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WebMD helps you with your decision-making and health improvement efforts by providing mobile access 24/7 to mobile-optimized health information and decision-support tools including WebMD’s Symptom Checker, Drugs & Treatments, First Aid Information and Local Health Listings. WebMD also gives you access to first aid information without having to be connected wirelessly – critical if you don’t have Internet access in the time of need. Personalize your app by saving drugs, conditions and articles relevant to you — through secure access and easy sign-in.

Key Features:

• WebMD Symptom Checker – n Select the part of the body that is troubling you, choose your symptoms, and learn about potential conditions or issues.
• First Aid Essentials – Your handy guide for medical emergencies. From insect stings to broken bones, helpful treatment tips are always available, even without an Internet connection.
• Conditions – Find medically reviewed information about Conditions relevant to you and learn more about causes, treatments, and related symptoms.
• Drugs & Treatments – Search our extensive database for information on Drugs, Supplements, and Vitamins. Access content such as Uses, Side Effects, Warnings, and more.
• Pill Identification Tool – Identify your prescription drugs and over the counter medicines by pill shape, color, & imprint.
• Local Health Listings – Find the closest physician, hospital, & pharmacy based on your current location or search by city, state or zip.

• Create custom lists of Drugs, Conditions, and Articles
• Save custom lists securely
• Review your saved information anytime and anywhere
Additional Features:
• Maps - View local health listings & individual Physician, Hospital, & Pharmacy locations in a map view.
• Email Friends - Send your friends medically reviewed content covering First Aid, Conditions, & Drugs.
• Content Updates – Timely content is updated automatically.

About WebMD
WebMD Health Corp. (Nasdaq: WBMD) is the leading provider of health information services, serving consumers, physicians, healthcare professionals, employers, and health plans through our public and private online portals, mobile platforms and health-focused publications. More than 95 million unique visitors access the WebMD Health Network each month.

The WebMD Health Network includes WebMD Health, Medscape, MedicineNet, emedicineHealth, RxList, theheart.org, drugs.com and Medscape Education.
SOURCE WebMD Health Corp.

WebMD. Better Information. Better Health.

WebMD does not provide medical advice, diagnosis or treatment. Always seek the advice of your physician or other qualified health provider with any questions you may have regarding a medical condition. Never disregard professional medical advice or delay in seeking it because of something you have read on the WebMD mobile application.

Customer Reviews

  • I support this

    by Davena44

    I got this just because it supports the law and five stars because I like it and so far has been very helpful.

  • Good app

    by AlyDT2002

    It is wrong to discredit because it supports a law. It helped my son and my self! I will keep supporting this app and encouraging others to use it as well!!!!!

  • Stupid Reason to Boycott this App

    by Ged6

    People are really deleting this app because it supports the law?! Good riddance to those going down with their ship!! Lol

  • WebMD

    by Kate004

    I like this app for quick reference. I don't know what the problem is Insurance companies have dictated who your Dr will be for more than 20 years. I will keep using this app for knowledge of what to ask when and if I have to go to my doctor.

  • Obamacare

    by GPowner2yrs

    "Obamacare" saved my 3 year olds life.

  • Web MD

    by Anderson Brewster

    I have read some of the ads, about this great app and all I see is the negative response about Obamacare. My suggestion to you folks with the negative thoughts is to go out and find real jobs that would pay into your health coverage. What I see here is a bunch of ungrateful people when getting their way is OK but once it does not they criticize. I have insurance for the past 25 years and still going find something else to cry about! even if you don't support the app there are millions of us who would, get a real job who can offers the best for you all. Stop being whips.

  • Needs insurance list and appt setup

    by Bonami21

    Need to have more information about doctors like what insurance they take and allow making appointments from the app. Also allow your customer to search by the insurance they carry so that it wont be a waste of time calling each one of the doctors to ask them.

  • Ads

    by ArtisticEmo

    It was good until they added ads and there's no way to get rid of them. Also the app forgets your password when you go back to the home screen of the app so you'll have to sign back in if you want to save things and access your "saved" list. Other than that I like the app and have no further problems.

  • Lacks the food and fitness planner

    by pcman3550

    Please add the food and fitness planner. The web site version does not work when trying to add the daily food and activities.

  • Needs ability to save healthcare providers

    by Bmills1479

    Good app except the iPad version will not save a list of healthcare providers like the iPhone version will. Please add it and I'll give a higher rating.

  • Informative but annoying ads

    by XSemperIdem5

    I like the app but those flashing ads are so distracting and annoying.

  • Great info

    by Lucydog04

    Great info

  • Need new icon art

    by JeffT78

    Nice app, but seriously guys, the new iPad has been out a while. Support the retina display so I don't have pixelated icons.

  • Other apps.

    by BarbiC88

    I love WebMD on my computer. I want to love it on my IPad, but I HATE pop-up ads that won't, go away!!!

