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Seller: Tesla Software, LLC

*NEW/IMPROVED* Binaural Entrainment Tracks!

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*** The Best Selling Line of Brainwave Apps on the Store - Since 2008. ***

--- Includes LUCID DREAMING entrainment!

Check out our '100 Beats and Tones!' for even more great entrainment selections! Enjoy.

** Type 'Tesla Audio' in search today **

"I've tried CD's and MP3's but they don't come close to how well I sleep with this app." - The Webbie

Let AmbiScience™ take you on a sonic journey with a combination of ambient electronica and a variety several effective programs that attune your brain to desired states of mind using the BEST entrainment frequencies. Tune your mind to help you sleep.

Once you choose a particular frequency, such as the 'sleep' frequency, this state is then more quickly achieved than normal. This is done by a mixing of tones sent to each ear - the difference between the two tones, that your brain creates, is called binaural entrainment. We also include isochronic entrainment, which is a different form, using a single pulsating tone in each ear - people who don't respond to binaurals, often respond to isochronics.

AmbiScience is the only app, which includes binaurals and isochronics in ONE.

This app also offers Progressive entrainment, which is a gradual inducement to your chosen entrainment, and this is done by starting at the waking state frequency and gradually moving the user down to his/her chosen frequency.


- 11 LONG Professional Ambient Tracks
• 1 Noise Track
• 8 Entrainment Tracks:
-- 3 Isochronic Entrainment Tracks
-- 3 Binaural Entrainment Tracks
-- 25min Progressive SLEEP Track
-- 16min LUCID Dreaming Progressive Track
• Create your own custom programs
• MULTITASKING background audio available!
• PERFECT Seamless Loops
• Full-Featured presets / Multi-Track Save
• Countdown timer with fader
• Countdown end chime
• Alarm with Snooze option
• Auto Quit/Exit feature
• Adjustable independent volumes
• The smallest available files
• Highest quality audio
• Easy to use interface
• Easy Instructions
• Free Updates

(headphones/earbuds or 2.1 speakers are RECOMMENDED - the iPhone/iPod speaker is not able to produce some of the frequencies below)

- 8 Entrainment Programs:
• 2 PowerNap programs: Binaural and
• 2 Sleep programs: Binaural and
• 2 Deep Sleep programs: Binaural and
• 25min! Progressive Isochronic Sleep program
• 16min. Progressive Isochronic LUCID DREAMING program

• Isochronic - headphones not required.
• Binaural - requires headphones.
-- Full instructions in app.


- 9 BEAUTIFUL Ambient Tracks:
• Tesla at Twilight
• Desert Sunrise
• Angel Ascension
• An Evening Rain
• The Power Plant
• Joseph's Dream
• An Android's Dream
• Tesla's Lab
• A Calming Stream
• The Fountain of Raw
• A Visit to Olympus Mons



AUTO-LOCK must be set to 'Never' for alarm to function, and be sure to enable
AIRPLANE MODE to avoid interruptions.

NOTE: If you experience performance issues (missing tracks, no sound etc), you may have gotten an 'incomplete' download and should re-install the app.

NOTE: The iPhone/iPod speaker not capable of producing most of the entrainment effects listed - best to use earbuds/headphones or external 2.1 or higher speakers.

Go to teslasoftware.com for a VIDEO tutorial. Type 'TESLA AUDIO' in search today.

Follow us at http://twitter.com/TeslaSoft

Customer Reviews

  • It works.

    by CaoiPhone

    This app really works. It really makes you fall in sleep faster.

  • Thanks

    by Bunqui

    Thanks for the lucid dreaming. Great products.

  • Brainwaves

    by Sanblu

    I really enjoy this app. It's very relaxing.

  • Not relaxing

    by Celieta32

    They're all just a variation of the same sounds. Things like the rainfall would have been better if it didn't have the music. It's more distracting than relaxing.

  • Best

    by mossyechoes

    I cannot tell you how many entrainment programs I've tried. This one is ear/brain hax. Easy to use, great instructions, fast, effective. Best $2 I have ever spent on myself.

  • Did not help me sleep

    by OPERA12

    While I found the night rain sound pleasant this did not help me sleep. User the music at 50% and effects at approximately 20% with sleep setting. I am still awake after an hour. I do have adult ADHD, so it may work for others without ADHD

  • Awesome

    by Davidresq

    I have downloaded hundreds of apps and have never submitted a review. I have had and used this app for several months. It works incredibly well. I use it to power nap at lunch time to help get the most out of my 30 minute siesta. It works just as it says and always provides a restful and relaxing nap.

  • my husband and I use everynight

    by lionelsmom

    I don't understand how it works, but it does work. I sleep deeply when I use this app and wake up feeling refreshed. this app is worth a lot to us. can u really put a price in awesome regular sleep?

  • Drugs for your ears!!!

    by Kaizen216

    I love the lucid track! Works wonders every night! Lovely user interface! Great work Tesla! Oh, and it also is great for relaxing during the day! It doesn't have to be a nocturnal app!

