lesly Ibarra

    I really enjoy this app. It's quick and easy to use with the simple touch of a few music genres you're in the mood to listen too. Thousands of great mixes for virtually any occasion. Love it! I extremely recommend you download it, you won't regret it.

  • Awesome

    by Medicinalhumor

    Really great app

  • Amazing but...

    by Emily Malik Osteen

    I absolutely love this app like many others but just as they've said I wish you wouldn't have to go online to create a mix! If in the near future you could add that feature it would make this app 50x better. All in all I love this app and it's my favorite music app.

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