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This application displays International Chemical Safety Cards [ICSC] produced by the United Nations Environment Programme (UNEP), the International Labour Office (ILO), and the World Health Organization (WHO).

ICSCs summarize essential health and safety information on chemicals for their use at the "shop floor" level by workers and employers in factories, agriculture, construction and other work places.

An ICSC is very similar to an Material Safety Data Sheet [MSDS], a standard reference document from the manufacturer for chemical information and is required, for safety purposes, to be kept in any place where workers face possible exposure to those chemicals.

While an MSDS has many positives such as being very thorough and manufacturer specific, there are drawbacks : they can be very lengthy (the MSDS for water is 5 pages long), they have no standard format and may be technically very complex and too extensive for non-management use.

ICSCs, on the other hand, set out peer-reviewed information about substances in a more concise, standard and simple manner on 1 or 2 page documents that is always the same format.

Use the information in this app to augment occupational health and safety when working with the applicable chemicals as an adjunct to MSDS or when MSDS are unavailable.

For more NIOSH information, including respirator recommendations, physcial properties and hygenie information, please see our NIOSH Chemical Hazards Pocket Guide [NPG]. All information in the NPG app is viewable in a native, easily viewed format designed for the iPhone/iPodTouch.

* Fully indexed and searchable chemical list by Name, CAS# or RTECS#
* Saved history of previously viewed chemicals
* Email and Airprint** capability
* No Internet connection required

** Printing support requires iOS 4.2 or later and an airprint compatible printer or a properly setup shared network printer

- see for information and links about enabling airprint functionality for your network's printer(s).

Customer Reviews

  • Super nice app, totally worth to buy.

    by Bossfbi77

    Really helpful for MSDS finder, just type number or name and you'll get your result.

  • Not bad/Not complete

    by Unearthed Demon

    Comes in handy and I've used it more then I thought I would.

  • Awesome App

    by Weedogie

    I find this to be a great reference app I refer to several times per week. Great job.

  • Review

    by Moucamazloum

    Great app

  • Pretty good.

    by Cookie333cookie

    However; when writing about how the information shown is less than MSDS, you may want to keep in mind this app is chemical specific, whereas MSDS you can find out the composition of, say Windex for example. Slightly misleading if you ask me.

  • Muy buena

    by Ricardo Rangel drizzt

    Excelente app he buscado varios químicos un poco raros y aparece toda la info, sería bueno mejorar el dato de los tlv

  • Lt.

    by Craig Healy

    Very helpful for being a first responder and a hazmat team member.

  • Very useful and user friendly

    by Ourhomestead

    Nice display.

  • Haz-Mat

    by NsaSpecialOps

    This app is very useful. I use it daily in my job hauling hazardous materials

  • Great Chemical Reference

    by Polymer Guy

    I use this app daily. A must for chemists.

  • Must have

    by Tonyhsse

    This is a must for the HSSE professional!

  • Great

    by Rex 144

    Great free app. Would buy.

  • ICSC

    by Kedjan88

    Goes beyond Niosh pocket guide with more entries and reviewed more often. As an apps, it is portable and readily available to emergency responder community.

  • Excellent App!!!!!

    by ammarjaan

    Very good app to review the hazards of different Materials.

  • Awesome

    by Bgsggjbdsfgh

    Love this app.

  • I approve

    by Tcklmyelmo

  • Great App

    by Patrickdorgan

    Awesome to have all this information at your fingertips!!

  • Great App

    by Mick157

    Easy to use, easy to look up, loads of information at your finger tip!

  • Sr. Environmental Tech

    by Sr. Tech

    Great app! Great. During waste shipments

  • Love it!

    by supperhey

    As a chemE stud I must say this app is very useful on the go in my laboratory

  • Great app!

    by RedneckMedic

    Awesome resource for any first responder.

  • Great App

    by HazMat 1

    As a Hazardous Materials specialist, this app has proven to extremely useful in an ER incident

  • Great!

    by Fiderfider

    This was an invaluable tool for a recent active HazMat incident. Highly recommend!

  • Great

    by rlstone

    Awesome app. Love it. Easy to use

  • Ready Reference

    by DanEB99

    Very handy and a lot of info.

  • H&S Supervisor

    by Safety Gal

    Great App when information is needed quickly!

  • Does not fit ipad

    by Ruhi Razavi

    No need for more words

  • Great app

    by Earbone

    Like having a niosh book on your phone. Excellent for referencing.

  • Great tech app

    by Space Shuttle Ops

    Great general app especially for quick reference similar to an MSDS app. Clear and well formatted for an iPad some of the other comments I don't agree with you either know your commodities or you don't. Some of the nay Sayers don't appear to and I wouldn't use this to supplement a chemistry's an app not a cure all. As stated great information for general purpose use.

  • Paramedic firefighter

    by Ffmedic98

    Great app for Ems and fire or any emergency health care provider

  • HazMat

    by Whistler0

    One of the best free apps out there. Not complete but really good.

  • Nice

    by Randy Sebastian

    Awesome app 

  • For the curious and safety minded

    by Photoshots

    Good app!

  • Chem app

    by Jbn242

    Good app. Lots of good info to help when segregating chemicals. Doesnt have all chemicals but a good number.

  • Canyon

    by Chu Chu car

    I love the app

  • Good app

    by PCTrekker

    Good app.

  • Good Info.

    by iBHA17

    Needs some fine tuning. User should be able to clear history when desires to do so.

  • Good start

    by *POPS*

    I formulate for a fertiliser company and I rarely find what I need on this app. If you do some very generic searches you might find something applicable. Too much time is spent doing so. Google is faster.

  • Great resource app

    by Gfd48

    Good info. Fast!!

  • Safety Manager

    by Windsafety

    Great reference for our in the field.

  • Great information

    by Mr. MR3

    Nicely organized with good information. Very useful app.

  • I muscle

    by Total relaxation

    Very useful I use it every day

  • Husker

    by Huskerpowr

    Great reference tool for all types of compounds.

  • Great app for responders

    by Medic772

    Awesome app to have in the rig with you when you get those calls. My primary postings include areas with interstate highways and railroads...... Well worth having.

  • Haz-Mat knowledge

    by GSXRBri

    Love it! Took the OSHA hazmat first responder safety course and I use it often for work. Very well organized and easy to use! Thank you

  • Www

    by Rexxxxxxx

    The great app

  • Very well organized

    by New-commer to App

    Found this app to be very informative and well organized, the answers in the order you would ask. Good job!

  • Fills in for lazy subcontractors who hold up production.

    by Ephew

    Great slacker beater.

  • Well done

    by Filmrisk

    Nicely organized and a very useful tool in my safety work.

  • Good app

    by Seth504

    Needs serious update. MSDS only good for 5 years. Many are too old.

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