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The #1 source for podiatry information, now available in your pocket.

iPodiatrist™ is a complete resource, with an unprecedented amount of medical information, foot facts, educational videos, anatomy photos, podiatry reference websites, a fun foot themed game, and much more.

Designed in collaboration with Dr. Alec Hochstein, Diplomate, American Board of Podiatric Surgery, iPodiatrist™ is designed to be a valuable application for patients, students, physicians, and just about anyone who is interested in expanding their knowledge about foot health and the speciality of podiatric medicine and surgery. The application is easy to use, educational, and a must-have for everyone with feet.

Customer Reviews

  • Could be better

    by Hiimjj

    I bought this app as a source of information only. I wish more info on different surgeries were provided.

  • Fantastic App

    by FootProblem in OC

    Dr. Hochstein responded to my questions via email in a very timely manner. He gave me his honest opinions and even went so far as to send me a link to a video, I'm very happy with this app!

  • Wow! Best app I have ever downloaded!

    by Michael Jimenez

    I have to say, this app put me in touch with a Dr. That took the time to answer my questions very responsibly & thoroughly. I am so thankful and for the quick response! All it took was an email through the app itself. This was very easy to use. So grateful! Such a great resource...Download and use this app you won't be disappointed!

  • Wow!

    by MasterB23

    This app is really great! It is very informative, nicely put together and well managed! Guess what? If you don't see what you're looking for you can send in your specific foot question and the doctor (actual creator of the app) will answer you gladly! Get it while it's still free!!!

  • Great App

    by Swifferwetjet

    Not only does this app teaches about podiatry but also things relating to it like school, etc. You can even write to the doctor in charge of the application and he will answer very quick with plenty and concise information. 5 stars!

  • Impressed

    by Follower not

    Very happy with this App. Most helpful and great education for anyone who cares or wants info. on podiatry. Or even just to read. I learned a lot and refer to it weekly in my job and brushing up on all the great info!!!! Thanks!!!!


    by Tambopotomus

    Dr. Alec Hochstein is absolutely wonderful! He emailed me back within two hours and responded a second time within minutes. Absolutely amazing. This is like having a Doctor in your pocket. I highly recommend this app and Dr. Alec Hochstein 1,000,000+ times!! THANK YOU SO MUCH DR. HOCHSTEIN!!

  • Great app!

    by Naval patel OCPM

    This app is great! The doctor is very responsive to all questions asked and the app is a good quick review when looking up something for a refreshment.

  • Needs some final touches. Good job. Thanks

    by ckjets

    I am willing to pay for a good podiatry app. This app is a good start but: 1. The all blue app is depressing. 2. Anatomy is low resolution and no labels.

  • Great app!

    by Megatron ED

    Awesome app for all your podiatry needs to start with!

  • Good but could be great

    by BUdpm

    This is a great app, but the anatomy diagrams need labels and the ability to display all or a select few at a time. Make this change and the app would be much better!

  • Wonderful User Interface! Easy to use

    by GISuser

    This app has a great layout and is very easy to use. Love the homepage which clearly lays out all the information clearly. Wonderful app!

  • Great App

    by S to da Matz

    Great app! Very informative and user friendly! Creator did a great job putting this together...

  • Good resource

    by Masterdolphin

    I'm just graduating from NYCPM and starting a residency in NY this July. Though this app was very informative and fun to use. I like fact that it's free also. Not exactly sure what the guy below me expects from a version 1 free app but I like it a lot. Nice job.

  • Excellent info & hidden game

    by Wherenow

    Can't stop playing asTOEroids!!!

  • Great App!

    by BrettcIphone

    Great Podiatry app for free. It is very user friendly and well design. This app places so much useful information at your fingertips & the game is fun! Thanks!

  • Great app, simple to use and navigate

    by N64BOY39

    Love this app because it's so easy to pick up and understand. You don't need to know a think about feet to get started. Great facts, wonderful videos, and the foot game is real fun too!

  • Director of Wound Care @ CHHC, Wound Specialist with Partners in Plastic Surgery, & Owner/Consulting

    by Angela Savage

    What can I say other than "Well done......well done!!!! " I quickly zipped through the app and it's very user friendly, fast & most importantly has information I will be able to use in the field. I will be letting my staff & colleagues know so they too can have this important information at their fingertips. I applaud your undying efforts to reach the world in such an important field; much needed and very appreciated!!! Again---Congrats!!!! And Thanks!!!!!! Your colleague in the trenches-- Nurse Savage

  • Worthless!

    by The Dirty North

    Don't let the prior reviews fool you. I can't stand when a developer gives themselves 5-star ratings. How about you let the user decide? The AsTOEroid game is terrible. You have nice photos of podiatric anatomy yet you forgot the labels! Furthermore, your videos won't load and the app is full of glitches. The only enjoyment I had was when deleted it. How about you delete this crap and start over again?

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