Anthem BlueCross and BlueShield Medical App Review (iOS, Free)


Languages: English

Seller: Wellpoint, Inc

•New icon-based home page
•Other usability improvements

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The Anthem app includes Find a Doctor. Search for doctors, hospitals and other medical service providers near you. You can also search by specialty, whether you want a male or female doctor, or if you prefer other languages than English.
Members with drug coverage through our health plans can easily fill and refill prescriptions, find a participating pharmacy, price drugs, switch to home delivery and more.
The Anthem app also shows your Anthem ID card, just in case you forget to bring your ID card to the doctor’s office.
The Anthem app uses the same secure login as If you’re a registered member on, you can simply log in to this app with the same user name and password. If you haven’t registered yet, visit from your computer.

CUSTOMER SUPPORT For app support, call us at

(Mon—Fri, 8am to 8pm EST).
Members with benefit questions, log in to or call the number on your ID card.Or looking to become a member — go to and click Shop for Insurance.

Customer Reviews

  • Uninstalled

    by Mophya2013

    I can't even log on to the site. It always says having technical difficulties try again later. This needs to be addressed.

  • Bad

    by Twisler20120603

    Your competitor Aetna has had claims forever on mobile. You can do better

  • Totally unfinished app

    by banifa

    For such a large company this is a shame to release this app. Totally buggy

  • Terrible

    by NOLA Rugger

    Why can't I view my eob? This is exactly the same as mobile website. Terrible

  • Must add claims

    by adamo010

    Yet another update...yet another release without claims. Worthless. I don't think this company even reads the comments. Ridiculous in and of itself.

  • Useless

    by Dbernal99

    Please take a look of UnitedHealthcare app and learn.

  • So Far So Not Good

    by Scheckj

    As of 2014 my company has switched to Anthem for our insurance needs. Using my previous insurance companies App on a regular basis, Anthems app is absolutely useless! Totally Useless!!! You can not login to your account, can not search doctors, it always say null error or server error. A complete waste! If it even did a few things it may be useful. I just moved to a new community and thought this app would be helpful, how wrong I was...

  • Very Buggy!

    by zejudge

    I am not sure how one can be so sloppy with quality control, because this app crashes or gives me a "technical error" message every time I try to use it. I have never been able to see my ID card and the only function that works on occasion is the provider search.

  • Terrible app

    by Kcicero

    This app is useless never works - they should look at the UHC app and copy it UHC app always works and provides excellent information

  • Blue Cross should be embarrassed

    by CaraMadra

    A company with the resources of Blue Cross (a.k.a. Wellpoint, a.k.a. anthem) should be able to do so much better than this app. This app fails constantly. I can't use it for anything. Cigna, the insurer that my employer just dropped in favor of Blue Cross, has a beautiful app, that does all sorts of things for me. Why can't Blue Cross get it together?

  • The worst app ever

    by Wood geek

    The worst app I've ever used. I need proof insurance on the road. Can't login to Anthem with app, app crashes, app is worthless. This app is worse than the Cox cable app, worse than the ING app and worse than the Squaretrade app. I'm a developer and would be ashamed to work for Anthem. It's not like they can't afford to write a decent app or build a reliable web page.

  • Completely Dissapointed

    by AngeloM95

    I assumed, like KP, that their app would be user-friendly, and easily accessible. So for, I've only been able to sign on, and that's about it. I cannot access my insurance card or anything else. Truly disappointed and bothered this doesn't function properly.

  • Useless app

    by Jessi4d

    I have never once been able to log in. It's always giving me the error message "Opps. Sorry, we are having technical issues." For 2 months. Total crap. I just deleted it and resigned myself to using the full site.

  • Useless

    by Spongetoothman

    Can't even see my I'd cards. I continually get an error code

  • Doesn't work

    by Eks2

    When attempt to login received a message saying technical issues, try later. I am a new user and I received this message every time I have attempted to login. And an email to customer support was ignored.

  • Wow

    by Swilley Swanson

    This is a terrible app. I can't even log in.

  • Horrible

    by David Joseph

    It's saying technical error try again later. Well I won't be trying again and with uninstall and never download again. WellPoint get your act together.

  • Constantly crash or won't respond

    by ramin khaleghi

    This app has a lot of problems .. The message keeps popping technical difficulty or sometimes crash after you try to search for something.. Please fix it..

  • Worthless

    by Kiera L.

    It won't even let me log in!! I can't maneuver around at all this is terrible

  • Awful

    by PatWalsh 123

    The ID card section never works. Ever!

  • New User

    by AA9ZZ

    Absolutey useless.Can't even identify me as a user to get ID .

  • Not useful

    by Juanna23

    I can not use this app for anything that I want. I can't check to see what's covered under my insurance or send and read messages that I have sent on the web. I wanted to be able to quickly find out what was covered on my plan but I can't do that with being on the computer. No reason to download the app. Annoying!

  • Awful app

    by nickobey9593

    This app is worthless. There is no benefit to using it due to its lack of features and it's impossible to navigate. The password system is ridiculous. The only useful thing is being able to see your card (kind of) and it's not even passbook comparable. Don't waste time downloading it.