  • Great for Lucid dreaming and sleep aide

    by kroneko

    I bought this originally to try out the lucid dreaming entrainment as it isn't on some of the ambiscience bundles because of size and I'm happy I got it! The lucid dreaming entrainment takes time to get used to but it can greatly help. I've also used the 25 minute sleep entrainment to calm down on nights when I can't fall asleep. My fiancé who is highly skeptical of everything even found it helped her fall asleep when she was up for hours one night unable to get to sleep. To quote her "all I remember was you putting the app on and the headphones and me waking up with the headphones on". Great app!

  • Perfect relaxation aid

    by Leesar

    I use this app primarily for the power nap setting. I love the selection of background music, and this really helps me zone out from all the stress of the day among the tesla apps I own this is one of my favorites. Highly recommend, looking forward to more tesla apps to come.

  • It works! Every time!

    by scottkupferman

    5/5, just like all Tesla apps. They all just work, every time. Brilliant interface and the beats you need to relax. These apps and this one in particular are the perfect thing for the insomniac, the Type-A or anyone who just wants a good night of sleep. Tesla does it again! One of their best yet! Sleep well! You will!!!

  • Not bad

    by Engleberts

    I have listened for about one week. I wake up after about a hour then eventually go back to sleep after turning off the sounds. Maybe the earbuds become uncomfortable.

  • Helps with insomnia

    by dilemmalyn

    I was very doubtful and at first it did not work. But eventually as I used it my brain associated the sounds with being sleepy. I'm not sure if it's just white noise effect or the sleep hygiene effects, but it really does help me get to sleep around 30 mins

  • Relaxin'

    by Relaxin'

    Excellent App (they all are!). Design, graphics, and functionality. If your thinking about buying it....Do it, you won't be disappointed!

  • Forget the Sleeping Pills!

    by C. Castaneda

    This is the app for that! These guys continue to produce great wares. The music is very tranquil and relaxing.

  • I now have the POWER to Sleep!

    by Mr. Chips and Dip

    This stuff rocks...been a fan of this product line and they keep 'em coming! The music is AWESOME - I love it! And all the brainwave stuff is good too! You rock Tesla -- thanks for the Zzzzzz's!

  • VERY nice !

    by SamAdamsBL

    I'm really enjoying this piece of software. The music is VERY soothing and I usually find myself asleep in minutes rathers than hours. The progressive sleep track is very good..really helps you go deeper and deeper. I hightly recommend this is anyone who has issues falling asleep. This software also has the capability to fall asleep without headphones - you can use your 2.1 speakers. Sweet!

  • Odd

    by FirstPerson!!!!!

    it works for making me tired but the tracks are more creepy than soothing

  • Great afternoon nap

    by snopuppy

    i really enjoy using this app for my afternoon nap. yes, i still take naps. and i am not ashamed to say so! HA! this really just puts me in a quiet place where i can enjoy a little quiet time...

  • Presets...?

    by Lgardgurl22

    It won't let me save a preset name. So it won't let me use the program... Annoyed.

  • SLOW

    by Add anoder name!!!


  • Not relaxing

    by Valentine kisses

    The sounds were really creepy and did not relax me at all. Unless you want to sleep with headphones/earbuds in, you won't really hear the lucid dream track even though it says you don't need them (although some sounds require them). Overall just not happy with it. I will not use in the future.

  • Could not sleep until now

    by Shawn Fitness

    Best app I ever got for helping me sleep. Ty

  • Love the Tesla apps

    by NickN1

    Very soothing, interesting tracks. I've easily fallen asleep to them many times. I love that you can set the timer/alarm. Beside soothing tracks, it is great white noise to mask any environmental noise as well. The developer is also very responsive to emails when reporting any technical issues. I really like Telsa Audio!

  • Another Winner!

    by bonebox

    Here's another winner from Tesla Software. The progressive sleep track is terrific!

  • Amazing

    by jebur2002

    Its an amazing app that does what it tells

  • Wow! This is VERY nice 

    by ScionStream

    I'm really enjoying this piece of software. The music is very soothing and I usually find myself asleep in minutes rathers than hours. The progressive sleep track is very good...really helps you go deeper and deeper. I hightly recommend this is anyone who has issues falling asleep. This software also has the capability to fall asleep without headphones.

  • Check others before buying.

    by Mee 2

    There are many other like programs that are much better.

  • Works wonders!

    by f00b@r

    I was having trouble with insomnia for a number of nights, and finally found this to try. Used the deep sleep program, and was out quickly for one of the deepest sleeps I've had in weeks! I'm looking forward to trying the Lucid Dreaming track when I get a chance.

  • I've never had a better night sleep

    by Thewebbie

    I've tried CDs and mp3s but they don't come close to how well I sleep with this app!

