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One of the most exclusive Visual Dictionary of AcuPuncture that details on over 300+ CHINESE AcuPuncture points with their ENGLISH and CHINESE names. LEARN A-Z of AcuPuncture and get insights into the following categories of AcuPuncture:

* Du Vessel Meridian
* Gall bladder Meridian
* Heart Meridian
* Kidney Meridian
* Large Intestine Meridian
* Liver Meridian
* Lung Meridian
* Pericardium Meridian
* Ren Vessel Meridian
* San Jiao Meridian
* Small Intestine Meridian
* Spleen Meridian
* Stomach Meridian
* Urinary Bladder Meridian

300+ AcuPuncture related points with instructions and photo. A noteworthy application to have in your collection of must have apps! Professionally made content, photo and convenient grouping of poses according to their level and type!

Customer Reviews

  • SCAM!!!

    by Acupunks

    I want my fing money back!!!!

  • Do not buy

    by VincentSGN

    I never write any review, but this one is the worst. Meridian points are so little, ugly doll....etc.. Don't waist your money

  • Acupuncture visual dictionary

    by Jako249

    This app is a scam with inaccurate pictures. Most points have a lock instead of a picture. don't spend .99 on this scam.

  • Acupuncture Dictionary

    by lgilleran

    Weak. Only first points of principle meridians are shown/described. An example is stomach 36 is not available. ST 36 is a most important point. This should Be a free program otherwise it is paying for an advertisement to upgrade to there Max program. Not recommended.

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