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Lily Pro is a remarkably beautiful and easy way to chart and evaluate your cycles.

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Lily Pro is an App for cycle charting, offering data charting for period, cervical fluid and basal body temperature. The evaluation happens automatically according to either FAM/NFP (Fertility Awareness Method/Natural Family Planning) from the US, or according to NFP from the workgroup NFP from Germany - you choose!

The way Lily Pro evaluates your cycles requires a little more effort than a simple period tracker, but in return you get the most sophisticated way of evaluation with the most accurate results available in the AppStore! Lily Pro does not evaluate simply by averages as most of the other apps do but applies the strict rules set by FAM or NFP. You can read in detail about how it works on!

To successfully chart with Lily Pro you need…

…a thermometer with two decimals behind the dot for °C, one for °F, to chart your basal body temperature.
…to chart the changes in your cervical fluid with the help of the lists from the appropriate menu.

Do not simply rely on averages like other apps do! Lily Pro adjusts to YOUR cycles so that the evaluation is as exact as it can be.

Enjoy great and of course free customer support! Write us whenever you have questions regarding Lily Pro, our team will quickly take care of the problem and provide a solution to it.

Contact us by emailing contact [at], access more information on Lily Pro's features on our website, read a short introduction to FAM or download an extensive manual on the subject.

More features:
- chart your temperature (Fahrenheit or Celsius)
- chart your cervical fluid and its change throughout the cycle
- chart your cervical position
- view all your data in the graph and get detailed information for every day by the touch of a finger
- predict your 12 upcoming cycles
- add details on your love life (with or without protection)
- record interferences which may lead to a higher temperature
- record period flow and associated symptoms
- record secondary fertility symptoms
- optionally record menopause symptoms
- record mood swings
- create a custom menu (“Custom Notes”) for anything that is not mentioned in the other categories
- track the medication you take
- see the time you are most fertile during your cycle and an estimated time for your next period
- password-protect your data
- export graphs and the data you entered as PDF documents and print or eMail them right from within Lily Pro
- read extensive in-app help
- discreet name and icon to avoid awkward moments

Lily Pro was not developed to diagnose, treat, prevent or cure any medical conditions. For any medical related questions, please see your physician.

By using Lily Pro you agree that Whimsical Inc. does not guarantee the method of birth control or pregnancy achievement and is not to be hold liable for an unwanted pregnancy or the unsuccessful attempt to conceive.

Customer Reviews

  • Fantastic easy charting

    by ConvenienceAllTheWay

    I've been charting for many years. But what makes me slack in pockets, is the I have to write everything down. Then I found this app. Tap tap tap untap, all done. It's exceptionally thorough. Even a spot to add any meds or symptoms for those taking fertility boosters. And if you do have any questions, the customer support is amazing. Easy flow and access for everything. Need I say more?

  • Great app

    by TrackingQueen

    I love this app. The interface is better than the other cycle tracking apps out there, it looks prettier, and it's really pretty accurate. I do wish I could override it at times, but it's still good. My biggest wish - either to add early pregnancy symptoms - or so much better - for Whimsical Lily to bring out an entirely new pregnancy app with a similar interface and everything. I would definitely pay the money for one no questions asked. Thanks Lily for 2 years of great charting!!

  • Perfect for sympto-thermal NFP!

    by Laoorah47

    Great NFP tracking app--can use perfectly with sympto-thermal. This app allows every sign I can think of able to be easily charted. And I love that I was able to email my charts straight from my phone to the nurse at my well woman's exam. That was a ton of information at the touch of a button. Also, the statistics overview page is great to see what your averages are, shortest luteal phase, etc.

  • Great App

    by TheDimLamp

    Works wonderfully! Very easy to personalize and everything loads very quickly.

  • Fun to use

    by Mom of 2 scouts

    I am using this instead of paper charts and it is so much easier, even when my cycles are crazy long(I am in perimenopause). Just started so curious to see if it will help me track my fertility. Definitely recommend.

  • Just what I was looking for!

    by Hippie lady

    This app is great. It has all the features I was recording on paper, but more organized. Daily charting is fast and easy.

  • Amazing App!!!

    by Deby O.

    Love the app. I use it for tracking to know when I am going start. This is a super quick & easy app to log all your details. And I love the graph.

  • Great App

    by CassRose47

    I recommend this app to all of my friends (well the women anyway)!!

  • Works great, easy to use

    by Audaciter Matris

    Love it!

  • The BEST

    by KHerringArt

    I love this app. It's so accurate and all of the tools are just so well designed and thought out. Easy to use and understand. Great for tracking fertility, moods, changes in habits and health and for keeping track of your period. Highly recommend.

  • Easy and detailed

    by prophotogurl

    This app is very easy to use and very detailed. A great way to track your cycle. I also use it for NFP.

