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The Anthem app includes Find a Doctor. Search for doctors, hospitals and other medical service providers near you. You can also search by specialty, whether you want a male or female doctor, or if you prefer other languages than English.
Members with drug coverage through our health plans can easily fill and refill prescriptions, find a participating pharmacy, price drugs, switch to home delivery and more.
The Anthem app also shows your Anthem ID card, just in case you forget to bring your ID card to the doctor’s office.
The Anthem app uses the same secure login as If you’re a registered member on, you can simply log in to this app with the same user name and password. If you haven’t registered yet, visit from your computer.

CUSTOMER SUPPORT For app support,
call us at

(Mon—Fri, 8am to 8pm EST).
Members with benefit questions,log in to or call the number on your ID card.
Or looking to become a member — go to and click Shop for Insurance.

Customer Reviews

  • UPDATED for v3.0.0

    by Uglo-American

    Ok, I just installed the new version (3.0.0) and all the technical issues and popups are gone. The great thing is they have added functionality allowing you to check the status of a claim. Only ding there is I can't drill down to see why a claim was denied, just the basic claim details are shown. So now this app has 4 functions: finding a service provider, viewing ID cards, checking claim status, and viewing benefits/coverage info. All work fine for me. The only thing left I'd like to have from this app is the ability to check the status of my FSA and to file a claim against my FSA. I mean, I can deposit a check in my bank with an app, so surely I can submit a form along with pics of my supporting documentation. Still, v3.0.0 is a huge step in the right direction. The comments below refer to a previous version: Yep, that's right. I logged in easy enough and got hit by 5 error popups in rapid succession. There appear to be two things I can do with this app: find a doctor and view ID cards. Mind you, I can't actually view the ID cards, as selecting that option only generates another error popup. I'm new to BCBS, and I sure miss the My Cigna app my previous provider offered. UPDATE: 1/10/14 (over a week since I installed this thing and I still get the same flood of technical issues and null error messages. This app is crapp! UPDATE: 1/15/14 - still not working. I notice the screen shots included for the app listing do not match the actual screens in the app. The actual screen menus allow for only two functions, finding a medical facility and viewing your ID cards, and the viewing ID card function does not work. There is no functionality for viewing claim status, HRA or HSA account status, or anything else relating to your account. So the bottom line is the app is useless for anything but finding a network provider, and frankly I wouldn't trust this app to have accurate, up-to-date info for that.

  • Update needed

    by ChstarlingChristin

    I am new to this app, so I cannot give a fair review...but please update so I can view my HRA balance! Thanks!

  • Broken

    by Schilmaster

    Was great when it worked but it doesn't any longer. Just displays error messages. Has been that way for months.

  • Useless piece of crap!

    by Galawyer

    Virtually nothing works in this piece of crap software! I got logged in but I can't access my cards or my HRA balance. I can't look up a doctor to see if they are in network because my plan (I am a State of Georgia employee).

  • Never functions.

    by LazyLady5659

    Worst app imaginable. Want less cards in your wallet? Want access to your health insurance information when you need it most? NEVER GOING TO HAPPEN.

  • Can't even log in - worthless

    by DragonflyGA

    Get a "technical issues" pop up and can't log in for 8 days now. Don't waste your time with this one.

  • NULL app

    by Clear as Mud

    The app will not perform any of the tasks available, of course neither will their mobile website... UHC didn't offer access to many thing on their app, but what they did offer worked :-/ Every option in BCBSGA says "Null"... As in the command doesn't exist. awesome.

  • Continuous loading

    by Karlthered

    App just continues spinning up "loading" after logging in. Poor insurance provider and a poor app!

  • Aetna's apps a million times better

    by TapTappee

    All bcbs apps are failed attempts at providing a service. Why isn't there an app for federal employees that let's you see your account? Why don't directories tell you which providers is preferred. This is low priority for bcbs, in keeping with poor customer service

  • No claims

    by Madman74

    This app os useful to find doctors in your network. It is not to view claims or to actually review your coverage. Very limited

  • Not much help!

    by Ragyc

    Would love to be able to access account information (to see claims, deductible information, etc.) finding doctors is not much help.

  • Blank, nameless icon

    by frankfromnj

    How did this even pass app review? The icon is blank and nameless!

  • Very Basic

    by Royceinc

    App is only useful to locate a facility or to see id info such as group number etc. Unable to review claims, benefits, or track script orders. Disappointing

  • App icon is blank

    by Bronson DeLay

    App icon is blank no description

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