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* Refreshed look for Retina display
* Bug fixes

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** The All-In-One Mobile and Web Solution for Anesthesiology **

PLEASE NOTE – Application requires a current paid subscription to the online Anesthesia Central service.

Anesthesia Central is a must-have resource for every anesthesiologist, critical care specialist, nurse anesthetist, and trainee. Consult the automatically updating collection of disease, drug, test, and procedure information for treating patients before, during, and after surgery. Download to your mobile device and use the quick-read format to find answers fast or search for journal articles and citations in the full PubMed database – anytime, anywhere.

Five comprehensive resources combine to form Anesthesia Central.

Includes proven guidelines for preoperative, intraoperative, and postoperative anesthesia care, developed by the renowned Massachusetts General Hospital.

Refer to need-to-know information on dosing, contraindications, drug interactions, and patient education for more than 5,000 medications.

Focuses on conditions found in the Intensive Care Unit (ICU) and covers a range of topics from life-threatening disorders to presenting conditions.

Pocket Guide to Diagnostics Tests provides evidence-based recommendations on the selection and interpretation of over 450 laboratory, imaging, and microbiology tests.

Connect to more than 22+ million MEDLINE/PubMed journal citations and abstracts on your mobile device. Stay up to date with your favorite medical journals, perform powerful searches, link directly to the publisher’s full text, and share articles via email and social media. Visually explore the literature using Grapherence™, a unique way to find related and relevant articles.

• Trusted, up-to-date procedure, drug, and test information
• Cross Links for fast navigation between resources
• Frequent updates and new editions when they’re published
• Access to 22+ million journal entries from MEDLINE/PubMed
• Universal Index Search to find topics quickly across all indexes
• “Favorites” for bookmarking important entries
• Web access and updates for one year


Current Anesthesia Central subscribers:
• Install the application on your device.
• Open the application and enter your Anesthesia Central username and password, then tap “Login.”
• The latest Anesthesia Central content will be downloaded to your device over your wireless connection.

If you are a new user and are interested in learning more about Anesthesia Central, please visit the Unbound Medicine website.

Customer Reviews

  • Best program ever for anesthesia

    by jckipple

    Best program ever for anesthesia

  • Extremely helpful!

    by NA student

    This app has been extremely helpful to me during my clinicals. Especially the Davis drug guide. I plan on using this app as long as it is available.

  • SNRA

    by Nykol

    This app is worth the $150 price tag. It's nice to have one source for drugs, procedures and labs. It's a great quick reference for students.

  • Great but sometimes missing important info

    by SuperJDog

    I would give this app 5 stars if it allowed notes to be added. This way if important info is missing on a certain topic or drug the user can add a bit here and there & truly have an invaluable clinical resource.

  • Crna

    by Catrobin

    Excellent program! Best anesthesia app !

  • SRNA

    by BollockSRNA

    Great app that gives me a great deal of information in one place and lets me look up significant surgical aspects and anesthetic considerations quickly.

  • Fantastic App!

    by Sptdwlf

    Gives me much information in one place.

  • Cool

    by Sevoflurane77

    Cool app

  • CRNA

    by David5K

    This a great and concise app. Puts many things in one app. Great for SRNAs and Residents

  • CRNA

    by Scho_dee

    Great app! I recommend it to all of the SRNAs, and most practicing CRNAs that see it want to buy it. It is pricey, as are updates, but if you are a student or new practitioner, it's a great resource to have at your fingertips. The addition of pictures for the procedures section would be great.

  • Bedside info

    by Aprilrio

    I like having information at the bedside when a question comes up. I am still getting use to how it works traveling in & out of each reference. Need to use it more to rate it higher.

  • Jason DNAP, CRNA

    by jason81crna

    This app is the bomb! Pricey but worth every penny!

  • Anesthesia

    by Lsucrna84

    Great to have in the O.R!

  • Crna

    by Cabb09

    Good but too expensive

  • Student

    by CraigcrAig321

    Excellent but four strata because of high price

  • Md

    by Mtsnorkel

    Practical, easy access , quick reference worth every penny.

  • Wonderful App!!

    by Loveyourself1

    I am a SRNA, I find this app great to look up drugs and procedures before a case, especially if I have never done the case before, it is highly recommended!!!

  • CRNA

    by JillHale

    Great App!

