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radnatomy is an anatomy reference that uses 'real' radiology images with a pseudo-PACS like interface allowing basic image manipulation and the ability to view different sequences and imaging planes.

• Easily pan, zoom, and scroll through images
• Flip images, useful for situs, musculoskeletal imaging, and other scenarios
• Locate anatomy quickly
• Filter out unneeded labels
• Change planes and imaging sequences
• Inline access to anatomy definitions and wikipedia entries
• Anatomy included: brain (MR), temporal bone (CT), thorax (CT), abdomen-pelvis (CT), elbow (xray), knee (MR), temporomandibular joint (MR), elbow (MR), and ankle (MR)
• Designed for the medical community, from the curious, student, trainee, intern, resident, technologist, practicing physician, and others interested in anatomy

Customer Reviews

  • Great New App!!

    by AlfanzoBlanco

    This is the first anatomy app that gave me in-depth information about the human body through easily-accessible functions and a intuitive design that makes it simple to understand the information and saves time to use!

  • Easy to use

    by PSD1003

    Using this app is better than using a paper atlas to reference anatomy. It has a simple interface that requires no learning curve.

  • A must-have for med students!!

    by Devi90

    Easy to use. Functional and perfect for med students. CT and MRI images are top quality. I like how I can look up anatomy information in Wikipedia without leaving the app.

  • Great App!

    by 46636858647477

    As a Radiology resident this is a great tool to quickly refer to MRI and CT anatomy when at work. I use this app almost everyday, and the included anatomy is easy to identify and compare for my needs.

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