RxmindMe Prescription / Medicine Reminder and Pill Tracker Medical App Review (iOS, Free)


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Seller: Walgreen Co.

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RxmindMe is a reminder app for your medications, vitamins and supplements. It allows you to enter all your dosage information, set up reminders and keep track of when you take them.

App Feature Highlights:
• Customize with 9 different types of reminders based on the dosage frequency
• Keeping track of your medication adherence will automatically update the prescription quantity
• Ability to refill or transfer an existing prescription to Walgreens
• Export all your prescription data with ease
• Email prescription history
• Ability to search the entire FDA Drug Database for your medications
• All of your prescription information is secure and is only stored on your iPhone. You can even protect it with a passcode.
• Historical tracking of your prescriptions

Warning: RxmindMe is for entertainment purposes only. You should not rely on this app alone to remember to take medications.

Customer Reviews

  • Works as promised

    by jptthemobileguy

    Thanks Walgreens for the great update

  • Great Support

    by Dustermaster

    I was having a problem with not having any notification sounds. I put in a support request and it was answered immediately. Somehow I had turned off sounds in the Notification Center for remindme. Turned them back on and everything works great now. Thanks for a great product.

  • Great!

    by EduFarah

    It works better that a lot of paid apps. :-)

  • by Syclone Josh

    This app is great! I've been using it every single day since 2011 and its a champ.

  • Great app but need to add better sounds

    by Grooster

    Works great but the notification sounds are dreadful.

  • Love the Walgreens integration

    by jptthemobileguy

    It's great being able to refill my prescriptions at Walgreens within Rxmind Me.

  • Very useful app

    by TomVW

    Small problem with latest update was resolved quickly with friendly help from developer (problem was probably a network hiccup during download). I have used this app for a couple of years and it is very useful.

  • Works great

    by AnxietyAttack

    Love this app. Works perfect on my iPod. Looking for a droid based one for my mom.

  • Great app!

    by daniel wilcox

    This app has really helped me keep track of everything! I love that I can go back see days I missed. Thank you!

  • Great for post-surgery meds

    by Visaula

    This app has been AMAZING for post surgery medications. Pain meds, antibiotics, nausea meds, etc; all at different times. On our own this would be a headache but this app has saved us. No paper notes and hour counting in our heads. LOVE IT!

  • Good for some things

    by fox220

    But I find it difficult for the easiest tasks. For example, I want to be able to mark off taking 2 Advil within 2 clicks. Very useful once you program your reminders, though.

  • Four stars

    by OchoMama

    I'd give it 5 starts if it allowed me to mark the time I actually took the med in addition to when I was supposed to, especially since I don't want to use the sound reminders (they're overbearing for my taste - maybe add less intruding ones). Overall, it does what it purports to do.

  • Crashes with iOS7

    by TeriDactyl9000

    I use this app everyday, but since I upgraded to iOS 7, it crashes frequently. I emailed support and never heard back. Even though the reminders still work, it's frustrating trying to edit them since the app closes as soon as you try to change the set up. There hasn't been an update to this since 2011. Come on guys, might need to squish a few bugs.

  • Works well enough

    by vnavone

    I've been using this to track my meds for the past two years and it's been reliable. The interface is a bit non-standard and not always intuitive. For example, it doesn't support gestures like swiping between days. Also, they haven't updated the app in about two years. How about an iOS 7 update, guys? Or at least an update to use the full screen space of an iPhone 5? Then I would give it 5 stars.

  • Excellent

    by OldBugGuy

    Simple and easy to use. No crashes on iOS 7.

  • Problems with IOS 7

    by SpeedyGonzoMD

    Recently downloaded app. App is great except the alarm will not sound off @ the requested time. A reminder message is sent @ the requested time, but the alarm does not sound off in IOS 7.

  • User friendly

    by Acjsb

    Very easy to use app. I'm utilizing after major surgery and need around the clock prescriptions. The middle of the night doses were going missed and with sleep deprivation I had a hard time keeping schedule until this app. A chime reminds you it's time to dose, and if you still miss you can mark down time actually taken.

  • Greatest med app

    by ncrown23334

    great app! Keeps track of prescription quantities for you as you take them and makes it easy for office visits if you have multiple doctors and have to tell them your current meds

  • Al

    by Alsguns

    Great it keep on track every day..best ever!!!!

  • Good App--needs support and fine tuning

    by dMore1

    The app is invaluable for recording and keeping track of my meds. Unfortunately, it crashes frequently when setting up reminders and schedules. If this were fixed I would up the rating. As is, it is frustrating and time consuming to schedule reminders or delete them.

  • Alarms not sounding

    by Dustermaster

    I used to love this app but recently the audible alarms quit sounding. I tried several different alarm sounds and those didn't work either. I checked all my iPhone settings and saw nothing amiss. I hard rebooted, reinstalled and even did a complete restore. Still not fixed. I tried some other alarm type apps and they seemed to work fine. I hope an update addresses this issue as nothing else was as useful vas as functional for me.

  • Alarm sound does not work!!!!

    by Terrifictee

    Would be an excellent app but the sound does not work.... so it is essentially not functional!

  • Very disappointed.

    by Bird dog doc

    No audible sound. Worthless.

  • Alarm sounds!

    by JdgIpod

    I didn't have any problem till after the update. Why not use the phone's sounds? The alert sounds included are lame!