  • Amazing design

    by Livgozdek

    They made it user friendly, attractive, simple and elegant to record almost everything you need for health and fertility awareness. This app is my favorite because not only do I get to indulge in keeping track of minute details on my cycle and my general well being, but it organizes all this data into a format that is easy to reference and facilitates accurate conclusions. This is the perfect companion to those practicing Terri's method of "Taking Charge" and the designers went above and beyond in creating this beautiful and effective program.

  • Best fertility app

    by Ek9090

    This app makes charting so easy. No excuses now! Tech support is great too. I was confused about why the chart wasn't displaying like I thought it should and they got right back to me explaining why. Love the custom notes too.

  • Exceeded (almost) every expectation!

    by Caitlin623

    This app is marvelous. Does such a great job of gathering and organizing the information necessary for following the Fertility Awareness Method of birth control. The UI is also the best I have found on the app store (if it's on there, I tried it). The PDF user manual/FAM rules is really handy to have downloaded from the app as well. The recent overhaul of the app really addressed the majority of my issues with the app's organization and details. It is well thought out and well executed.

  • By far the best for FAM

    by RaeAnn Olson

    This is by far the best app for FAM I have tried. I've been using Lily for 10 cycles now and it is extremely accurate! Many apps still use a 14 day follicular phase, but Lily knows everyone is different and uses true FAM rules if you set it to. It's really easy to record symptoms and FAM signs with this app and it's pretty flexible. The only thing I would ask them to fix is what seems to be a bug in the custom notes feature: when selecting custom notes sometimes the selections disappear as you scroll down the list.

  • Brilliant

    by Luke Barnhard

    Great app, very thorough. A wonderful tool for those practicing NFP!

  • This App has all you need for NFP!

    by Salomew

    I love this App so much! I can easily enter the temperature early in the morning - it is right there, when I open the app. The description of the cervical mucus are pretty accurate or matching my observations, and I could enter info from past cycles without problems.

  • Excellent NFP app!

    by Natural Family Planning

    This app has it all! So worth the $7. I have been paper charting for 2 years and love all that this app has to offer. If you are not already knowledgable about the natural family planning method then this app might confuse or frustrate you. But if you're like me and are completely OCD about charting then you'll love this app.

  • Excellent App!

    by TooFast4Love

    The new interface is much easier to navigate. This is a great app for tracking your cycle and other health information as it allows you to enter custom notes and medications. The PDF reports that are produced have been very helpful to me in my doctor visits. Lily's tech support was also very helpful! Thanks, Lily for the great update!

  • Great!

    by Ahaaaabcs223

    In comparison to kindara, lilly is much better. The dark background is soothing for early morning charting. Some complained about the interface and how it is hard to add previous readings. It is much simpler than kindara because u dont have to scroll through days but can hit the day on the calendar you want to modify and select the back button to make entries. One person complained about all the options for cervical fluid... But in actuality there are only 3 options...just more words available to describe them. The only thing i dislike about lilly is the colors for the chart. The colors are too similar and for someone with bad vision its very difficult to tell the difference in colors. I wish they hadnt chosen colors all in the same color family.

  • Nightmare

    by Drderek

    Changing my cycle start date is apparently impossible as I've been trying for 15+ minutes with no success. Sure it's pretty, but the "info" and "help" sections aren't particularly helpful actually and the menu setup is a bit complicated. Supposedly really good predictor though and great options for charting according to a review I read on a blog. Just wish I could've seen them!

  • I want a refund

    by Smart app!

    I give it credit for effort but it is really confusing and annoying up enter past I info. When I finally entered in my last cycle and viewed the graph it did not clearly indicate my ovulation . Fertility friend, while not as "pretty " of an app is strait to the point and a lot more clear. I'm Really upset about wasting my 8 dollars.

  • Lily app

    by Evrnenpaul

    Great app and so easy!

  • Best charting app

    by Kriesa

    I've tried half a dozen BBT charting apps, and Lily Pro is by far my favorite based on both functionality and aesthetics. Great for tracking every aspect of my cycle.

  • NFP ready

    by AnemoneJoy

    Fabulous. Simple. Doesn't miss a detail.

  • Useful, fairly easy to navigate

    by GirlfromImpanema

    You just have to feel your way around the app to get an idea of how to use it. I enjoy using it, it is the most thorough fertility tracking app out of all the apps I've ever used.

  • Lily gives me peace of mind

    by Charlie the 4th

    My cycles are a little on the irregular side- I never miss them but they vary in length anywhere from 23 days to 44. Dr.s have told me everything is fine but it still concerns me however charting with Lily REALLY eases my mind- it's laid out so simply and beautifully, I can see patterns that I never would've known about and it gives me all the info I need to give some predictability to my cycle no matter how long or short they are!! I was hesitant at first because of the higher price but now I couldn't imagine my life with out lily.