  • Garbage

    by Taan_s

    Horrible app. Don't waste your time

  • Useless

    by Yoda4211

    This is most likely the single worst app I have ever downloaded in my five plus years as an iPhone user. It does nothing right.

  • Absolutely the worst!!

    by Redlegs937

    Useless and always crashes!! Wish 0 stars was an option.


    by Cheech209

    I can't even say how bad the app is when you get signed in, because it keeps crashing after I sign in. I can only assume by all the other reviews that it's garbage even if you can get signed in. Must be linked to their online site. I was on the site today to register, and of course it kept kicking me out there too. Don't waste your time with this app!

  • Very poor

    by Dtram3

    Don't waste your time with this app. Most links go to an error message and I was not able to complete the update of information I needed to complete while our internet is down. Must be linked to Obamacare.

  • Absolutely terrible

    by Adams2bch

    You cannot check your claims and for 2 days the login has not worked...Seriously???!!!

  • No star. Terrible

    by bikerladyforever

    Technical issues!!!! At the apps and website. The company changed for this insurances since is cheaper. Well here are the facts!!!!! Grrr

  • Absolutely dismal with zero utility

    by szalkerous

    This app allows you to log in, and that's about it. The ID cards, history, and anything you couldn't easily search online is completely non functional. For the thousands of dollars spent on their policy you would think having account access that works would be a high priority. This is a gigantic disappointment. Please contact me and I will write you a better app than this atrocity.

  • Bad review

    by Ajmboy

    This app doesn't find my ID cards and is useless.

  • Useless!

    by Shagbark72

    Just as all the other reviews state, this app is useless. No ability to view claims or do anything useful as "technical difficulties" rule this app! Classic lack of attention to detail and quality we see rampant in the healthcare industry these days.

  • Useless

    by Finodesign

    This is a waste of time. I always get a message that there are technical difficulties. It is as bad as the healthcare rollout

  • It tells me I'm a Senior.

    by None12340

    It tells me I'm a Senior.

  • Rarely useful

    by KMStory

    The only time this app is useful is if you've forgotten your insurance card. Even then, you have to login every time you need it. That's kind of lame for an app you keep on your phone. Just put a PIN lock on it.

  • this app is garbage

    by djteena12

    Zero stars. It helps you find a nearby hospital but you can't look at claims or really anything related to your actual account besides what your insurance card looks like...really useless app.


    by Vikings3236

    Should be zero stars!!! This App is USELESS. All that it does is waste your time because you keep thinking that it has to be able to do something. I mean, someone took the time the develop it. But you will be mistaken - it does NOTHING. But then again, Anthem Blue Cross's Website is antiquated & not user friendly at all!

  • Terrible App

    by Angoolak

    Can't even login with my credentials

  • Useless

    by HektikLyfe

    The interface is functional, well proportioned for finger tapping and the app rarely crashes. That said, considering it doesn't save your searches or login info is pretty painful. All it does is help you find a doctor and show you images of your health cards. That would be fine and good IF the information was even up to date. I spent HOURS trying to find a pediatrician for my son. If the numbers we called weren't outright disconnected they rarely reached their intended target. If we even got to the right hospital we'd get random departments like billing let alone the actual doctor we were looking to reach. The one thing this app would have been good for it didn't do. God forbid you try to find a nearby facility for urgent care or any emergency.

  • Waste of time

    by Reneemf

    Very buggy. Can "see" cards, but emailing and saving don't work. That's as far as I got and I deleted the app.

  • Waste of time

    by Reneemf

    Very buggy. Can "see" cards, but emailing and saving don't work. That's as far as I got and I deleted the app.

  • Lamest app ever!

    by Katina128

    You can't even see the details of claims with it. Don't waste your phone memory with this one. It is useless. :( zero stars!!

  • Passbook support needed

    by Can't edit files

    This app is awful. A second grader can do better.

  • Should have known better

    by Jillybean1969*

    I work for WellPoint and every computer program whether it be payroll, consumer website, or internal programs, stink. Links don't work, the password system is ridiculous, and it's hard to find the information you are looking for. This app is par for the course and it's getting deleted now. :)

  • Kinda worthless

    by grimmp

    All it does is show a picture of your card and help you find a doctor, which you've probably already done if you've had health insurance for more than 20 minutes. Besides that, all it is is just a copy of the mobile website.

  • Non functional

    by Micah3257

    Pointless to download this app since it doesn't work....

  • Awful

    by Bibarts

    This app has no purpose whatsoever. I was hoping to have quick access to my claims and benefit balances, as I'm sure everyone else who downloads this app does. I do not understand why anthem would omit that important part.

  • It is not functional

    by Costeleta

    It does not find my plan, it does not allow me to find a doctor. This app is useless.

  • Not user friendly

    by Grannie 6

    I find this app very difficult to use. The back button does not take you to the previous page but to the opening screen, canceling your search. Very annoying.

  • Awful!!!

    by Dusty711

    This app is completely useless. This app doesn't deserve one star! You are so limited on the mobile site. If you need to check eligibility, drug cost, claims, basically anything besides "Find a Doctor" you can't. If you try to go to the full site and log in, it takes you back to the mobile site. I'm highly frustrated with Anthem. If I could go with a different insurance carrier, I would in a heartbeat!!!

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