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The ACSM CPT Exam Review is a flashcard review app for the CPT exam - with over 350 detailed flashcards to help you prepare. Our app allows you to study anywhere you want, wherever you can bring your iphone/ipod/ipad.

Here are some exciting features about our app:

✔ Comprehensive review that covers every subject you need to pass the exam
✔ Allows students to create and store your own personalized flashcards
✔ Easy-to-use touchscreen interface
✔ Supports portrait and landscape mode when viewing flashcards
✔ Compatible with Iphone and Ipod touch

Below are some included topics for this app:

✔ Physiology
✔ Exercise
✔ Health
✔ Abbreviations
✔ Risk Factors

Download the ACSM CPT Exam Review app today and get ready to do great on the test!

Customer Reviews

  • Acsm

    by Bonerepair

    It has been very helpful. Covers several areas

  • Excellent App

    by colinthegr8

    This app does exactly what it intends to: provides a succinct overview of many essential ideas and factoids covered by the ACSM cPT exam. The review flashcards are broken down in to five categories: Physiology, Health, Exercise, Abbreviations, and Risk Factors. Each does an excellent job of giving a survey of information. These are the core facts from which a test taker should draw on when choosing test answers, and although these cards don't replace study, I would say they are an essential part of review.

  • Basic but usefull

    by sportyangel7

    A simple collection of note cards, but very handy and convenient as a study aid. Would love to see a more inspiring format.

  • Ok

    by bonkrz

    It is ok. Not worth the money. Wording is horrible

  • Nicely done!

    by UofAMoose

    Great study material. Simple and straight forward.

  • Ehh okay

    by Coreynord1990

    It helps review good items for knowledge purposes not exactly a lot of things that r on the exam. I've taken the exam and about to take it again but google helped more there a lot of reviews off google that people have put together , use this but also use google ;)

  • Easy to use

    by Cravin'couture

    Straight forward and easy to use. No bugs. Good to use anywhere and on the go


    by Anderdough

    ACSM exam app is useful kit for passing the exam.

  • Awesome

    by The1BLKGuy

    I luv it just wish u could shuffle the deck, other than that it's helped me to gather the info much quicker and can therefore take the exam sooner!

  • Review

    by Amy awesome 322

    These are a great way to study on the go! When I find myself with a few minutes to burn this is a great way to use the time.

  • ACSM Flash Cards

    by Eahall

    This is great! The flash cards have the same information given in the workshop study guide, and it's a quick easy way to do some studding.

  • Great!

    by AngieROCKS1

    Awesome! This app will help me take up nine weeks of not paying attention in my personal training course

  • Awesome

    by Sj sharkssssss

    Well worth it for some quick review studying

  • Great information.

    by Bchapmond

    Little more in depth than my recommended ACSM study material, however, knowledge is power. Great app.

  • Wish there was more than just flash cards,

    by Amb*12

    and a way to mark ones you should go over again, but then information is right out d the ACSM CPT study guide!! Great info. Very useful.

  • Ms

    by Kschnoor

    Easy to use and it covers a lot of good information.

  • Its ok

    by Guywithaniphoneinmt

    Could have been better than flash cards.

  • A waste of money

    by Vtnutritionist

    Poorly designed flash cards - no way to bookmark or mark ones you don't know. For risk factors, flash card just has definition of term "risk factor". Useless.

  • Awful

    by Dtcguy

    I can't believe I wasted money on this thing. More than half the questions are ill worded and ultra specific. Don't buy

  • Not worth it

    by Robert Pulliam jr

    Not worth the money at all. It teaches nothing and is worded horrible.

  • It doesn't work....non functioning. Messed up.

    by Sportlee

    Screwed up ..won't work.

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