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Comprehensive review for the Registered Respiratory Therapist and Certified Respiratory Therapist exams. Respiratory therapists evaluate, treat, and care for patients with breathing or other cardiopulmonary disorders. Practicing under the direction of a physician, respiratory therapists assume primary responsibility for all respiratory care therapeutic treatments and diagnostic procedures, including the supervision of respiratory therapy technicians.

Patient Data Evaluation, Review Existing Data in Patient Record, Collect and Evaluate Pertinent Clinical Information, Recommend Procedures to Obtain Additional Data, Equipment Application and Cleanliness, Manipulate Equipment by Order or Protocol, Ensure Infection Control, Perform Quality Control Procedures, Therapeutic Procedure Initiation & Modification, Maintain Records and Communicate Information, Maintain Patent Airway/Care of Artificial Airways, Remove Bronchopulmonary Secretions, Achieving Adequate Respiratory Support, Evaluate and Monitor Patient's Objective and Subjective Responses to Respiratory Care, Independently Modify Therapeutic Procedures Based on the Patient's Response, Recommend Modifications in the Respiratory Care Plan, Determine the Appropriateness of the Prescribed Respiratory Care Plan and Recommend, Modifications When Indicated, Initiate, Conduct, or Modify Respiratory Care Techniques in an Emergency Setting, Act as an Assistant
to the MD Performing Special Procedures and Cardiopulmonary Calculations.

Continuous Positive Airway Pressure (CPAP), Pressure Support Ventilation (PSV), Continuous Mandatory Ventilation (CMV) and Synchronized Intermittent Mandatory Ventilation (SIMV). Clinical uses, advantages and disadvantages are discussed in detail. Teaches important aspects of Ventilator Control Systems including The Ventilatory Cycle or Complete Breath, Mechanical Ventilation Management, Initial Ventilator Settings and Supplementary Ventilation Settings and much more.

Mechanical Ventilation
Anatomy of the Respiratory System; including Larynx, The Mucosa, Trachea, Lungs(Pulmonary Arteries, Pulmonary Veins, Blood Distribution, Lymphatic Drainage, Bronchioles, Alveoli and Pleura. Module provides quick reference to Lung Mechanics Airways Resistance, Medical Pathological Conditions, Major Functions of Cells Mediation Immune Responses and much more.
Learn Fast and efficiently with one self contained, self paced learning system. Study system based only on The National Board for Respiratory Care requirements.

Fluff-free presentation covering only essential "need to know" information to be tested. No Filler.

Nonprofit APPs: 100% of your purchase will be donated to find a cure research fund. Provides support for patients and for research into causes, prevention and treatment.

Customer Reviews

  • wonderful

    by studenteii

    This is wonderful preperation for the exam. Everything about it is great . In the chapter questions, the answers for each is placed directly under each question which makes it easy to effectively use them.

  • testing

    by henierr

    With it, my whole testing prep is alot easier and more understandable. It gives you all the things you need to know to pass the test.

  • good

    by aERxS

    given the complexity of the exam, i feel like this touched everything tested, overall its great

  • good

    by dannybuinki

    overall this was a great course, price will good and it covered everything

  • comprehensive

    by stackedcreative

    It was especially helpful to go over the material studying reading materials such as this comprehensive exam review book.

  • good

    by mkultra-wi

    Lots to study, exam objectives are here. Would recommend

  • easy read

    by WolfCounsel

    Easy read, it is a very good resource to have

  • rrt

    by QuentinAdams

    My wife did complete the rrt certificate and this book is the bible if you want to prepare yourself decently!!!

  • Not worth the money

    by Jung911

    This "test" is poorly written and is therefore very difficult for anyone to understand the questions being asked. I don't believe that this app is worth $1.99, and it's definitely not worth the $15 that I paid for it.

  • The author needs a better grasp of English

    by lunabellismo

    Lacks punctuation and questions are not written well. I Have used similar apps for paramedic and nclex study. Has potential, but questions are poorly written and repetitive

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