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Blood Pressure Monitor - Family Lite turns your device into a personal blood pressure and weight health monitor. It comes with lifetime data visualization, statistics reporting, medication correlation, email import/export, built-in reminders and much more. This is an app with a lot of features.

Comprehensive data collection - have you ever wanted to have a single app to track all of your health and medical readings? This app is designed for you.

- Comprehensive reading input fields collection (upgrade may be necessary)
- Customizable input data form
- Simplified user interface
- Optimized keyboard input

Medication correlation - have you ever wanted to find out how your vital signs change according to different medication you take? How your blood pressure differs on two different arms? This app is designed to help you find out

- Both oral and injection types of medication tracking and correlation
- Left/right arm tracking and correlation for blood pressure measurement
- Body position tracking and correlation for blood pressure measurement
- Meal type tracking and correlation for glucose measurement (upgrade needed)
- More to come. Let us know what you need to correlate!

Data visualization – a chart is worth a thousand words. The graphical charts not only give you a visual trend of the vital signs, but also show warning signs (BP only). 

- All vital signs are graphically presented 
- No time limitation 
- Swipe to scroll chart to reveal more data history 
- Optimized chart drawing performance 

Email Import/Export – simple yet versatile email/export feature lets you communicate with your healthcare provider at a breeze.

- Multiple export formats (PDF, CSV, plain message) to choose from
- Selectable From/To date range
- Selectable vital sign category to export
- Charts included in emails and PDF files
- Flexible format recognition during import
- Friendly import instructions and feedback messages

Lots of other bells and whistles
- Dual mode history reading views, express for quick browsing and grouped for complete revisiting
- Built-in reminder, never miss a check up time and seamless integration with iOS 5 reminder app
- Multiple user accommodation, one app to track the whole family (upgrade needed)
- Adjustable noon time hour, making AM/PM more meaningful, even for “night owls”
- Adjustable warning threshold values (BP only)
- Dual units support, US and metric

Note: this app does not drive any medical measurement device. All inputs have to be entered.

Customer Reviews

  • Very good appl.

    by Heather256

    I've been using it far about 4-5 years and love to ease of use. I'm impressed.

  • Basic but useful app

    by Wintribear

    I've been using this for about 6 months. It's easy to enter data, nice that current date/time are auto-filled. I still have the basic version, need to update so I can add more than two meds and have more flexibility with the charts. Also like the option for adding comments. So far I've been exporting this by email, and it's been fine.

  • Easy and useful

    by April4you

    This app is easy to use. I logged data for my doctor to review. She found the presentation useful.

  • All you need.

    by Newbie #1

    Only thing missing is direct print. AND the .csv attachment is not in the email!!!

  • Excellent App!

    by Chevami

    Use it often to monitor my BP. Can use the info to create a spreadsheet for my doctor to review. This App delivers what it promises! Thank You : )

  • BP monitor

    by Rtmatt1

    BP Monitor has been a great tool for me .

  • Good app...does what it says, but...

    by SMZJAX

    It would be nice if you could password protect your information.

  • Excellent app missing only one thing

    by hzjpmp

    This is a great app for tracking your numbers. No crashes. Reporting is great. Just needs a cloud sync function either via Dropbox or iCloud so I can update on the go on my phone and have it show up on my iPad. That said, there is an import export function, but cloud sync would be less pain. Otherwise great job!

  • Great

    by hstef

    Tried a bunch and this is the easiest and had the best features. Deleted the others and kept this!!

  • Best BP tracking app I've found

    by Teresita13

    Love this, easy to use yet can track so much information. Also love the export option, for printing a log to show my doctor. Thank you!

  • B P Monitor

    by SD65tn

    Very easy to use. Great way to monitor BP over a period of time.

  • Kp

    by 1 ammo

    Good app. This app. Gives me what I was looking for. I am having some problem printing. But that is me I think.

  • Useful tool

    by Chocol@t€ |_0v3£

    Very helpful to keep daily track of BP and give my doctor a more accurate picture of my progress. I love the Graphs they make results easier to understand.

  • Love it!

    by JP0909

    Easy to use. Great device. Keep up the good work!

  • Great app easy to use

    by Dunkingrl

    Great way to track bp. Charts give you a great way to track trending bp rates. Would recommend it to anyone! Planning on bringing reports to my dr's office so she can see progress.

  • Awesome easy

    by Gator19762001

    I like simple, and this is just that, simple, easy and awesome! My Dr. Even approves of this app. It helps her see in a chart what's going on withy BP

  • B p monitor

    by W j p 7

    5 stars. great for checking b p

  • Good

    by Archastrel

    Nice app

  • Excellent app

    by Murphy Jane

    This app has been extremely helpful in monitoring my pressure and helping me be able to get healthier. I love it.

  • Great app!

    by SilverSTreakIpad

    Works exactly as expected and promotes keeping track of BP. Ads are not overly intrusive.

  • Garbage

    by Shorkun

    Doesn't do anything but keeps some manually entered info. Useless

  • Bummer: No Sync Across Devices

    by bradleybannon

    This app is good for logging BP & other data, but bad for not syncing across iOS devices. Even the $4.99, all-features version does not include syncing. That means you'll have to pick your iPhone or your iPad for all entries--or apparently engage in some really tedious process of exporting & importing data and doing file transfers over iTunes. If you own only one iOS device, I see nothing wrong with this app. If you own more than one and would like to have the flexibility to seamlessly go back & forth between the two to enter data, this is not the app for you. I made sure to selected a 2-star rating and to put this drawback in the subject line, because, although it’s mentioned in the text of some reviews, it’s usually later in the review and under a subject line that would not give you any notice of the problem.

