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*** The Best Selling Line of Brainwave Apps on the Store - Since 2008. ***

"...worthwhile set of apps for both Android and Apple" - NY Times

"Kids love it!...they fall asleep quicker and deeper."


"I own several of the Tesla apps - I really enjoy these apps." - Ron Studd Jr.
"I have a few of the Tesla apps and they just keep getting better." - Diana Rae

Let AmbiScience™ take you on a sonic journey with a combination of ambient electronica and a variety several effective programs that attune your brain to desired states of mind using the BEST entrainment frequencies. Tune your mind to help you sleep.

Once you choose a particular frequency, such as the 'sleep' frequency, this state is then more quickly achieved than normal. This is done by a mixing of tones sent to each ear - the difference between the two tones, that your brain creates, is called binaural entrainment. We also include isochronic entrainment, which is a different form, using a single pulsating tone in each ear - people who don't respond to binaurals, often respond to isochronics.

AmbiScience is the only app, which includes binaurals and isochronics in ONE.

This app also offers Progressive entrainment, which is a gradual inducement to your chosen entrainment, and this is done by starting at the waking state frequency and gradually moving the user down to his/her chosen frequency.

Over a total of 30+ musical tracks, effects and sounds samples!

- 20 LONG Professional Ambient Tracks
• 13 Nature/Noise Sound Samples
• 6 Entrainment/Brainwave Tracks:
-- 2 Isochronic Entrainment Tracks
-- 2 Binaural Entrainment Tracks
-- 12min Progressive Program
-- 25min Progressive Program
• CREATE your own CUSTOM programs
• MULTITASKING background audio available!
• PERFECT Seamless Loops
• Full-Featured presets / Multi-Track Save
• Countdown timer with fader
• Countdown end chime
• Alarm with Snooze option
• Auto Quit/Exit feature
• Adjustable independent volumes
• The smallest available files
• Highest quality audio
• Easy to use interface
• Easy Instructions
• Free Updates


- 15 BEAUTIFUL Ambient Tracks:
• I'm Ready for Sleep
• Hansel's Dream
• Tinker Time
• Horsey Ride
• The Ballad of Frogs
• The Frog Prince
• Puzzles
• Silly Scarecrow
• My Secret Place
• Fishies
• Drifting to Dreamland
• A Soothing Bath
• Sheep and Chickens
• Jospeh's Dream
• The Android's Dream


• Rain
• Waves
• Stream
• Birds
• Chimes
• Night
• Waterfall
• Thunder
• Wind
• White, Brown and Pink Noise
• OceanSurf 3D (amazing 3D sound!)

(headphones or 2.1 speakers are RECOMMENDED - the iPhone/iPod speaker is not able to produce some of the frequencies below)

- 6 Entrainment/Brainwave Programs:
• 12min. Progressive Sleep program (isochronic)
• 25min. Progressive Sleep program (isochronic)
• 2 Deep Sleep: Binaural and Isochronic
• 2 Sleep: Binaural and Isochronic

• Isochronic - headphones not required.
• Binaural - requires headphones.
-- Full instructions in app.

AUTO-LOCK must be set to 'Never' for alarm to function, and be sure to enable
AIRPLANE MODE to avoid interruptions.

NOTE: If you experience performance issues (missing tracks, no sound etc), you may have gotten an 'incomplete' download and should re-install the app.

NOTE: Locaton services may be needed to ensure the Alarm Feature works in your time zone.

Go to for a VIDEO tutorial.Type 'TESLA AUDIO' in search today.

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Customer Reviews

  • Amazing

    by Feldspathic1212

    I used this for one night, with 5 hours of sleep. Never felt more refreshed in my life. Use the brainwaves to your advantage.


    by dearlybird

    Very soothing, even for adults. I love this app!

  • Love it!!!

    by Jamo051

    This app is so great. The music is so soothing. I LOVE IT!!!

  • Kiddie Version

    by DavisHutchens

    Not for adults - go with Pure Sleep Premium if you are older than 9.

  • Helps a lot

    by Michellesomething

    You can customize your lullaby tone to your stress level with helps you sleep faster! A lot of songs are available! I LOVE THIS APP

  • Brilliant

    by Trent Burton

    I dont know what ages are considered as children, but this app works great for me! I usually use "Drifting to Dreamland", rain and/or waves, and Deep Sleep. It works best for me. Don't use Deep Sleep with you're iPod volume loud. It gives you headaches when you wake up. Thanks so much, Tesla!

  • The best sleep app yet!

    by JBL from NH

    Have been using Tesla apps for sleep almost every night for a year. This is by far the best!

  • A Brilliant Idea

    by ReaderRabid

    What a fabulous idea. Binaural beats and sounds to get kids sleeping. I love the 25 minute progressive sleep entrainment, long enough to get even the most active kids to settle down. And you can layer sounds so that you (or a precocious child) can create personalized soundscapes. You can choose a beautiful gentle music track, add an ambient nature track, a layer of interesting sound effects like birds or chimes, and of course, the entrainment beats. It's brilliant.


    by Fernblattt

    Looks like another winner! You don't have to be a kid to enjoy this app, Good Stuff!! These guys have some of the best and most enjoyable applications in the entire App Store. I recommend their other ambient music apps as well - they offer something for nearly every (relaxing) musical taste, and their "subliminal" tones really work at massaging your brain to help concentration or relaxation. They're tops in Customer Support too!!

  • This may be my favorite app

    by Lol-joy

    Usually to go to sleep I use the deep sleep with just waves or just rain. I like the music for other uses but for sleep they are too busy for my taste. I have every app that ambiscience makes so of course I wanted this one too. I like this music much better for going to sleep and then found out that there are sounds I can use with the lullaby music. To me that is the perfect combo! Now if you made an app that would increase my metabolism while encouraging me to love veggies, that would certainly replace this as my favorite app but until then this is number 1!!

  • Fun for the kid

    by Darkmac

    This charming app will be great for my son.

  • Brilliant

    by Leesar

    Relaxing and soothing, just as enjoyable whether you are a kid or adult this app will be sending me to sleep tonight .. Love this app and highly recommend

  • Another one!

    by Dogler

    Another homerun app! Not just for childern!

  • Can't save sounds

    by Scanit0

    Does not work.

  • Creepy pic

    by LauraGLACURH

    This app has the creepiest app pic on the App Store. Haven't even tried the app yet. End review.

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