  • Great app!

    by TJ Draper

    I have been using Lily for over two years and can't be more pleased. Easy to use interface and all the information I need at my finger tips. No more paper charting for me.

  • Top of the line app!

    by Angelrn23

    I have tried other apps, including meFertil. Nothing compares to Lily! Slick, attractive interface. Accurate calculations. Cycle overview and stats that show breakdown of cycle length, luteal phase, and yes or no to the all important question - "Did I ovulate?" Easily track multiple meds, treatments, tests, pretty much whatever you please. PDF exports, I could go on and on. Bottom line - invaluable tool for the "fertility challenged." GL!

  • Easy and Accurate; Great support!

    by Phoenix8402

    This is an awesome tool for NFP. The chart is easy to read and it helps with interpretations. The support staff is quick to help if you get in trouble and overall easy to use, intuitive app.

  • Simply the BEST!

    by SavvySonny

    Cannot give high enough ratings to Lily Pro! 10+ stars by far! Lily makes it super easy to chart everything from temperature to fluid, etc. I used a different charting app for almost a year and though I was satisfied with it, it was different from the way I was taught. Lily Pro follows the sympto-thermal method and even has wonderful help guides that have helped when I needed a refresher. If you are debating whether to purchase this app or not, purchase it! It's well worth the price and more!

  • Easy to use

    by Loves checklists

    So simple and straight forward

  • I like it

    by LSO12

    Easier than a pen and paper

  • Fantastic App

    by Mora Eden

    I really liked this app before, but after the latest update I love it. It's easy to navigate and stores all the charting information I want and then some. I can't recommend this app highly enough.

  • Updates rock!

    by Anonymous.....1

    Wow! Loved this app before the updates, now it's better than ever. The design and graphics are super modern and polished compared to other fertility apps. Well done!

  • Highly Satisfied.

    by Krazyangel62

    More than I expected. Love it!

  • Waste of money

    by Sam81sa

    Waste of money

  • Meets expectations for NFP charting but...

    by JBK7

    Needs an option for nursing moms to chart

  • Amazing

    by GregGilman

    I love this app. The updates to Lily Pro are amazing. I would recommend this app to anyone trying to conceive.

  • Simply excellent.

    by Mfgspadaccina

    Update: even better in the newer version. It perfectly fits the needs of the symptothermal charter, from allowing her to exclude temperatures influenced by late nights to providing mood charting. Utterly worth the Big Mac meal deal I would have otherwise spent the money on.

  • Love the new version


    I liked lily before, but now it's awesome. So easy to navigate and check cycle statistics. No more paper charts!

  • Great for FAM/NFP!

    by Redeemed108

    Love this! So many options and a nice layout!

  • I am very impressed!!

    by themoderndiva

    I have to say that when I first got this app, while still useful, it had a terrible layout and was confusing and difficult to use. But NOW! Wow! Ever since the updates/revisions this app is a dream! Easy-to-use interface and layout, very clear markings, icons and symbol keys, and predictions that are very clear and understandable. The perfect app for charting! Thank you!!

  • Perfect App!

    by MookieMarie

    I have been using this app for two cycles and I'm so impressed. I couldn't ask for a better app. The support is also quick to respond and extremely helpful! Thank you.

  • Miss

    by LadyBreezy

    I was hoping by entering all of my info constantly that it would help me predict my next cycle also I can not scroll to the next month. I'm very frustrated.

  • Great app overall

    by BrkKl

    I LOVE this app!!! All the improvements are perfect!!! I love add-ons (preggo & fertility tests, etc)!!! Great app! I used to chart on paper, this does all the work for you!!! Right in line with TCOYF!!!

  • Great app for charting

    by Christian Grundy

    New app update is much more user-friendly and intuitive. Love the convenience of phone charting! Definitely money well-spent.

  • Great job!

    by Chuggie whoa!

    Love the updated app! I just downloaded it and so haven't actually used it yet but I've been using Lily for almost a year and I must say that all of the updates are exactly what I've been looking for! My personal favorites are the ability to scroll from day to day, the manual override for cervical fluid, cycle statistics, and the additional data now displayed on the graph. I know there have been complaints on the change from hundredths to tenths for temperature, but I know that your graphs were already rounding to the tenths. If you returned to allowing users to input to the hundredth and just rounded for them you would please everyone. But I love it! Just like charting by hand but much more convenient.

  • Best FAM/NFP charting app

    by tajosto114

    Wow, this new update is fantastic, and just what I have been waiting for! Much more intuitive now. It would be 5 stars, except for the glitch that does allow temperature recording to 2 decimal places. This is a serious problem--please fix immediately! Then, 5 stars for sure.

  • Great app!

    by Hopeshant

    I love the new update and this is a much easier way of charting than paper and pencil!

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