  • Update crashes!!!

    by margo79

    Worked fine before update, now crashes constantly on IPhone 4 ios 5. Pls fix!

  • Junk

    by Toano Tank

    Audible alarm did not sound, or did not wait to be acknowledged picked up the phone and saw a badge 10 minutes after I was supposed to take the med. I deleted this app. Also, very clunky UI.

  • Good app, horrible support

    by MRR001

    I have emailed with a problem several times, all I get is a canned response about daylight savings time, but never an answer to my actual issue.

  • Audible alarm not functional

    by Unhipdotcom

    The audio function does not work. This is also an overly complicated app.

  • No sound!

    by Smilejjm

    No sound!!!!

  • Crashes!!!

    by That70'sgirl

    Very useful app but it crashed on my old iPhone a lot and on my new iPhone.. EVERY TIME!!!

  • Alarm Does NOT Work


    I like everything about the app. Reminder alarm/notification makes NO sound! I have tried everything and can not get the sound to come out.

  • Great in theory but..

    by Leira1909

    No new OS support, crashes constantly. Fix this please!

  • Keeps crashing

    by Patchouli71

    Not sure why this app keeps closing on me. Frustrating since I can't update my meds an makes the app useless.

  • Buggy

    by Tswiftlover978

    It crashes whenever I try to add a medication to the reminders and just crashes in general. Hope it is fixed soon.

  • Keeps quitting without saving

    by JJinIL

    Looks like a very detailed app that would be very useful, but I cannot even save a reminder, when I do the app just quits without saving. Please fix!

  • So helpful, just what I needed

    by Nikonandy

    This app is awesome. I recently got injured and have multiple meds to take at all different hours of the day. This app does a great job keeping the process easy. I highly recommend this app.

  • Bombs, crashes, and burns!

    by Griff7771

    This app keeps crashing on entry of reminders. Most annoying!

  • Perfect

    by Lauren M.624511

    I have such a hectic schedule being as I am a single mother who works full-time while taking college classes, so this is a perfect app for a person like me. Granted I'm using it to just remember to take one pill daily, something like this is absolutely perfect for people who take multiple medications ( like my father who is now using this app!) 5 stars from me to you.

  • Love this app

    by Jdogg20

    This is a great app Reminds me everyday to take my blood pressure meds Love it

  • Complicated and outdated

    by DecFam

    It took some learning to make it all work, but it runs OK when you get it all set up. But it hasn't been updated in over 2 years, so I'm not sure how committed the developer is to future support.

  • Keeper

    by Henry Pearson

    This is one of the few apps that I have downloaded and kept. I use it every day to remind me to take meds. Thank you!

  • Wow. It's like I have an extra hour a day.

    by Bdc63

    No more " Honey when did I take that?" Or accidentally taking something twice. Thank you for this.

  • Needs an update!

    by OneOrangeBear

    It's a very useful app but it has been 2 years since your last update. Needs to catch up because it now freezes on iOS7! Thank you.

  • Love, love, love this app

    by MaggieDogDeal

    This app has saved me from taking the wrong medication more times that I can imagine. It makes certain that I only take the medication once and keep me up-to-date when I should take it so I'm not running late and missing the dose. I'd be lost without it. I recommend it to everyone. I love it!

  • 4 Stars but Possibly 5 after few fixes...

    by jlcollado

    I was getting tired of configuring alarms on my phone for my medicine, so this works perfectly for that. Still a few fixes needed, such as when to stop the recurrence of medication. Also when exporting the data to HTML for my doctor, the data is not sorted correctly by date. After these two fixes it can br an easy 5.

  • GREAT form of a reminder!

    by Kayttoika

    I absolutely LOVE this app! I'm the type if person who ALWAYS second guesses myself! More times than I can count, I find myself asking myself and/or my girlfriend, "hey, did I take this pill? Or that pill? What time was my last dosage at...???" This app officially is my problem/question solver!!! I love that it sits in my pocket, beeps at me when it's time for my next dosage AND reminds me if I forgot to take my meds. Aside from the convenience of having a mobile reminder, I LOVE THAT YOU CAN SET UP A PASSWORD!!! So not only am I being reminded to take my meds on time, my info is 110% safe & secure!!!

  • Finally.... Meds on time

    by IBRAZIN

    Looks like i can take my meds on time now, and not only that, but track usage and get refill alerts.

  • Great app

    by Montiana

    I like this app


    by Rachel Timoneri

    I love this idea, UPDATE IT

  • Perfect I you forget a lot!!!!

    by Mexhyfgyjc

    I love it. Controls my meds and tells me how many I have left and reminds me to refill.

  • Thank you!!!

    by Dillwyn & Christine

    Thank you this app helps me a lot!

  • iPhone 5

    by Pabloterry

    It's been more than a year now and there's still no support for iPhone 5 screen. I would give it four stars, but because of that I'm giving one

  • Crashes frequently

    by sonicHellScape

    Running iOS-7 on iPhone 4S - app crashes every time I try to set dosages. Am now looking for a replacement...

  • by The Sky Follower

    This app helped me remember at first, but then I got used to it in about a month. Plus, you need to check off when you took them. My advise: DO NOT EVER GET THIS STUPID APP!!!!!!!

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