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Languages: English

Seller: Poulet Maison Ptd Ltd

Updated to latest version of iOS

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█ Ever wonder why you do the things you do? Ever wondered how your astrology star sign influences your daily life? Find out with "Astrology Horoscope - FREE.”


Using actual astrology techniques passed down over the centuries this app determines your star sign based on your date of birth and gives you an astrological reading.

Do you want to know who you are?

Do you want to know someone elses personality?

This app helps define your personality, qualities, your strengths, and potential weaknesses.


Webtopia is a trading name for Poulet Maison Pty Ltd

Customer Reviews

  • Astro sign

    by slii7272

    Cool app.

  • Great

    by The prophet666

    It needs to be more descriptive on the information

  • f

    by Fabreez11


  • Good, but limited

    by Tobby-robby

    This is a cool app with cool graphics but I would like it to be a bit more descriptive.

  • Good

    by Pokieboy45


  • Astrology

    by Lastcritch

    Info. Limited

  • Wow

    by Nicky2221


  • Astrology

    by Boy wit iPod

    !!!!It's so cool!!!

  • Cabin

    by Cabinfeverkay


  • Cool!

    by Kittywhale

    This app is really interesting and it's fun to see your birth dates meaning. I really suggest getting this app. Good luck!

  • Astrology

    by sexy33

    It's pretty cool

  • Hi

    by charmaia

    Great app

  • Good Job


    For the most part it's on the money. Some time I dislike it cuz it's right.

  • Awesome

    by AriVolleyballChamp

    It is so awesome!! I want a more better use of this app but ok?! I want like a criss angel app so I can be his bf. I love him I am his #1 fan than all the others!!! Anyway back to the app.. It is kinda lame.. And cool at the same time!!!

  • Good entrance

    by Extravagante

    It has good tones and good info about the signs of the day

  • Astrology

    by Ami Sullivan

    Too cool n love it!

  • I like it! It's just something different & interesting! Very simple to use!!

    by jaynjug

    It really detailed my boyfriend!lol too funny!! Just good fun!!

  • It's a good app

    by MzEmpress

    It's very informal but not amusing!!!!

  • Rate me

    by Tom'sDanny

    It's pretty cool

  • Awesome !

    by Kaylacatolico

    I love this app!

  • Ehhh

    by Fhjsjahah

    It was great at first... Then it got lame. :/ so ehhh

  • It's ok

    by Lannelle Roberts

    It's nothing to great, so it's only OK.

  • Jlfpe40

    by Jlfpe40

    I don't get it. It's the same old info every day. Useless.

  • dumbb

    by Dorae Walker

    wont open !

  • Waste of time and energy!

    by Oreo_Woman88

    It just gives you a basic description about your sign, stuff that I already knew! And that is all there is to it! I am disgusted! At least the sound and graphics were cool!

  • Try another

    by gambinous

    Looks awful. Not worth the download. Does not give much information just some general info about each sign.

  • Love it!

    by Chuney

    I love the simplicity of this app!!!

  • I like it

    by TonyG34

    Great app!

  • Atro

    by Kingjep

    It's a no!!!

  • I don't like this app. Want to know how to delete's not a whole lot to it...

    by Contessa PARKER-AUSTIN


  • Amazing

    by MIAngel99


  • Awesome

    by Winx625

    Great simple app

  • Astrology

    by Michelle Bielke

    Plain and simple, a good app.

  • Goo

    by ThugsB

    Great app

  • Simple fun

    by realdealmoney

    This app is very simple. It just give the very basics of ones astrology sign.

  • It's the same thing

    by mamamoomoo

    It's the same thing. Never nothing new

  • Crashed

    by jos272

    It totally juat crashed on me

  • G

    by Paws314

    This app is Awesome!!!

  • oop's

    by Pope the 9th

    No it don't , but sometime it do.

  • Tkraft

    by Tkraft

    Cool app

  • Aws!

    by Mr.juggles

    Good gosh this app is amazing!

  • Cool!!

    by Aniani25

    Its a very cool app. I luv it!! :D

  • Nice

    by Dark rage

    Fun to use

  • It WAS cool

    by bratleybrown

    It got boring

  • Not bad

    by honestbattler

    I know that i have always been a typical pisces. So this has described me quite accurately. It's rather aesthetic too. How about some Chinese astrology too? I know I've always been a typical Dog too.

  • Lame

    by Chilnvilan

    Does nothing more than tell you what sign you are. Waist of time.

  • It's OK

    by !@#$%^&*( )_+

    I actually think it's kind of good but I'll probably delete it soon. I already know my sign and everything so it kind of useless now.

  • WTH

    by Lilmiz28


  • Just sun sign not accurate

    by Fddggvbjkhgfcvbnjjhgfff

    Also it doesn't take birth year into account which makes a big difference especially for cusps. Oh and the descriptions are dumb.

  • Nice..... But

    by da.MRZ.taylor

    It got borring after awhile

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