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Simplify your process, improve accuracy, and increase your billing. **FREE FOR A LIMITED TIME** See EMCodingApp.com for more about how to improve your billing.

"If your salary is dependent on how well you bill and code, this application is worth tens of thousands of dollars a year to your bottom line." - From a review of E/M Coding in The Happy Hospitalist - http://bit.ly/aHVOhF

Whether you are learning E/M Coding (Evaluation and Management Coding) for the first time or are looking for a tool to do your billing faster, E/M Coding App can help. It is, quite simply, the clearest and best designed E&M coding tool available.

If you manage a group of doctors, E/M Coding App is the best way to teach accurate coding and to improve your billing.

"I developed this app to improve my own E/M Coding and to help other doctors learn to code effectively."
- Dr. Benjamin Wertheimer, MD, creator of the E/M Coding App

Customer Reviews

  • Excellent APP for Basic Inpatient Coding


    As a family doctor, I do both outpatient and inpatient medicine. I have outpatient coding down pat. But inpatient coding has always been a mystery. This app makes it easy and understandable! Wow! Now I can code the 6 basic inpatient codes—99221, 99222, 99223, 99231, 22232, and 99233—accurately 100% of the time! It would be great if the application also included a decision tree for observation patients. But the good news is that these codes will cover about 75% of the work that I do! Thanks!

  • Excellent basic hospital coding app

    by Hospitalist MD

    Just has admit and followup codes, but does an excellent job walking you through the documentation requirements.

  • Good app needs outpatient code support

    by Muktar

    Excellent app for e/m coding of hospital care. Needs to add the billing codes for both new and established office visits, and new and established office and inpatient consults please. Once this is done would be very excellent 5 star app.

  • Incredibly helpful!

    by driveit

    By far the best coding app out there. Very clear and easy to use-- makes billing *much* simpler for me. As the Happy Hospitalist said in his review: "In less than a week, I have billed at least 10 patients at a level three hospital follow up that I otherwise would not have done so based entirely on the bedside reminders placed in this iPhone E&M coding application."

  • Wrong Codes

    by Phyllis Dobberstein

    How can you be taken seriously when your codes are all wrong? E/M codes start with 99xxx.

  • Should have said inpatient only.

    by thanx4themusic

    I am outpatient doc. Wasted $

  • Only for inpatient coding!!

    by Fpdocaddict

    Seems ok for inpatient but the info gave no details about inpt only coding. Worthless for my outpatient only practice!

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