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American Baby magazine and Sevenlogics Inc. bring you Baby Nursing, the easy-to-use app that helps you track your baby’s nursing progress, growth, diaper changes, doctor’s visits, and more. Just some of what you’ll get in this FREE app:

- Track your nursing progress in real time with our easy-to-use timer.

- See detailed and useful info on your nursing progress: most recent nursing, daily averages, and cumulative totals. We even help you calculate how much you’ve fed your baby!

- Add photos, sound, and video to see how your baby grows and develops.

- Track your location to know where you’ve fed your baby - home, work, at your mom’s, etc.

- Record your baby’s height, weight, and head size, then see them all on our comprehensive growth chart.

- Record baby’s daily happenings, milestones, and special moments.

- Back up your data to make sure you never lose it.

=== In App Purchases: Premium ===

Our Premium upgrade unlocks all these features at a discount:

+ Bottle

Tracks bottle feedings for your baby - formula, breast milk, juices, or anything else you want to track.

+ Diapers

Tracks baby’s diaper use - dry, wet, BM or both.

+ Pumping

Keeps track of mom's breast-milk pumping progress. Like Nursing, you can use our easy timer to track your progress in real-time.

+ Sleeping

Keeps track of your baby’s sleep and nap times.

+ Solids

Tracks your baby’s eating routine, and has a comprehensive food list. There’s even an intelligent “Recent” meal list to speed up your selection process.

+ Bath Time

Tracks your baby's bath times, and info such as tub, shampoo, conditioner, lotion and toys used.

+ Doctor Visits

Tracks info on your baby's doctor visits - which doctor was visited, for what reason, what notes you had for the doctor and the doctor's diagnosis.

+ Medication

Track the medicines your baby takes. The reminder feature alerts you when it's time for the next dose.

+ Vaccinations

See a list of recommended vaccinations for your baby, and track all vaccinations your baby has already received.

Baby Nursing is the easy, satisfying way to stay on top on your baby’s progress, and to enjoy all the special moments!

Customer Reviews

  • So easy and helpful!

    by LLcoolJessica

    This is so very simple and the premium upgrade is worth it. I only I use it for nursing, pumping, and keeping track of diapers but it is simple and great.

  • Best app on my phone!

    by Carlyisle

    As a new mom, this app is so helpful to me! It helps me keep track of so much, stay organized and on schedule. Since I always have my phone nearby, everything stays in one place and I don't have to track down paper. I highly recommend purchasing all the features! I have used almost all of them during the first 6 weeks of my daughter's life.

  • Absolutely love this app!

    by BeckyxAnne

    I love this app. I use it for everything. My daughter is 11 days old and had lost a whole pound from when she was born to the day she went home. I am breastfeeding and supplementing with formula and was having trouble remembering how many feedings she was doing along with wet and poop diapers. She wasn't hitting the 10-12 diapers a day but since I downloaded this app I've been able to keep better track and she's now gaining weight and hitting the wet/poop diaper marker. Thanks for making such a great app!! -BeckyAnne

  • Awesome!

    by Peacefuldolphin

    Hands down the greatest app for keeping track. I installed this on my iPhone 3. Haven't used it forever, so now it wants charge me for premium which I already paid for before update

  • The best tool for feeding

    by Busway mom

    Love it, very helpfull

  • Love app

    by maggeythecat

    Now stop asking me to rate it every time I open it. If I pay for an app I shouldn't be bothered anymore!

  • Perfect

    by Miss K8t

    As a first time mom with a touch if OCD, this app is amazing! I bought this when my son was 3 days old and it's been a life saver for my sleep deprived brain. Anything you could possibly want to keep track of is here....all ridiculously easy to use and the interface is awesome. I'm in love with this app. No complaints here.

  • Use this everyday!

    by Erin Fank

    My daughter is 8 months old And I've been using this since day one to track all her feedings. It was. Lifesaver in the beginning, especially the timer that would remind me if she'd gone too long without eating those first sleepy days. I've had it so long, I don't remember what upgrades I had to buy - bit they were prob with it. One reviewer mentioned not being able to rearrange the categories, you can under settings, "rearrange sections". Enjoy!

