Dream Meanings Medical App Review (iOS, Free)

  • Category: Medical
  • Publisher: Stroika
  • Updated: Jan, 22 2010
  • Version: 1.0
  • Size: 9.28 MB

Languages: English

Seller: William Wray

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Dream Meanings - a visual directory of dreams and interpretations.

Free* - Unlock ALL of the Dreams with ONE in-app purchase.

What is your subconscious trying to tell you?

Identifying and revealing dreams from the common to the peculiar. What do they mean? Where do they come from?

Lost, Trapped, Falling, Drowning, Being Chased, Lateness, Nudity, Exams, Infidelity, Funerals, Gambling, Fire, Floods, Police, Escape, Monsters, Eating, Illness, Teeth, Heaven, Hell, Kings, Queens, Beards, Volcano, Journeys, Zoo, Lion, Machinery, Clowns, Accidents, Auditions, Climbing, Corridors, Kiss, Music, Lighthouse, Robots, Racing, Trees, Youth... and many more!

Flick through or search by index. Unlock the entire pack with a single in-app purchase.

Sweet Dreams!

Customer Reviews

  • Simply amazing.

    by mseabass

    The app isn't very good, but the app icon deserves 5 stars on its own - It's a photo of my face. 5 stars

  • its ok i guess

    by Nadia 876

    it explaned my ronald mcdonald dream.

  • I find it useful

    by Nancy Taylor32

    Happy with what I get here for free

  • Just read this

    by brittonf

    Hey everybody this app has kinda helped me. Even though there's only like 4 tiles the trapped one has helped me. See I know it's not true but it works for me. For me there are two roads, the good one and the bad one I won't tell them but i took the good one last week. I used to have those dreams a lot but not anymore. The reason I rated it  is because it's just a commercial if you guys just add a lot of tiles take some off you could probably make money. Because if you take some off you could make separate packs for $0.99 each to add on to the free version. Once you do this I will make my review  btw I'm 14

  • nervous dream

    by Dancing_in_Color

    i had a REALLY disturbing dream, but does anyone know what it means when u dream that u got married against ur will?

  • No.

    by Kayla Scholl


  • Horrible no stars

    by Ryanb3120

    This app along with every other app from this developer is all info from wikipedia and this app links straight to wikipedia, and you even have to pay to unlock all the different facts with in-app purchases. Do yourself a favor and just google it.

  • Stupid!

    by :/:;()$&@".,?!'.,?!'

    Very bad!!!!!! How stupid!

  • Dumb

    by Samstim0

    You have to buy everything. I would give it no stars if I could!

  • Dumb!

    by Ashton34567

    This was stupid! Don't download this app! U have to buy it to see ur dream meanings.... Don't list it as FREE if it ain't! If I could rate zero stars I would

  • Gay!!

    by Felipedoroteo

    How do u use this dam app!!!!!!

  • GAY

    by 68 almost

    You have to buy it or else you only see 2 or 3 meanings

  • Horrible!!

    by Lna086

    Waist of time & money! Wish I could punch this person who made this app!

  • Freaking lame!!!

    by Bobcandyland123

    It says it's free them to use it u have to pay. Sooo stupid. I hate apps that do that :(

  • Dont bother

    by Vjkimmel

    I bought the full version and it doesn't have much more than the free one. Thankfully I used a gift card to purchase so I didn't waste my own $ on it.

  • Delete.

    by Caitlinn27

    I got it thinking that maybe I could figure out half of my dang dreams. But, you have to pay 99 cents? HA. Nooo. Deleting it. Don't even waste your time.

  • Horrible

    by Aamm:)!!!!!!!!!!

    U have to pay 99 cents in order to unlock your dream. It's pointless that's it's "free" don't waste your time

  • Not good

    by Kcmarkland

    Its a peice of sh!t. U can't really look at them all. It may seem interesting but it doesn't work.

  • Stupid!

    by Bigblackmagic

    You only get 5 choices to choose from! It's so stupid!don't get it waste of time and space!

  • Misleading

    by DJs_gurl

    Sure it's a free app, but if u actually want to INTERPRET your dream, u have to pay $0.99 each time. Deleting app.