  • Not convinced

    by Rigger n

    I bought this about a week ago.. The first night I had a vivid dream but since then nothing. I would give a better review if I knew exactly how to use the lucid program. I want to know what it means by visualize your lucid scenario. Visualize the reality check? Or what?

  • Great Sleep Programs

    by dharmaeye

    This app will solve your sleep problems with a wide variety of outstanding tracks and matching entrainment programs. All the apps by AmbiScience are great, but this is the one I use the most. The other one I use quite a bit is 100 Beats and Tones.

  • Amazing

    by slasic

    i got to say that this app is amazing. i fire the PSN app every time i lay on the couch for a nap or every time i lay in bed for some sleep. clears my mind and melts all my stress away when i wake up from the ambient noises. one of the most used apps on my iPhone. So many benefits from using this app. Thank you tesla audio for creating this. I admire Nikola Tesla, one of, if no the greatest many to walk this earth. Buy this app now and try it for yourself, you will NOT be disappointed.

  • So polished!

    by Myklsan

    Very professional app. Ambient tracks are perfect. Entrainments are perfect. Everything about this is adjustable. Programs work flawlessly. Tesla makes the best apps. Instructions are built right in. If you've never used entrainment, you're in for a treat. If you have used entrainment, you'll be pleased. They did this right. So much better than a dedicated device I used years ago. Multi-tasking is awesome, on my iPhone 4, too.

  • my favor app

    by annawang

    hope you get it too

  • Awesome!

    by ruffoj926

    This one is great! It gets me right in that place where I'm not sleeping too deep to wake up quickly

  • Power Naps!

    by dspitcher

    Perfect for the times when you have only a short time to nap. Listening will unwind you so you can sleep. It is so restful so be sure to set the alarm!

  • Great app for Sleeping and Napping (Just like the title suggests!)

    by buxwheat

    Seriously, put your headphones on, curl up the couch or in your recliner, and get set for a great nap. Put your head on your pillow, stretch out in bed, and get ready to drift off to sleep. Set the timer for however long you think you need, or when you want your nap to end, and start it up. Another great offering from Tesla. Good combo of loops and entrainment/programs. My favorite and most used of the four I have purchased. I'm sure I will be adding to my collection.

  • Excellent

    by Nightsitter

    This is a great combination. I just did the Evening Rain and after a night out it took me right to sleep nice and peacefully. I have enjoy all these apps.

  • Very Good

    by donr

    The Quality of the loops are impressive. So much so; that I purchased 3 of Tesla's other Apps. I purchased this App especially for the Lucid Dreaming Prog. I had my first two lucid dreams a few nights later.

  • Power Sleep & Nap

    by JFFCMF

    Another great product from Tesla. I have several Tesla sleep, relaxation, and meditation products and enjoy their sound quality and crispness. The "Entrainment" feature makes them even more attractive. As others have said: not exactly sure how they work, they just do! Great for home and on the road. Can't go wrong with any Tesla products!

  • Exceptional

    by Willa

    Another exceptional app from Tesla. Really high quality ambient sound. I don't pretend to understand how it works, I just know that it does.

  • Do not buy

    by Acclaim242

    Cannot multitasking for iphone4 and does the opposite keeps me awake vs help me go to sleep

  • Decent app!

    by OtterMan1

    This wasn't what I expected, but I was surprised!!! For the price, it's a steal. Really helps me sleep - nice tunes too. Looking forward to checking out their other apps. The Lucidity track is great. Good job guys!

  • Why

    by Skbenja

    Not sure why this app had all 5 star reviews. It's not that good...

  • Refreshing rest, the easy way

    by Zylcanthia

    When I need to sleep, rest or relax I turn to my Iphone AmbiScience apps. They never let me down. After just a few minutes I can feel myself start to unwind and my racing mind starts to slow down. Thanks so much!

  • Disclaimer

    by Recreational Bodybuilder

    This is by far the best lucidity/sleep app there is. I also have the 100 binaural beats (both by ambiscience) and I would pay twice as much for either. The power sleep & nap is by far the best there is in it's genre though. It would be completely worth it for just the lucid dream progression!! It's unbelieveable! I used it in the car (while my buddy was driving of course) and can only say it really was trippy. It was my first time using a lucid dream program but it was obvious and evident that it was effective and made a major difference. **DISCLAIMER** This app does not work if you are dumb and don't relax and try to make it work! If you are completely awake and doing stuff, it won't work as well, if at all. However, if you relax and lay there and think of nothing or try visualizing, imagining dreams in your mind or whatever, it works amazingly well!!

  • Sleep

    by Go UVa

    Best app for falling to sleep. The background sounds never fail to knock me out. The loops are seamless! I'm trying the lucid dreaming tonight.

  • Worth it for the Lucid track alone!

    by JTPNet

    I have been wanting to explore lucid dreaming for awhile, so I was eager to try the lucid program here. The included sounds are also really calming to help the brain-training process along. It made it so much easier to enter a sleep state that was more vivid than I've experienced in awhile. The price is right for such a soothing (and legal) "trip-out" session!

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