  • Obsessed!

    by Dboudreaux2

    I am a first time mom and am a little OCD. Especially when it comes to breastfeeding my little love. He is 5 days old now and I have used this app since day 1 in the hospital. I bought the full app with all extras and use almost all of them already. Tracking diapers, pumping, breastfeeding, medications for me (necessary after my c-section), doctors visits, weight changes, etc. help me stay sane and not forget anything. I love how easy it is to access everything and how user friendly it is. My husband even adds things in here daily if I forget or am busy. You will not regret buying it. Trust me!

  • Great app!!!

    by JnRW10

    This is a great app!! Like it a lot better then the other one I had!!! So clear and easy to use!!

  • A Newborn Mommy MUST!!

    by Groovewoman

    Love this app. It is perfect for keeping up with feedings, which sides and keeping up with diapers. Something every newborn mommy needs!

  • Very helpful with a newborn.

    by caldejla

    I really like this app for keeping track of nursing and diapers. My only complaint is that the units of measurement were wrong when I initially set up the birth information for my baby and there doesn't seem to be an easy way to fix it without deleting my baby and adding her again, which will wipe out our history. :-(

  • Great!

    by Bellepoele

    Works really well and has been very helpful in nursing!

  • A must for new moms

    by Christine Might

    Wonderful app. Very easy to use. Allows an easy way to keep track of breastfeeding. I love that I always have it with me, no more paper logs to keep track of (there is enough to remember with a newborn). Wish I had used this app from day 1.

  • Super Helpful

    by Katie Rest

    This has been a huge help in monitoring when I last pumped, nursed, and fed, as well as keeping track of diapers, which is important when you need to make sure they are getting enough to eat. I'm glad I spent the $5 on it, it was definitely worth it!

  • Nice app but could use a mod for med tracking

    by sheila_d

    This app would be perfect if you could log when meds were given besides just keeping a list of which meds the baby is taking.

  • Love it!!!

    by bkersh210

    I love how easy this app is to use. It's perfect for new mommies helping them keep track of all the important needs of their newborn.

  • Not the best but gets the job done

    by VanessaJC

    I am using this app because my favorite one needs an update. I wish it had wouldnt log two feedings if I nurse on both sides. It only records one side per feeding. It would also be nice if it kept track of time in between feedings so I didn't have to do mental math every time I check it. The layout is a little weird too, but I like that the time keeper runs in the background so I can use other apps.

  • I'm love with the app

    by GabyFina

    I enjoy this app. It helps a lot to keeping tracking of my baby stuff :)

  • Amazing

    by Mannnnnnnny

    Super helpful!

  • Unshareable between fam members

    by X232rdgvhff

    Great app for the purpose, but cannot share info. My wife and I both should be able to enter info. into our own apps and share content through say, a common content.

  • Misleading

    by Jennifer A

    You need to pay for all the features except the breast feeding timer.

  • Awesome!

    by Whitepageuser

    Great app! So nice to have everything in one place! The diary is a great way to view the summary! Love-I definitely recommend!

  • Great app!

    by Piano player203

    This app has kept me on track with nursing, not only when but which breast to offer at next the feeding. Love that you can go to other apps while still tracking the nursing time.

  • Sweet deal!

    by Evfosho

    So useful and easy to use for first time parents. Keeping track of all the necessary duties and responsibilities is easy to log. Awesome!

  • Thumbs up

    by Megmyday

    So far so good! I upgraded and am pleased with all of the features.

  • Must have app for Moms

    by Cadens Mom

    This is a must have app! I love that it keeps track of everything for you and that it even reminds you for the next feeding or medicine dose. Wish I had this for my first two kids

  • Lifesaver!!!

    by Tracy Stendal

    I downloaded this app after my little girl struggled to gain weight in her first weeks. The dr would ask me how often I was feeding her, and my sleep deprived brain couldn't even remember. Now she is almost 3 months and is gaining well, even though she needs a supplement. I love the app because it allows me to keep track of how often and how long I'm nursing, how much supplement she's getting, how much I'm getting when I pump. This has allowed me to analyze patterns in my milk production, her weight gain, etc which has been a lifesaver. Word of advice though, remember to stay in tune with your baby and let them tell you what they need. It's easy to get wrapped up in the numbers when it's right at your fingertips.