  • Great app to track blood pressure

    by Consumer power awesome

    Everything you need to stay on track. I like that it has a reminder function as well as history and if you were taking medications at the time of your reading. I'd definitely recommend this.

  • Works well

    by Toad246

    Organizes pressures and weights logically. Easy for monitoring and watching trends. Very good product/app

  • Great App

    by LarryW52

    I have been using this app for about 4 months. Data entry is simple, and the graphs and charts give a quick review. I was able to export the data for my Dr and show him the graphs.

  • This app might save me!

    by BSL in DFW

    Really easy to use and enter data. Several presets and auto fill you can use. The charts are really cool use of the data. I can't wait to show my doc!

  • Awesome

    by LogansRun68

    After months of use, I'll say it works great and easy to use and analyze. Well designed.

  • Best of the bunch

    by Marchhare007

    Easy fast to use.

  • Works well

    by Markk1099

    Works well.

  • All you need.

    by Newbie #1

    Only thing missing is direct print.

  • Grat App,

    by CALadyDi

    Easy to use, easy to read and to track your progress It is so easy to track your progress

  • Great app

    by Spunky1234

    Easy to use.

  • So convenient

    by Sconelover

    Dr. wants a month long tally of bp readings. This app makes so easy to keep track of daily and then I can show it to her when I go. Really glad I found this app.

  • Perfect for my needs

    by Chris Biele

    This is a quick and easy way to record my readings. It remembers certain inputs so all you have to do is tap in the field and it populates it for you, like weight, measurement arm and standing / sitting. Sharing records with your doctor is super simple too.

  • Great ap

    by Oldcacyclist

    My cardiologist appreciates the additional data

  • Great little app

    by Mrfunn

    I have found this to be a great little app, it is simple and easy to use, with more features if you elect to use them

  • Great

    by captdeb

    Easy to use

  • Great!

    by Nitrbun

    Easy to use. Great way to track bp, show trends, etc.

  • Easy to use

    by StupidName88

    Very intuitive. Makes it easy to do something that I'd otherwise forget to do which is keep a good history

  • In a heartbeat!

    by Sister Amnesia

    That's how quickly I'd recommend this little app. Does exactly what it is supposed to do! Only thing that seems to be lacking is the ability to share the data between my devices (iPad & iPhone). Hopefully this will be available in future updates.

  • Very Useful

    by FreshDB

    Great app. A good set of features and easy to update. Also like that I can export the results for review by my medical professional.

  • Does what it says it will do

    by Jyoav

    No crashes easy input nice app!

  • Perfect app for me

    by Reofax

    I have both diabetes and high blood pressure that I am tracking, so this app was flexible enough to set it up so that I can track both in one place. Perfect.

  • Great except for unclear Excel interface

    by Dr. B K

    I love the flexible data entry and charting features. I have used this app for over one year to track blood pressure and show charts to my doctor. It is still not clear to me how I can get my data into usable form in an Excel spreadsheet: my only complaint.

  • Awesome app!

    by serenachao

    Does exactly what you expect. Wish data goes back further than a year though.

  • Good App

    by KnarlyKarly

    Good easy to use app. I've been using it for a year with no problems. Charts are nice. It has export to email capability, but no iCloud/Dropbox integration for automatic synchronization of your data. Would like to see that added as I just lost a month's worth of data because I forgot to export the data before resetting my iPad. My fault, but it would be nice to see the app save me from myself ;-) Also iCloud/Dropbox sync would enable me to get to and enter the data from my other devices.

  • Great app!

    by Theladylee

    I have been using this app for nearly two months now and haven't been disappointed at all. It's ease to use, remembers past information (so long as it stays the same) and reads well when one forwards the info to oneself. Thank you, app makers, for putting together something where my daily numbers can be stored in one place and easy to retrieve.

  • Great app for someone with CHF

    by StinkyPete105

    I am required to monitor my blood pressure, heart rate and weight daily. I am able to watch for trends in my health and share this information with my physician. He has adjusted my medications based on this data in the past.

  • Great app.

    by Bananam64

    Helped give my doctor a clearer picture.

  • It does a great job

    by Guairdean

    It's easy to use and being able to export the results in multiple formats is a big plus.

  • Easy to use

    by AngeloPM92


  • Impress your docotr

    by R Smoler

    My doctor was very impressed with how organized I was when I presented my blood pressure readings with this app. Easy to use, having this tool gives me the ability to track my pressure without a fuss. Very practical!

  • Wonder App

    by Yacht_guy

    Wonder App

  • So Far So Good.

    by Stepwild

    Just got this a few days ago. Tracking my wife's BP. Seems to work fine. Nice features.

  • Love this App

    by Music saved my life 103

    I've started having some heart issues. This app really helps me document my progress. Meds r being changed, my condition changes. Being able to print out my vitals helps my doctor & I evaluate my progress. Yes, I'm a hard to please RN & I this meets my need. Only suggestion, make it able to document more than one medication.

  • Fantastic

    by Kevsr57

    Super easy to use and a great way to keep track of your BP

  • Note field BROKEN

    by pianonurse

    The note field is broken. When you tap the note field to enter a note, you can't get rid of the keyboard, can't save the note (which, if it worked, would presumably close the note field), and neither does the Cancel button work. All you can do is force-close the app and relaunch. I downloaded this app because your previous app (BP Monitor HD) has the same problem! Fix and I'll rate it higher.

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