Body Tricks Medical App Review (iOS, Free)

  • Category: Medical
  • Publisher: Stroika
  • Updated: Aug, 24 2010
  • Version: 1.1
  • Size: 2.23 MB

Languages: English

Seller: William Wray

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Body tricks for every body. A remarkable collection of tricks that your body can play on you… and tricks that you can play on your body. Feel the impossible. Beat your own senses. Manipulate your body to your advantage.

*Free - A selection of the body tricks are free. Unlock ALL of the remaining tricks with ONE in-app purchase.

Amaze your friends with tricks including:

Experience Levitation, Don't Feel Pain, Experience Free Fall, Double your sense of touch, Beat Toothache, Stop The World Spinning, Get super-hearing, Stop Heartburn, Convert a Sneeze, Still Thee Beating Heart, Prevent Short-Sightedness, Unstitch yourself, Discombobulate your body, Wake the Dead, X-Ray vision, Magnetic Arms, Improve your memory, Get Super-Strength, Your Body - A Clock, The Paralysed Finger, Involuntary Kick, Know Your Nails, Clear Your Blocked Nose, Your Body - A Measuring Tool, Shorten Your Arms, Thaw Your Brain and more!


Icon Credit: MrVJTod at flickr

Customer Reviews

  • Really good

    by Banana Anna323

    It's a great app and has helped me a lot. You goes are worrying over 99 cents!!!! Are you that cheap?

  • by Monste_thecool12(OnlineForPs3)

    Good please put more ticks ;)

  • Ummmmmmmmmmmmm

    by ChocolateBacon:)

    I lik it but it should b free

  • Good

    by EShrooms127

    Why is everybody whining about having to pay. It's only .99 cents. god

  • Read the picture in the app decription

    by russell fitzgerald

    Its the best one!!!!!!!

  • Great

    by Aviationatic.

    This is nice. Tested all of them and they all work. Really cool things!!! WORTH .99!

  • Ok wish waz free helped me alot

    by Ambertail

    At the time my nose was running and that trick worked so well about five minites later cleared up! Though i wish it had been all free good for what it was.

  • Cool app

    by jomama8888

    There are some pretty cool stuff in here worth the .99

  • cool!

    by jackie-el

    the "experience free fall" trick actually worked. it was so weird. it felt like my feet were going through the floor!

  • Great

    by Garrett Heatherly

    I got the free version of this app at first and everything was great. It would only let you use like four unless you bought the free version. So I got the free version and it is awesome! I have no idea what everybody else is talking about. I highly recomend this app for anybody that thinks that body tricks are cool.

  • tricks

    by ssamant

    It s remarcable collection of body tricks, it is really fun

  • Body Tricks

    by Jenna.Jent

    Seems ok...but you shouldn't have to pay for that...the tricks are pretty neat though.

  • Good app

    by Fsxkid

    Fun and I purchased! I would give it 5 if it had in app pictures and videos because some of the tricks were confusing to understand. Worth 99 cens

  • terrible

    by nic 174

    you have to pay for the full version to get anything good

  • Horrible

    by NickLovesEmma<3

    Stupid waste of Mbs

  • Horrible

    by Rainbowsarecolorful

    Only get 4 for free and they are all just common sense. I wouldn't even pay a penny for it. :(

  • Should be free

    by JuStInbiebbaaa

    It's ok , but before buying the full version ( 99 cents ) you can only do like 4 tricks ? It should be free !

  • Shut up


    You shouldn't have to pay that's why

  • Stupid!Stupid!Stupid!

    by WooWoo#2

    STUPID!STUPID!STUPID! 0 STARS!!! It is horrible!!!U get the game FREE but when u get it all installed u have to pay for each body trick this app is the thing I have ever had I like baby dolls better than this and I HATE baby dolls!!DO NOT GET THIS STUPID HORRIBLE app NOT WORTH IT!!!

  • Garbage

    by tman71594

    Have to pay inside the app for more junk

  • Absolute garbage

    by Telethon

    Absolutely useless. The so-called tricks are asinine and more often than not simply common sense. A complete waste of time, and not in the good "I need a time killer" way.

  • total useless and scam!

    by Ralph Kurth

    forget this!

  • Scam!

    by shoutformadi

    It really isn't free!

  • Why?

    by Aliciamicia

    Why would you have to pay? Shouldn't the whole app be free if it's free to purchase it? Well I dont understand. They only give the suckish ones free. That's a little cheap. I don't recommend buying any of this. You can just go on the Internet and look it up for free.


    by Milky milkshake2


  • Misleading advertisement

    by ~kat

    You say in the ad "unlock all with one in ap purchase" that's not true. Also... To everyone... Google "body tricks" And you can find all this stuff for free. Save your money.

  • Wants you to buy more

    by Ska8r411!!!

    It only gives access to about 5 or 6 body tricks out of at least 30. Don't waste your time

  • No good

    by Yogini Jenn

    Hard to understand and only lets you view a few tricks, boring.

  • Ew!!

    by Afrigalagaliga

    I saw the disgusting picture more blocked nose and I threw up!!! Horrible app also... It only let me read 2

  • It's ok

    by Hhhjujvnfu

    It crashes a lot and a lot of it is very hard to understand example Push the palms of your hands against the door frame (like your raising your hand) to experience levitation

  • Horrible

    by Rossrams r cool

    Do not ever get the app it stinks so bad it makes me feel bad hat they even tried to make this stuff

  • 

    by QT.luvs.u

     it is a disaster

  • Horrible

    by Ravyn D

    Nothing good or worth knowing don't buy it kay? No good shall come to you!

  • Trick

    by Shrink rabbit

    They try to trick you into buying this app very dumb

  • -.-

    by Sarah Glover

    All they want is foe you to purchase it

  • Dont bother

    by cwulf4

    They just want you to buy

  • Boo

    by eagleman1101

    Very pointless.

  • Who's Idea Was This?

    by BabyG25

    Seriously? This Is The Mist Retarded App I've Seen So Far. You Can't See/Read Most Of Them Unless You Pay, And The Ones You Could See Are Common Sense! Example: If Your Leg Falls Asleep, Walk Around! Really? Seriously? And If My Arm Falls Asleep And I Keep Shaking It/Moving It, Will That Work? (It Actually Tells You That Too) Lol Bottom Line: Please Don't Waste Your Time!

  • Worst app ever

    by Swiftie luv13

    I got to look at 2 then it crashed

  • Poop

    by Anthonie


  • Worst

    by Nikotin^

    Worst app ever

  • Misleading

    by McLovin1095

    I only got to look at two of them before I would have had to pay... But they did work

  • Rip-off

    by Classiccatch

    You get about two free things before they ask you to pay, and it offers such great advice as "when you foot's asleep, walk around."

  • Horrible!!!!!

    by Mystery man 84

    U have to pay!?!?!?!?!?!

  • BS

    by javiert30

    You can see some of them, the rest, you got to pay to see them.

  • horrible

    by Dee'n'Jayy

    not free! you shouldn't have to pay to see the rest

  • Awful!

    by Jimbobconordanabbott

    Huge waste of time! Dont even bother. Seriously, keep moving.

  • Bad

    by Xbrandonxwagsx

    The titles are misleading like super hearing is just one ear hears music better and wake the dead say when your feet fall asleep get up and walk. Oh really I didn't know that

  • I installed just to ask

    by Ganon713

    I am called @man, how did you do that on an iPhone/iPad? Just.... Just amazing...... The app is horrible though...

  • Waste of time

    by ajulio

    Don't download. This app is a waste of time. There're very few things you can do without paying.

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