Body Mod Ideas Medical App Review (iOS, Free)

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  • Publisher: Stroika
  • Updated: Aug, 18 2010
  • Version: 1.0
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Languages: English

Seller: William Wray

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Directory of all body modifications including piercings, implants, branding, scarification, shaping and much much more.

Learn about the most extreme body modifications - the history, culture, options, safety, advice, best-practice, materials and professionals. Find a new adornment to add to your tats or consider the options before getting a new piercing.

With lots of crazy ideas and beautiful new modifications to try. This app is not for the faint-hearted! Whether you want to know about tongue splitting, testicular implants, nipple piercing, eyeball tattooing, genital beading, human branding or extraocular implants, it’s all covered in detail in Body Mod Ideas.

If you’re into body modification, there’s definitely something for you in here. Find adornments that will improve your sexual experiences or check out gorgeous and unusual extreme tats. Browse through ideas and choose your next extreme body work.

Content does not require connectivity.

Some additional functionality is only available over WiFi and not cellular networks.

Free access to many extreme body modifications - unlock ALL content via just ONE in-app purchase.

Please double tap app image thumbnails to view full size.

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Customer Reviews

  • Utter crap

    by x Makeup Addict x

    I was totally excited about this app, downloaded it, and it's just pointless. I deleted it within 30 seconds

  • Stupid as hell

    by beccatheegg

    This app is pointless

  • Did you forget something?

    by Baradon

    Like, oh I don't know, pictures, info, anything but the name?

  • Stupid

    by Dgjfgsvkhddt

    This is worthless and should be deleted

  • 15 yrs professional piercer

    by Judy dervish

    All I have to say is gas chamber for this app ! I think the idea was great but something went wrong . Maybe it was censorship . I had hoped for better . Anyone wanna get with me and do a real app ?

  • Dont even waste your time.

    by LadyOperaGhost

    So stupid.

  • Useless abstract graphics

    by Velvet Dryad

    No info. Worthless.

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