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-Native support for iPads!

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Before you take the Emergency Medical Technicians Exam, make sure you study with EMT! The more than 1,000 flashcards will help you quickly review and prepare for the exam. Study on the train, bus or during your breaks, anywhere you and your iDevice are. Click “...More” to learn why you should download this App today!

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“This app is just what I was looking in my EMT exam preparation. Great content and very easy to use. Thanks!!”
- Josh Zeger

“The perfect review for EMTs. Works just as good as flashcards.”
– Stephen Brockington II

You’ve got your Emergency Medical Technicians Exam coming up and you’re a little nervous. Things have been so hectic, your schedule is grueling – when on earth are you going to study for that certification exam?

Relax, EMT is here to help. With more than 1,000 review flashcards, you can brush up on what you need to know, anytime of the day or night. Anywhere you and your iDevice are, EMT is there with you. You can take advantage of those few minutes between classes, the commute ride, or work breaks to prepare for your big exam.

These flashcards have been created by experienced EMT personnel, so you know the content is pertinent to your goal. Simply use the cards to drill the information into your head and memory. Before you know it, you’ll be rattling off the answers like a pro.

Inside the EMT app, you’ll be put through your paces in pharmacology, patient assessment, medical facts you need to know, and abbreviations used in the industry. You’ll also get plenty of practice questions to help you prepare, along with plenty more study tools not mentioned here. In other words, everything you need to pass your certification is contained in this one application. Cool, right?

Check out some of the features you get in EMT:
* Developed by experienced EMT personnel
* Comprehensive review covering every subject you need to pass the exam
* Allows students to study on the go
* Create and store your own personalized flashcards
* Elegant and intuitive interface
* Supports portrait and landscape mode
* Compatible with iPhone and iPod touch

If you’re studying for your Emergency Medical Technicians exam, you need this app! You’ve got nothing to lose. However, you have your certification to gain.

Download EMT right now and make your study life easier by far.

Good luck on your exam!

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Customer Reviews

  • Emt

    by fishercircle high school,ks

    Very helpful for the emt class. Highly recommend!!!!!

  • Average

    by Pie= 3.14159265 and so on

    I like the fact that I can create my own flash cards. Moving through the cards could be less cumbersome. There are better apps

  • Excellent

    by Daniel Dempsey

    I have over 19 years of service and this application is excellent.

  • Emt basic

    by Zanderbug

    Love it just like the test and exactly what I have been looking for.

  • Excellent

    by EMT2be

    Seems fairly extensive and to be a useful resource.

  • Good review!

    by angie madsen

    Makes it really easy to study!

  • Comment

    by Di1017

    I love this app!

  • Lots of fun

    by Anderdough

    Lots of fun and studying is really easy now.

  • Out of scope for emtb

    by Busypanther

    I just bought this app hoping this would be a way to get back to the subject matter after being cold for 6 months after my emtb training. Disappointed to see much of the content out of scop for emtb. So I m not sure i can trust this app for passing EMTB

  • Cool

    by BloodWulfe82

    The ONLY THING that would make this a better app for an aspiring EMT is if you could shuffle the flash cards! (unless ofcourse you can and I just haven't figured that part out yet! In that case, I give it perfect scores!!!)

  • Quality

    by Viall78

    This app is pretty good and easy to use on the go. Some info isn't in my Emt book or doesn't match but good for quick reviews.

  • E M T

    by Daddioone

    great certification reference!

  • :)


    Great stuff.

  • Ok

    by Gitmo-301

    Not too bad, have to change a few cards but worth the buy.

  • Great app

    by Berreljack

    As a future emt I like it because I can add more information.

  • Pretty good

    by Lusty bacon

    Pretty helpful for studying for the national registry. Some information doesn't necessarily pertain to EMTs or is redundant but still pretty good.

  • As a future EMT

    by Trever'sWife

    I love this app

  • Emt

    by Big papa shark hunter

    Must have coming from an emt and firefighter great app

  • Very good

    by Dashkendar

    It works fine for my EMT class

  • Wonderful!!

    by KimmiiCroft

    I'm taking the classes now and it is exactly everything I'm learning from the book. It's a must have for future EMTs!!

  • Needs to be beefed up

    by frizzed

    Looking for an app to help pass the EMT board exams, assessments portion is inadequate.

  • Paramedic App is much better.

    by imjayrizzle

    Waste of money. Poorly designed.

  • Needs 2 be better!

    by Professor Charles Xavier

    Your Q/A set up should be structured in the same way the exam is. Medical Cardiology QB/GYN Trauma Airway/Breathing The way you have it set up is useless, and a waste of money. Will update stars once fixed

  • Wonderful!

    by AlexChen254

    This app is so useful for my studies. Great on the go!

  • Wow this app rocks!

    by Dillboy1972

    Go Team!

  • Excellent app!!!!

    by jayhawk.medic

    This is a great app. I will suggest this to my current and future students!!! I love how you can edit the current cards and make your own cards up. You can even share them with others. Heck of a deal for 99 cents! Well worth it current/future EMTs, EMT-Is and Paramedics (yes even Paramedics should get this app! One you review over BLS?s and can add your own ALS questions!) kudos!!!!

  • Very useful!

    by Dr Jmy

    Great app, easy to use. Good for quick reviews!

  • Nice app

    by Jeannie L


  • Great review tool!

    by States99

    The perfect review for EMTs. Works just as good as flashcards.

  • Just what I was looking for

    by Deal Grubber

    This app is just what I was looking in my EMT exam preparation. Great content and very easy to use. Thanks!!

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