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Languages: English, French, German, Italian, Spanish

Seller: the binary family GmbH

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In just 45 minutes, Dr. Reichel's IQ test allows you to estimate your own intelligence quotient.

"...very well done." (bestappsite.com)

The test consists of 70 questions, organized into thirteen thematic sections. The questions must be solved in a predetermined sequence. The IQ test was developed for single use only. While designed to be enjoyable, its primary purpose is to determine your IQ with the highest possible accuracy.

According to current definitions, intelligence is composed of a variety of different mental abilities. Dr. Reichel's IQ test includes different parts, allowing the following characteristics to be examined:

• Comprehension
• Linguistic ability
• Analytical thinking
• Logic and reasoning
• Abstract thinking
• Working memory
• Quantitative reasoning
• Spatial judgement
• Processing speed and accuracy

The psychologist Dr. Wolfgang Reichel is a renowned IQ expert and the author of numerous books on the topic of aptitude and IQ tests. He has developed IQ tests for leading newspapers and television programs. Working with the team at the binary family, he conceived this test specifically for use on the iPhone.


• Evaluation of your abilities in 13 sections with a total of 70 questions
• Explanatory example preceding each section
• Meticulously developed interface, designed especially for iPhone
• Concentration-enhancing music (optional)
• Option to continue an interrupted test upon returning to program
• 5 language options (English, French, German, Spanish, Italian) set automatically according to iPhone's country setting
• Results for each user saved

Please read before purchasing this app:

• The test can only be used once per person
• Allow 45 minutes for the test and avoid distractions
• The results of the IQ test can be affected by various factors, including momentary physical and emotional condition, as well as outside disturbances
• This test cannot take the place of a professional IQ test. Professional tests are administered by psychologists and are significantly more complex.
• This test is designed for adults and young people age 15 or older
• In the interest of accuracy, IQ results will only be calculated up to 145

Customer Reviews

  • IQ Test

    by FMAMA

    Very interesting.. Would like to take others...

  • Good challenge

    by Uhhh... Your Captain Speaking

    It's great at self evaluating on an amateur level. Great way to use idle time while building on something.

  • Eldest of the Faulkner Daniels Cantrell clan

    by TW fr Bama

    This really cool. A little more challenging than candy crush, etc. try it

  • by Tilo M

    Perfectly challenging

  • IQ Test

    by RLVP08

    Pretty interesting and fun. Reviews missed answers so you know how to come to the right answer.

  • Felt like a legit iq test

    by vincent kreul

    I enjoyed this... Plus it says I'm really smart!

  • StaceyO.

    by Gaf<40

    Despite the fact that I've slipped 7 points since 1981, this was a fair testing modality. My ego bruised, but it was cool all the same considering I DON'T BELIEVE IN IQ TESTING...but at least this one was the real deal.

  • Great test

    by WBCramer

    Well done app

  • Ms

    by Mookie Evans Wilson

    Very interesting. Have never seen an IQ test & the questions were very different from what I expected. It was fun & challenging!

  • Challenging app

    by With2kids

    Fun and challenging app. I have never had chance to take an iq test so it was interesting to see questions and score.

  • Good fun

    by CraigSA14

    The test is really challenging and its cool to know what your strong and weak points are. You can also test to see how stupid your friends are.

  • Puck Head

    by Dit Clapper

    It was amusing and decently accurate.

  • Fun with your pals

    by sweet_miss_sushi

    You can only take the test once yourself :( but I'm having fun testing all my pals. We all think it's a pretty good app.

  • Professional & enjoyable app

    by clgerst

    The interface is simple and responsive. The question sections are timed and the test moves along easily. One point off from professional test!

  • Excellent

    by stand up!

    Unlike other iPhone (or really, most popular "do-it-yourself") IQ tests which focus solely on one area or another, this one gives questions in all areas intelligence must be measured in. Obviously, this cannot take the place of a legitimate psychiatrist, but it does give a good ballpark image of the user's IQ. For example, taking into account test deviance, my own was reported by psychiatrists as between 148 and 153, and this test reported 144 (though I understand it does not test past 145). This is less than one-half a standard deviation's difference (the standard deviation of IQs is 15), which makes this test, in my experiences, a relatively decent measure. A note of warning, though - knowing your own IQ changes nothing in your life. You're just as smart as you were before you knew.

  • Excellent test

    by tarheelalum

    Dead on with some of the lengthy more formal tests out there. Highly recommend this app.

  • Does the job!

    by ap9tv1

    I've tried other IQ tests before and this is truly the best. It tests you on all aspects of the mind! I love it! A must buy if you have always been wondering what your IQ is.

  • A quality product

    by Sosumi1976

    Well made and well-designed app. At first I was a little peeved that this relatively expensive app only included one IQ test. But my roommate, who's studying psychology, explained to me that you can't get an accurate result when you take another test that's similar to one you already took, so that actually makes sense, I'd even say it's a sign that this is a serious IQ test.

  • Not bad - Needs major improvement

    by TravelerNyc

    To start, it is a good app. The issue is that it should allow the user to better themselves within the categories that he/she is weak at. It also should teach the user. If you take the exam once, the same set of questions will be asked when you take it again. It shouldn't give you the same exacted questions. For example; there should be like 700 total questions if not more, covering 7 categories, 100 per category. And each time you take it would constantly change the question, and also give you the option to study per category.

  • Didn't like it

    by Maruchoroni

    Is not worth the money.

  • Inaccurate

    by Mocicfroke

    The speed makes one prone to accidents.

  • Joke

    by Albyis

    Save yourself $1.99 - get yourself a cup of coffee. This test is not accurate.

  • Don't bother

    by Mje5

    So not worth it. I'm phi beta kappa, and tested at 87....honestly.

  • A waste

    by J bow

    Over rated do not agree with parts of no. Test

  • Not my cup of tea.

    by F0X7

    For some reason I thought IQ tests measured mental process, not acquired knowledge.

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