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Physicians should be able to identify AFib at the very first sight if it is there in ECG, and this app illustrates how to identify it, by studying 120+ ECG cases from real world patients with AFib identified by cardiologists, including other interpretation like RVR or IVCD.

In addition, this app provides a wide range of knowledge about AFib in visual guide, including:

1. Classification
2. Signs and symptoms
3. ECG features
4. Diagnosis
5. Causes
6. Pathophysiology
7. Risk factors for patients
8. Treatment

Why is AFib so important to you should know everything about it?

AFib is a very common arrhythmia that many people live for years with atrial fibrillation without problems. However, because the atria are beating rapidly and irregularly, blood does not flow through them as quickly. This makes the blood more likely to clot. If a blood clot is pumped out of the heart, it can travel to the brain, resulting in a stroke. The likelihood of a stroke in people with AFib is five to seven times higher than in the general population. Although about half of all blood clots related to AF result in stroke, clots can travel to other parts of the body -- such as the kidney, heart, or intestines -- also causing problems.

AFib can also decrease the heart's pumping ability by as much as 20%-25%. AFib combined with a fast heart rate over a period of days to months can result in heart failure. Control of AFib can then improve heart failure.

The risk of AFib increases with age, particularly after age 60. According to the CDC, AFib affects roughly one in every 10 people ages 80 or older.

So, you want to identify AFib at the very fist sight if it is there in ECG, and this app helps you do that.

Customer Reviews

  • Over 100 cases... Nice

    by VinoSweetBoom

    Over 100 cases in this app and all of them are with afib identified. But you need download them first, not a big problem though

  • It is helpful

    by LinkinJar_US

    111 afib cases in this app. Amazing! The other review said it has 62 cases, I see 111 today... Guess it would be even more tomorrow:) The cases have basic patient info attached like age, gender... Would be better if it has clinic screen info like what the patients feel, chest pain or breathless Sort of things. Great work!

  • Works

    by Ecgsmith

    It works like it is said, brilliant. Get more complicated cases to challenge me pls, you never know what rhythm you would see in real field

  • Beautiful UI

    by BettyHamm

    I like the UI design, quite different than all other ecg relative apps. Keep updating its 1.0

  • Nice cover flow

    by Willinreno

    It has 62 cases provided to illustrate afib, with detailed interpretation. Nice one! Add some diagnose skills please, to explain how we interprate afib.

  • Good app

    by Beck Smith Eyhr

    Many afib cases covered, each one is 10 seconds long and shown in 12 leads, has interpretation, heart rate and filter info. You can share them but only through email, no Facebook nor Twitter

  • Kool app

    by Earthbound911

    I was looking for some real atrial fibrillation cases to check if I can identify it… then I found this app, Kool app!

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