  • Love paid version but..

    by Imbrokenow

    Minus one star for incessant pop ups! I don't want to give my location or rate on Facebook so stop asking everyone I try to enter feeding info! Other than that, this is the third app I've tried to properly monitor my newborns habits and I find it refreshingly complete, sans the stupid pop ups

  • Great software to have

    by Jenny-usa

    Love it

  • Great for keeping track of all the little details

    by NewMomBrain

    This app is brilliant. Even with my sleep deprived new mommy brain I can now easily track when and how long she fed, the state of her diapers, doctors appts and my medication easily (as well as a variety of other items). Controls are pretty intuitive and interface is easy to use. Full version is available as in-app purchase, but after using the feeding tracker it was a no brainer to get the full app. Highly recommend!

  • So helpful!

    by Valliegirl9

    This is great! It helps me remember which side I nursed from last and how long each of my feedings last.

  • Great app easy to use

    by Vanessa Miller

    This is a great app. Easy to use and keeps track of feedings. Must pay extra for separate things (diapers, pumping, etc).

  • Love this app! So useful!

    by StephanieReview222

    I use it everyday, even 5 months after my son was born! I even add journal notes in when he had all his "firsts" line rolling over, starting a new size diaper, giggling, sleeping throughout the night, solid foods and more. Then I can look back here to write it down in his baby book down the road. It is great for timing breastfeeding and being able to have the info to tell the Dr at his visits. Highly recommend!

  • Great app!

    by NewToOnline

    This is a great app for tracking nursing and new baby weight.

  • Perfect for parents of newborns

    by Aziza813

    Love this app!!! Very useful and practical.

  • Excellent--convenient easy to use!!!

    by Emily51986

    Very helpful very thoughtful app love it and makes feelings easier and good to have all the information!!

  • A must have!

    by Nicole11213

    This is a life saver for anyone with a newborn! I was trying to track nursing times and diaper changes with the pocket nanny but was so tired that I kept getting so confused and wasn't sure I was giving her enough. This app makes it so easy to track everything. I highly recommend getting the premium version. It is worth the $5. The features I have used so far are the nursing and the diaper tracking. I will start using the other features as she gets older!

  • Great!

    by NeuroticMommy

    I downloaded this app because my newborn was not gaining weight but actually lost more weight. This will be great to help me keep perfect track of feelings and diapers to show the doc and so I know exactly what she is doing. Helps a lot!

  • Great app for any new parent!

    by Matthew Kaczmarek

    This app is great for keeping track of everything from breast feeding, diaper changes to bottle feeding and pumping. My only complaint would be that my wife and I both have the app and there's no way to transfer the info from one phone to another. Maybe they could have you sign into an account and have all the info linked to that account so that you could access it on multiple phones.

  • Good baby tracker

    by SDB 29

    Use this to track my baby's sleep. Works well. Nice looking easy to use app.

  • Perfect for nursing!

    by Hymay7

    Just downloaded to replace another tracking app that did not have a timer. This app does exactly what I need. Haven't upgraded yet but likely will based on usability so far.

  • Good tool

    by VictoriannMcQueen

    I am enjoying using this tool to track my nursing an other baby related information. The only thing I don't like is the time it sometimes takes for the ap to load. It is trying to load the statistics of everything and I really just want to start the timber as soon as he latches. Slows us Down.

  • Almost perfect

    by Sassafras2680

    I upgraded right away and love the upgrade. It's very flexible! The gripes listed in other reviews are valid: it does ask you to rate it several times a day right from the beginning; it should allow you to shuffle the categories so the ones you use most are on the top (but it doesn't); I'd love to be able to merge my data with my wife's since we're both caring for the baby but not always in the same place at the same time. Otherwise excellent and I recommend it in any case.

  • Love It

    by mlika11

    Tried several nursing logs and this one by far is the nicest and easiest to use.

  • Wish I knew about it sooner

    by JB529-6251

    Easy and so convenient

  • App Malfunction Deleted all my daughters info

    by Cracklezackle

    This application when working was great but for the second time it has glitches out deleting everything leaving me starting from square 1. Requesting Refund

  • Love this app

    by Mr&MrsExtravaGangsta

    This app helps me remember everything that has to do with my new born it even tracks his vaccination dates I love it

  • Great app

    by Lizzard1027

    So far love what it does

  • Great tracker app!

    by Ashley Dukeman

    Very easy to use!

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