Dermatology DDx Medical App Review (iOS, $64.99)


Languages: English, French, Chinese

Seller: Unbound Medicine, Inc.



★★ 600+ high-quality images for diagnosis and treatment of common dermatologic disorders ★★

The Dermatology DDx app from Unbound Medicine delivers visual, point-of-care guidance for establishing the diagnosis of skin disorders. This powerful, photo-intensive database allows users to search, view side-by-side variations of each skin disorder, easily zoom in on any of the high-resolution images, and instantly link to similar conditions to ensure accurate diagnosis. Each entry also contains clinical history, physical findings, and treatment options.

Features of Dermatology DDx include:
• 600+ high-quality images presented with common variations in presentation
• Point-of-care guidance for 160+ dermatologic conditions
• Cross reference links to differential diagnoses
• History and treatment within each entry
• Appendix charting potencies of topical steroids
• Universal Index Search to find topics quickly
• Favorites for ’bookmarking’ important entries

Authors: Thomas P. Habif, MD; James L. Campbell Jr., MD, MS; M. Shane Chapman, MD; James G.H. Dinulos, MD; Kathryn A. Zug, MD

Publisher: Elsevier

Powered by: Unbound Medicine


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