Dream Interpreter Medical App Review (iOS, Free)

  • Category: Medical
  • Publisher: Stroika
  • Updated: Jul, 29 2010
  • Version: 1.0
  • Size: 16.35 MB

Languages: English

Seller: William Wray

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1700 Ratings
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1739 Ratings


Make an appointment with the Dream Interpreter. Find out the meanings to your dreams and nightmares.

We reveal so much about our inner thoughts and feelings when we are sleeping. What is your subconscious trying to tell you?

This app contains a huge number of dream meanings categorized by their overriding theme. Some dreams and nightmares might contain several elements that overlap.

Tip: Make a note of your dream as soon as you wake up. Try and recall every detail whilst you can and write it down. You'll be amazed by the patterns you'll eventually see.

Free access to many dream meanings - unlock ALL content via just ONE in-app purchase.

Content does not require connectivity.

Customer Reviews

  • Tried it and impressed with the results!

    by Dinchikker

    Just recently installed it on my new device it works amazingly i dont know what other opinions about this one but recently i had a dream about that something that i dont remember but what i remembered after awaking is i'm crying in sleep after trying this one i had suprise with the results of my dream see everybody had their view but i like this one well worth atleast for me!

  • Terrible

    by Angiek523

    Don't waste your time downloading...it's the worst app EVER!!! I was forced to give it at least one star but it's not even worth that!!!

  • A Sham

    by Ravenone76

    Completely bogus.

  • Wasting your time

    by Kelseerox

    I didn't like it at all, it barely had anything and was a total waste of time, no offense to the creator of this app, but it stinks, if you want a GOOD dream app, check out idream. It is actually worth your time, and you can get it for free. This is worthless.

  • Waste of time.

    by Lala<3Unicorn<3

    What's the point of this?

  • Ummm ??

    by Leila Morgan

    Pointless don't waste your time downloading this.....

  • Terrible!

    by Skilzbeatu

    It only has weird pictures, it's just a slideshow of them! No interpretations

  • O.o

    by (Tear)

    Why? ... (mislead)

  • Why?

    by Freelyuniqe

    Why? Is all I have to say just Why.

  • Terrible.

    by Cheechmo

    Absolutely worthless

  • This app is worthless.

    by Cougarbandman

    This app is completely worthless. DON'T waste your time downloading it! 1 star just because I have to rate it.

  • Useless as hell

    by dj092768

    Doesn't give any information just shows some really bad pics

  • Dream Interpreter App

    by Trexmae

    This app is useless. Doesn't do ANYTHING.

  • Stupid app

    by Aserna33

    This is garbage

  • Useless

    by Msdolce

    It doesn't show any meanings. Only pictures.

  • More like Nightmare

    by Chaser1334

    This app is terrible. I would suggest to download another dream app. This one is hard to use and hard to understand.

  • No stars

    by LatristeMorena

    I've should of read the reviews before downloading this nonsense app...

  • The worst...

    by producer1

    App I've ever downloaded. Dont waste your time - you will delete it within 10 seconds of realizing that it's worthless.

  • Dissatisfied

    by Samholley

    Downloading his app was a waste of my time. It was pointless and had noticing to offer.

  • Pointless.

    by La_schlager

    This app has nothing to offer. It's put together very poorly. They just want you to buy the full app.

  • Can you say...

    by Moschz


  • C-r-a-p

    by I love God56

    The pics are blurred and I cannot read one without having to click on it many times.DELETE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • DUMB

    by Mikaela Rae

    This app is stupid! All it does is show you obscure pictures of random things! Make the meanings free!

  • Doesn't work!

    by Cynja111

    All you can do is look at lame blurred up pictures doesn't tell you any meanings!

  • Amazing!!!!!

    by Trav_005

    Amazingly retarded that is. I should of read the reviews before downloading. It would of been better as a wallpaper app.

  • Omg!!!

    by Pwnographyz123

    WASTE OF TIME!!!!!!

  • Not easy to use

    by Otnip

    The interface is very very sloppy. You can't even select the feature of your dream without trying several times. I was only able to see about 2 or 3 before it started throwing me some message about purchasing something. I didn't expect anything groundbreaking, but this thing really shouldn't have even been released by the developers.

  • Noooo!

    by Siesie716

    This app is horrible. It won't even interpret your dreams. Why in the world is this four plus? For pete's sake it's got the h word in it. This is nothing but garbage, so I hope oscar likes it. (sesame street) I wouldn't have even tapped a star but you have to

  • Bad. Just bad.

    by the chick with the face

    don't get this just don't 

  • Worst app

    by Lisa1mona

    Don't get this it literally don't tell you anything about your dreams this is a waste...!!!!

  • Allie

    by Luluwv57

    Pointless. Waste of time. Trash it!

  • Yum

    by Trash compactor

    I love garbage apps. This app made me full because it's complete garbage.

  • Just a bunch of pictures

    by Alanb88


  • Booo

    by Deedee9023

    Waste of app!!!

  • Horrible

    by Megadeana

    It's not even what it claims to be! It's a huge waste!

  • DUMB!

    by Haeley101

    Don't waste your time. SERIOUSLY.

  • Worst app ever!!!

    by Daja08

    It's a wast of time!!! The only thing that appears on the screen are pics and NO EXPLANATION!! They need to delete it all together!

  • Horrible

    by Lupohdd

    Very bad doesn't load, the pictures just fly across my screen

  • SUCKS

    by KIDJAY

    Wish I could delete this app out of the app store. Worst app ever

  • Worst ap ever

    by Becelaine

    So stupid. Do not download...waste of time. Free my a**

  • Really useless

    by Absolutely Fabulous123

    Really useless. Very dull

  • Horrible and not free

    by Hammy!=]

    Horrible.. Do not buy this or the deluxe.

  • Stupid!!!!

    by sillysallythatgirl

    Dont waste your time!!!!

  • Do not download

    by Mzz. Tasha

    Waste of time

  • Ya momma!

    by Colby Brown

    Simply retarded

  • What a waste of my time!!

    by Seahorse714


  • I wish it was possible to give 0 stars

    by magic-mrgn

    In the description of the free app it shows explanations but when you download it it just shows pictures and asks you to pay for explanations. This is like false advertising. And that's like illegal. Why does this app exist? DONT GET THIS APP!

  • Garbage

    by Asdfqweof

    It's not free. You can see the meaning for like 3 dreams! 

  • crappy, fake, stupid.

    by jdudbjsirhdjosb

    ok in the ads, it gave an interpretation to show you what it does, which i get... but what i DONT get is that it doesnt give you an interpretation in the actual app... just weird pictures and notes telling you to get the full version. blah.

  • it isnt free

    by lfaa

    its never free

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