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Seller: Wellpoint, Inc

•New icon-based home page
•Other usability improvements

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The Anthem app includes Find a Doctor. Search for doctors, hospitals and other medical service providers near you. You can also search by specialty, whether you want a male or female doctor, or if you prefer other languages than English.
Members with drug coverage through our health plans can easily fill and refill prescriptions, find a participating pharmacy, price drugs, switch to home delivery and more.
The Anthem app also shows your Anthem ID card, just in case you forget to bring your ID card to the doctor’s office.
The Anthem app uses the same secure login as If you’re a registered member on, you can simply log in to this app with the same user name and password. If you haven’t registered yet, visit from your computer.

CUSTOMER SUPPORT For app support, call us at

(Mon—Fri, 8am to 8pm EST).
Members with benefit questions, log in to or call the number on your ID card Or looking to become a member—go to and click Shop for Insurance.

Customer Reviews

  • Awesome app!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    by Power user 67

    Awesome apps, let's u find doctors covered by your plan. Best app I've ever seen. A must download

  • Limited

    by halcyon5

    This app won't be very useful until they add the ability to see our benefits, claims and EOBs. Right now, it only offers provider search, urgent care search, and an electronic version of your benefits card.

  • Current version works pretty well

    by Cassie29

    I see the 1-star reviews were posted approx 6 mos ago. The version I downloaded in Oct 2013 works. I was able to view claims, find facilities and pharmacies and also view member card. The one glitch is when you want to find services do not type first 3 letters of your member number. Use the other search features (state, plan, etc.) and you will be able to access the app features.

  • App fails to work

    by rsmith7

    This is a nice try but both the Anthem Blue Cross and Anthem Blue Cross Blue Shield applications fail to work. Both fail to allow logon to the server. Updated 2/12/2013 App now allows you to login. Hope to see the app grow with functionality.

  • Totally unfinished app

    by banifa

    Buggy. It is a shame the company has let this app released

  • Garbage

    by Ew0422

    Technical issues every time I try it . I'm done

  • Bug fixes

    by Diana Wills

    It never pulls up my card and always says it's having technical issues. And is no different than mobile site.

  • Technical issues

    by Rgarc90

    The app keeps giving me error notifications. I'm unable to see claims, any information, or my insurance ID Card. Doesn't help that it will get stuck in loading, then force close it self. Very unfortunate.

  • Doesn't work! Error messages

    by KatCon25

    I just downloaded this app so I wouldn't have to call Anthem and wait on hold for an hour. I've been trying to log in all day and I keep getting an error message saying they are having technics issues and try back later. Worthless and frustrating!

  • Useless

    by Ris79

    Nothing but an error. On par for the garbage service I've received from this company. Awful. Careless. Worthless. Both the app and company!

  • Buggy, Useless

    by Milkus Maximus

    Buggy and useless. Use the website.

  • Let's get this fixed!

    by Glenn370

    We just signed up for BCBS and I wondered if there was an app. Sure enough... Downloaded it and it doesn't even work. The site needs some help. You literally can't do anything on it. It needs to be taken down or someone needs to make it a useful option. Don't tease me BCBS!


    by Tomdelongy

    The Blue Anthem App and website are both absolute rubbish. App crashes ALL the time and is suuuuppper slow. The website never seems to work as it redirects you to another site and then never loads. I guess the only way to get any answers is to call their customer service line. Very disappointed.

  • App still not working

    by 6SoCal6

    I am still receiving the error message about "technical difficulties," and I am unable to use the app for anything.

  • Not Great!

    by Kringle2

    This App does not allow me to login and gives me an error when trying to view membership cards. Recommend you just use their website, App is worthless.

  • Same as mobile web page

    by MickATL

    This app is the same as opening Anthem's web page. It doesn't offer many choices like claim history. No way to access that info from the app or mobile web page. Access the mobile page from phone, select full page and it puts you back on mobile page after you click on most things.

  • Technical problems

    by Newnaz

    The program keeps cutting out on me. I have to keep signing in again and starting over. Very frustrating. It also showed no urgent cares, and when I re-entered it came up with two making the app not completely reliable.

  • Horrible

    by kvnhe

    Needs to be completely redesigned.

  • Almost completely useless

    by Tommy Waga

    Unless you're looking for a doctor or urgent care, or you need a copy of your insurance card... Don't bother. That's it.

  • Worthless

    by Deaninsandiego

    Worthless app. Open it to use it for my ID card and cannot connect. Next time, in an endless loop of attempting to update. Don't waste your time.

  • Doesn't work!

    by Coinzr

    Don't bother downloading's doesn't work. It's completely blank.

  • To call this app useless is to be kind

    by Funtofly1

    Can't search for claims so why this app exists is a mystery to me.

  • Totally useless

    by Mr. Warmold

    So, how much did they pay to have this app build? It does absolutely nothing.

  • What they said . . .

    by Sbddz71

    I agree with everyone else so far: pretty much worthless. Amounts to a way to have your ID card without your wallet. Lame. But then their website is junk as well so what else would we expect?

  • ?

    by jnez81

    Why even bother

  • Why even bother???

    by thefeff

    So, what was the point in creating an app if it is so limited in function and data? Oh, I see....Anthem didn't want their profit margin impacted by hiring a programmer that would really develop something useful!

  • What is the point?!

    by yosef123

    If you can't view EOB's online then what is the point of this app? Having an App Store presence and having a meaningful App Store presence are two different things. Try again.

  • Useless app

    by Jordi1983

    The app doesn't give access to benefit amounts and claims. It's pretty much useless…

  • Useless

    by Vodka Tonick

    This app is is pretty much worthless. After you log in, you should be able to do a search for a doctor in your network, right? Nope. The app makes you enter your network info all over again, which could be problematic if you don't know the name of your network. Stupid. Combine that with no claims access or benefit info and you've got a completely useless waste of memory. Good job, Anthem!

  • Does nothing

    by Vinny999


  • Horribly useless app

    by Shyonemillion

    In short, this app basically delivers Dante's version of healthcare by iPhone. Unless you want to find a doctor, find urgent care, or see how your ID looks on the screen of your iPhone, this app is completely useless. The link to "Full Site" kicks you out (if you've already logged in) and returns you to the login screen. Surprise bonus: Your overall wellness score will drop several points upon download of app.

  • Another piece of crap from a crap company

    by friesdan

    I can't even log in. Server error. I can log on fine from a laptop, no credentials problem.

  • No Point

    by Bbbp

    I cannot view any of my claims. If I wanted the information on my card on my phone, I could just take a picture of it. Deleting this application. Very frustrating that you cannot view the regular site on a mobile phone either.

  • Member

    by SpaceCoastMember

    Limited functionality. Cannot view claims. And now I can't access full site on phone. I'm going to delete, as I don't think it's useful.

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