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Care360 Mobile from Quest Diagnostics allows you to access your medical office anywhere, anytime and is a HIPAA compliant mobile companion to Care360 Labs & Meds and Care360 EHR.

With Care360 Mobile, you have the flexibility and convenience to manage your caseload beyond the walls of your practice. You can access medication history, place lab orders and view results and more from your iPhone.

This app is ideal for use when you’re on call or just on the go.

Key features include:

Clinical Workflow: Providers can utilize Care360 instead of scribbling notes to staff or using paper requisitions
• Order and View Results Everywhere: Users can place lab orders and access Quest Diagnostics results when they are on the go
• Favorites: Users have access to their favorites grids for diagnosis and tests
• Hold List: Orders can be placed on the “Hold List” and accessed by office staff, Quest Diagnostics patient service centers and in office phlebotomists
• Tasking: Orders can be tasked to internal staff for them to complete before the order is put on the “Hold List” or the draw is completed

• Write Prescriptions: Review medication histories, write prescriptions, manage interactions and allergy alerts, as well as review claims/pharmacy history and access Formulary Alternatives.
• Manage Renewals/Approvals: Respond to renewal/approval requests
• Allergies: Create and manage patient allergies lists
• General
• Search and View Patient Charts: Find medical charts including patient summary, problems, medications, comments, allergies, labs and patient demographics*

Note: A Care360 subscription is required to use this application. Learn more at

*Information available will vary based on the user’s Care360 subscription.

Customer Reviews

  • Fantastic app

    by MD18

    Thank you for another great app.

  • Suggestions

    by mikee60369

    Love the application. Would be great though to add the ability to display previous labs in a tabular format, such as all BMPs over the last year, so that easy comparisons or trends can be seen. Also would be great to use landscape view for this. Still, I really, really am impressed that you have come out with this very useful app. I just reviewed and signed off on 8 patients' labs while waiting for a haircut.

  • Fantastic!!

    by jimk2542

    Great app when you don't have laptop up and patients calling for results. Super job!

  • Amazing!!

    by Arrg user

    Paperless office now. E scripting is great!!!

  • Great job Quest

    by jbj76

    This a fantastic application. What a great way for care providers to access their patients' Quest Diagnostics lab results while in the room with the patient. Also, the electronic prescribing capabilities are very handy. This is the future of labs and meds!

  • Amazing!!!

    by idontsleep

    Thank you....This app is great!! The ability to view patient's labs and meds while being mobile is a fantastic tool.

  • Awsome

    by Dr.saheb

    Awsome App. Just what I needed.

  • Unreliable prescription transmission

    by Bryan Khim

    Electronic prescribing works well most of the time, but I get call backs from pharmacies and patients complaining that either none or only part of the prescriptions went through. BK

  • Convience

    by Nurse I'm the making

    Neat app, I just wanted to try this app to see if it really worked. I side and I'm very impressed. Apple u did it again!!'


    by Ja Ja from Philly


  • MD

    by Salaldin

    I love this app. I don't like how the app stops working when you are trying to deactivate a medication from the med list. I think it happens mostly over the Wi-fi. Hope an update will fix this issue soon.

  • Great App for Patient Management

    by robcwag

    Quest Diagnostics has made a great app for interfacing with their Care360 Labs and Meds application. First off the interface is very intuitive, and I found it very easy to navigate through the app to access everything from Lab Results, to e-Prescribing, to Allergies, etc. I have it installed on an iPhone with OS3 and I am very happy with what I am seeing.

  • MD

    by Notatech

    What a time saver! Easy to use! And it helps me out when away from the office. Thank you!!!

  • Terrific!

    by PhillyDoc24

    I will give better patient care with this app. Can check labs anytime, anywhere. I would give it five stars if there was a filter by provider name so I didn't have to also sift through my colleagues' labs too and also if there was a remove function directly from the iPhone app. Right now to clean up my list I have to log in on my desk top, an extra step, that I have to be near my desk top to do. Otherwise, great app!

  • Great apps

    by JBdoc

    Saves times looking up results anywhere

  • Who needs a laptop to carry?

    by Southern NYC

    Great app! So easy to use especially with the eprescribe! Who needs a computer in the room? Wish it was a tad bit faster going from screen to screen. Over all...well done!

  • Internist, NY

    by degeem

    Very reliable and amazingly fast! I've gotten an iPhone for the sake of this application-it was worth it "big time"! Review labs., send/renew/approve meds, go to individual charts, call to pts by tapping directly on the tel.# in "demographics" etc...This is it!!! Just great.

  • Country dok

    by Oldtimedok

    Great app. So simple even a technochallenged old guy like me was able to quickly get to the valuable info for my patients. Now I can write scripts as well. Love it!!!

  • Update sucked!

    by Happy 1234567891

    The last update made eprescribing a nightmare. It won't keep a printer selected, you have to select it every time. Almost every single pharmacy now requires ALL the patients demographics to be filled in or it will not allow it to send. The program kicks you all the way out of it and shuts down if you timeout of your password. It has made what was a good program more of a headache, and sending a med for a headache now causes me to have one. Half of our provider have been writing hand Rx's since. Really lame update. They need to fix it!! Also, the darn Quest "Server Maintenance" always seems to happen on a Saturday when I have 2 hours left to work, so our clinic can't pull labs or send Rx's. Getting a little fed up with the price we pay for this per provider for it to slow us down. The Quest rep says"I'll check into it" but that's all we ever hear.

  • Badly needs updates!

    by CindyB17

    Good for checking labs but e prescribing is severely limited. You are allowed only 150 favorite drugs (each dose counts as a different med). Long's is still listed though they were taken over by CVS years ago. Adding new drugs takes months. Nice idea but poor execution. I do not use their EMR but doctors I have talked to about it are not very happy with their choice.

  • Rx piece loses meds

    by TennisDoc3011

    Thank god for paper records. The rx piece loses all my antihypertensives and statins. They shoe up on a pc but not on the itouch. Cuts service was clueless! Anyone else have this problem?

  • I tried it and it is lame

    by Doc Joe1

    hard to get data, not real use in day to day if you only have some patients on quest,

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