  • Just stupid

    by Whitekong5

    This is by far the dumbest thing

  • Wasted

    by Kayley tinkler

    Totally wasted my time doing this. Don't get it. Seriously

  • Dreadful!

    by Lantey

    Total waste of time!

  • 0 stars

    by Cheesytwinkie123

    Stupid piece of crap don't buy

  • Rip off!

    by Ach1528

    Don't waste you phone battery downloading this teazy smeazy Ap 0 stars

  • Negative Stars!!!

    by Speakin-da-truth

    Horrible app!! Complete waste of effort, time, and space. Don't download!

  • Wow

    by Hi mr sanchez

    This. Was. Awful! It was interestingish to read some of these, but, come on! There are like 30 choices for dreams but you only get maybe five!! Do NOT download this!!!

  • Garbage

    by Pleasepickanickname

    This is not a medical app. It's a garbage app. It is devoid of any useful content. What's worse, the majority of the dreams are not accessible in this free version. Furthermore, it is riddled with typos and grammatical errors. I regret downloading it and helping this guy's rank on the list, because it is exactly these types of apps that clutter the store, insult people's intelligence, and spur interest in frivolity.

  • Don't download

    by Matthew Androsky

    It says free but when you download it you have to buy the pack to do anything with the app.

  • Stupid!!

    by shateeker

    I got the app and it was useless! I instantly deleted it! A waste of memory not to mention it's not really free! Don't get it!!

  • Useless!

    by Jennifer Pellegrini

    Do not get this app. It is a waste of time. It isn't free- you have to buy practically everything on it! And why is the app pic a pic of a dude that looks like he's choking in the bath? Seriously? Don't get this app.

  • 

    by pqwe

    Why do they even have it for free if u have to buy this crap. Uuhhhh I'm going to go vomitttt!!

  • Horrible!!!!!

    by Coolb4856

    I hate this so much that I HAD to delete it!!!!!

  • Joke

    by Sopherton Tanky

    This app is for little girls ages 6-12.

  • Zero stars.

    by amanda poe

    You'd have to buy everything. Pick a diff app or google it more easily.

  • Lame

    by 111Ray111


  • Lame

    by Mr. Rademacher

    Make no sence at all


    by Busy Lady Baca

    Well the only section that wasn't locked without necessary purchase was "Volcano"... Umm, yeah. Well I never dreamt of a volcano, don't think I will, so this was definitely an instant delete.

  • Doesn't load

    by Treasure Keeper

    Not a good app and won't load worth crap don't waste your time good thing it was free

  • Won't load.

    by Purplefuzzbal

    Won't load!! OmG wat is wrong with this app?! DELETING IT!!

  • Don't waste your money

    by CY1901

    Totally useless and predictable. Can't search. Total waste of $$$

  • Ok no

    by Claire97

    Just no...it's just boring! I mean if u hate clowns or whatever if corse ur having those dreams because u hat clowns...DUH

  • Dosen't work!!!

    by airq12

    As soon as I loaded it. I deleteted it. This app stinks!!!!

  • I wanted to give this a chance

    by appreviewman

    I loaded it and instantly wanted to delete it.

  • ?? No point??

    by wonquick

    This is a waste of time. it just shows pictures! i dont even think i should give it 1 star.

  • If I could give 0 stars I would

    by Michelle bren

    Sh!t app!!!! Don't waste your time!!

  • Really. . .

    by Not really worth the time

    Stupid. Stupid. Stupid.

  • Sooo yea.

    by Che Che07

    Kinda love it but what I love even betta is that I got it for free becuz I went to "Check Points" in the app store and download it and put in the bonus code "missie16" and got a freakn free $15 giftcard!. Everybody do it cuz diz apps are why to expense.!.DO IT!

  • Cr-app!

    by Dr.Polly

    This is one of the best examples of a cr-app!!! 1 star is way too many to give this app. Wish there was a way of giving negative ratings for apps.

  • Don't waste your time

    by Nubian26

    This app is a piece of (burning) it's not free!

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