  • Good

    by JoeBlueberry

    The app is superb. The only thing is it's just not as clear as I thought it would be for an iPad app.

  • Yoho, Patton, and mad max

    by Cmdr Yoho

    453-527-608 570-820-696 722-249-524 256-156-551

  • Ok

    by Ghfdgshefysu

    It's good except for when you close it it will lose all your progress....not worth all the time and effort you put into it

  • Great app

    by Monkeypiriate

    Very helpful

  • Obamacare

    by OldYankee fan

    Sorry to see that you can't remain neutral on this item. Obamacare will bankrupt us and it is unconstitutional. We are losing the ability to maintain our privacy between ourselves and our doctors. Being administered by the IRS doesn't make me feel any better. By the way, I'm an independent.

  • Not now

    by Lynnsee92

    I was going to use this app but not now after reading of WebMd's support for Obamacare. No thanks! Everyone has the right to have the physician of their choice. We do not need to have stranger's choosing doctors for our families and ourselves.

  • I have lost all trust in this app.

    by Jim Hartley

    If I do not feel confident in any app or the company providing it, I avoid it. You have lost my confidence and trust by entering into a deal to promote Obamacare to doctors. Perviously, I felt your information was unbiased medical fact, or at least best available in the interest of your readers. How am I supposed to trust someone who is advocating for a program where a non-physician (Obama) has said maybe we should just take a pill? In my opinion, you have lowered yourselves to the level of shills and snake oil salesmen. I have removed the WebMD app and am removing the magazine app as well. When word gets more widely spread, I believe you will lose a lot more clients.

  • Obamacare

    by Cml223

    You are off my tablet also for taking money and promoting Obamacare!!!

  • GONE!!!!

    by Tammeroo

    You folks took 4.5 million tax payer dollars to PROMOTE obamacare! You are off of my tablet forever!

  • Update ruins it

    by &$(;:

    Used to be a great app

  • Freezes after first page

    by wien78

    When using the conditions to browse, on the first page of information it freezes and links on that page do not work. You are just stuck there. The app used to work. This version is very bad.

  • Ads WebMd Flashing Ads

    by Babafemi

    That's all about it now. The big ads keep flashing and makes it difficult to read the information on the screen. And it used to be a decent app.

  • Password

    by Father Flower

    Second time I used it and forgot my password. I clicked "forgot my password" and it went to a blank screen. I had to delete the app, as it was useless after that.

  • The "add" button next to food item

    by Kathy in CT

    A great idea! Cannot add food to the meals. The add button does not work!! Please fix!

  • With the heck

    by JazzyLuz

    Installed the new update and it did not transfer any of my previous information. Why?

  • True Grit

    by Steeljack

    Hey, WebMD! There’s some nifty new hi-res Apple hardware coming out soon, and if you don’t upgrade your app to support it, all of your content will look strangely grainy on the new screens! Better hurry — the new gear is due out… uh, a year and a half ago.

  • Wouldn't Connect to Internet

    by P Hudson

    App would not recognize an Internet connection, rendering it useless. Uninstalled.

  • Retina Graphics, please!!!

    by TheDarkeLordeReturns

    Looks terrible on my iPad!!!

  • Disappointing

    by Oscar0714

    I just loaded this app, because I wanted to see an article I saved on the website. Not only can I not access articles saved on the website, there is no option to search. It may be good for researching drugs, and assessing symptoms, but overall I did not find it to be helpful. Very disappointing.

  • Bah!

    by LeeEllenM

    If you tap on an ad, there's no way to leave!

  • Stupid!

    by exoweareone

    This app is so stupid. The terms of use implies that children under 13 is not allowed to register. But I'm already 13!!! That means I can register but it keeps saying I'm not eligible to register. I'm deleting this!

  • Absolutely Awful

    by DanielC_IP

    Freezes up on launch, making it impossible to use. An absolutely worthless app.

  • Old app with no information

    by RA RED

    It's better to add webMD URL to home screen. This app is totally useless. If you know the medicine then you can search to know about it but if you are looking for a medicine for a health condition, or if you want to know about health supplement for a particular condition, it won't work. Google search will give more information than this worthless piece of junk.

  • No update

    by Crystalmalt

    Can't get an update.

  • Hasn't been updated in over a year!

    by iPhoneUser63

    Needs updated for retina display. Also, seriously, you haven't updated this app since March 2012. It's now March 2013. That's an entire year that your lazy app dev team has sat on their butts. A year. An entire year. Seriously, an entire year? A Year? A year? Do you get what I'm saying? A year. A year. A year. YEAR. I used to use webmd all the time. I haven't in forever. A year. You are why people hate big business. I'll update your app for free. Or hire people to do it! You have no excuses.

  • No search! Dumb interface

    by Richard Underwood

    The iPad app is no good, if you have an issue and you want to know more about you can't search on the topic

  • This is not working at all.

    by Texgal58

    It not worn it and not working!!! I don't get it!!! Can do nothing not understand why!!!!