  • Useful Point of Care App

    by jdparksmd

    better than three books in your pocket :-)

  • Johnson, SRNA

    by i_was_here_09

    The consensus is that the app is pricey! I use it daily for the drug guide and looking up specific considerations. The only thing I think would improve it is a more comprehensive procedures list. Sometimes it is hard to find a particular type of case, with general headings of the cases you do. All-in-all, a good reference, though. I have recommended it to several fellow students . . . but only if it doesn't take the money needed to keep the coffee pot full of strong java! :)

  • GasAttack

    by Gasattackkk

    NOT WORTH $150. I wouldn't pay $50 for this app. Incomplete information on co-existing diseases. Drug section is mediocre.

  • Have to repay full price anually

    by the dave

    These guys have always been so greedy. Many other anesthesia text aps don't make you repay the entire cover price for updates every 12 months. It is good info but navigation isnt great and other options are just as good. Look elsewhere.

  • CRNA

    by JeffWilliams

    Absolutely essential stuff. I have used Anesthesia essentials for all most 2 years now both as a student and now as a practicing CRNA. The addition of key word search this year makes the program even easier to use. It's equivalent to a book sack full of anesthesia books all in your pocket.

  • Great App

    by Rebecca Palmer

    I use this app all the time, both while studying and in the clinical setting. Having lots of useful information at my fingertips eliminates the need to carry around tons of reference books!

  • Comprehensive for my needs

    by NeONGeneSAr

    Device: iPhone 4 (Verizon) I'm very pleased with this app. I really only wanted a drug guide on my device, but I realized that having a more compact [than textbook] reference would be more handy and less cumbersome while in my small anesthesia workspace (I'm a newbie CRNA). I've used both Davis and Sota drug guides on my Palm for many years, but when I saw what Anesthesia Central had to offer when compared to Skyscape's Anesthesia Constellation, it fit the bill. No more separate ACLS app, no more separate procedures app, no more separate diagnostic tests app, etc. I've yet to put it through its paces if given an opportunity perioperatively, yet I'm sure as I journey along my career, the information within will become second-nature. Until then, I like what I've seen (read) so far. Information is quick to find and focuses on anesthetic implications (no fluff)!

  • anesthesia central

    by stephenalsay

    Its a great app for my profession. Its everything all i need except for the medline part that you cannot use it to search topics

  • Anesthesia Central

    by dysonian

    Excellent. Best anesthesia reference by far

  • Simply Phenomenal

    by AdamSRNA

    I bought this just a couple days ago. I am a student and am about to start clinical and just knew I needed it to be a step ahead of the game! I have been reviewing it at home and it has every bit of information needed for anesthesia and much much more! Worth every penny! I will tell all my fellow students about this.

  • outstanding

    by orlandogmp

    what i tell you ? buy it immediately. a must have

  • Anesthesia Central

    by T.Bake

    Exceptional program. I use it daily as a CRNA, and the iphone interface is outstanding. The included Davis drug guide is the best I have found, lightyears ahead of epocrates. I love that all the information is peer reviewed and authored.People need to read the app. description... yes you have to pay, but it is worth every penny.

  • Don't be fooled...

    by sboydman

    Don't be fooled by early ratings. Without a subscription, you won't see any content, so people may have expected "something for nothing." This is quality reference material for anybody practicing in anesthesiology. While I initially subscribed to "Anesthesia Central" for my Treo phone, I was disappointed that an on device app had not been available when I jumped to the iPhone. That is, until now. When I downloaded and signed into the app, a current copy of Anesthesia Central was downloaded. This occurred in spit of the fact that my subscription had expired long ago. This bears repeating... Even if your subscription is expired, you are entitled to have the content on the one device of your choice. Of course, there will be no content updating without a current subscription. In terms of content, it is presented either in portrait or landscape in an easy to read font and you latest position is saved when exiting and relaunching the app. My only "complaint" is that I would like to see a reduced rate for yearly subscriptions... It seems excessive to have to pay $150 each year just to keep current, especially as there is no scheduled update cycle. And yes, I am aware that web access is included in the subscription. $150 is very reasonable for an initial fee, but continuous yearly subscriptions should be offered at a reduced rate. Are you listening Unbound Medicine?

  • The Best!!!!!

    by Alpha102

    Yes you have to pay but it's worth. Easy to's about time the iPhone got this. I use it every single day at work.

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