  • Useless

    by _freelance_

    Why? No information on key topics. For example, check "rash" under Conditions. Not listed. Many other examples also. And, this app's purpose seems to be to collect personal information about you.

  • Not so good

    by Disappointedem

    Except for the symptom checker, which itself is not that helpful or accurate, this app just seems to lead to the website info. That's not really an app, it's a portal.

  • Cannot find Diarrhea

    by Philopoulos

    Web M.D. on the Internet allows me to just type in diarrhea and quickly see everything about it but this app doesn't show me that. Iit shows me antibiotic driven diarrhea or travelers diarrhea in one view and in another view it doesn't show it to me at all… Maybe there's a solution, but I have used Web M.D. on the Internet many times without head scratching confusion. Conclusion: this is a difficult to navigate app. Just go to the Internet!

  • Disappointed

    by miyukib

    A window popped up that indicated I would be able to add items to the Food and Fitness planner with the iPad app. You must go through the browser. I can do that WITHOUT the app. I also tried to add the Food and Fitness Planner to the Saved List on the app... No such luck. :(

  • What Happened to the App/Capability?

    by SocratesSeven

    I had been a user of the WebMD web site for a long time though not recently. I've had the App for a while but have not had cause to use it before. As I lay under for quilts in a dark hotel room in Seoul trying to get a sense of what my fever, chills, muscle ache, and vomiting might mean (e.g., sweat it out or find my way to a hospital) I turned first to the uninformative and difficult to decipher App (at least with a fever of 102 degrees f) and then to the WebMD web site, my hopes for knowledge soon disappeared. Once I made it past telling the web site "No, I don't want to download your cr@ppy App" I found myself confronted with the same level of magnificent CYAing and lack of information I found in the App. "Thanks WebMD...". Gave it one star because I couldn't figure out how to give it less. Have not rated an App previously and hope to never again -- especially in this condition. Would use up more of my remaining 5000+ characters but have to go throw up again....

  • Can't get past advertisement

    by Mollys Mom 2000

    I use WebMD frequently, or at least I used to. The last time I opened the app, it went directly to an advertisement which won't close. I reset the Ipad and still get only the advertisement when I open the app. There doesn't seem to be any way to get past it. The app is now useless to me.

  • Very unhappy

    by Barb Farber

    Followed instructions for app it froze up. I tried several times with no success I had to shut down completely, would not close or allow any functions. What is the problem!?!?

  • Bummer..waste of an app

    by RealtorKaren

    Total bummer...no ability to search on terms or conditions. That is the entire reason I use the web based version. Unfortunately this app is pretty useless and even somewhat dangerous. You just select from a group of common symptoms and it tells you what MIGHT be wrong with you....YIKES!! Definitely being deleted...

  • Inflexible, incomplete and Unsearchable

    by Dave in Oxford

    I'm thoroughly frustrated with the iPad version of WebMD. There is no search feature and no way to link to the traditional online version without resorting to the browser. There is so little information contained in the iPad version that I have taken to starting with the online version which also appears to be better maintained. Also, the Q&A symptom checker is too vague to be of any great value largely because the human body diagram is too general and zeroing in on a particular area is quite difficult. At the very least it requires quadrants such as upper/lower and right/left. For example, pain in the upper abdomen likely presents much different possible causes than pain in the lower part but you get the whole boatload. One writer suggested that the iPhone version is best of all. I haven't tried to check that one out yet and may not because the small type makes reading a chore. -------------------------------------- iPad > WebMD version 3.0.1 Sent from my iPad

  • Terrible

    by Edward Wilchins

    The categories you are limited to are absurd. I couldn't even look up Vitamin D deficiency in Conditions - a vitamin deficiency should be easy to access. It is even worse than the web site itself. It is the most disappointing App I've gotten, and advise anyone who really needs medical answers to go somewhere else in order to get the answers bcs you're not going to get them here.

  • Terrible

    by Brigrat

    What good is a beautiful magazine that can't be navigated. Useless on my iPad 2. The pages are all greyed out.

  • ?????

    by Furnitureman1

    I put in my symptoms and it comes up with no results..my symptoms are basic I have terrible post nasal drip and recently have been experiencing terrible heartburn..I guess they never heard of that stuff before

  • Not useful anymore

    by lmlee.sf

    What once was a great medical information app is no longer. It's so crammed with advertising that content takes a back seat. Not only am I visually bombarded with irrelevant information, they've added unrelated audio that can't be turned off. If I'm looking up bee stings, why do I have to hear about insulin? Idiotic. Deleting post haste.

  • Unnecessary update!

    by mich1648

    I loved the previous version where you could not only check your symptoms but those of the ones you cared for or were curious about. It was a valuable learning tool, I am so sorry I did the update. Please change it back it is really useless this way. mich1648

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