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  • Updated: Apr, 04 2009
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Resolves issues some users were experiencing with the registration process and answer reviews.

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PEPID offers free and expanded study tools for medical and nursing students.

**PEPID NCLEX Mini Review**

This portable review allows nursing students to study for the NCLEX-RN at home or on-the-go. PEPID NCLEX Mini Review contains 40 electronic review cards in Q&A format.

With PEPID, nursing students can study electronic nursing review cards to prep for the NCLEX-RN, on their iPhone or iPod Touch so they can test their nursing knowledge anytime, anyplace.

**PEPID Drug Mini Review**

Busy students can prep for their board exams by reviewing electronic drug information on their iPhone or iPod Touch. So they have the freedom to study whenever and wherever they can.

PEPID Drug Mini Review contains 20 electronic review cards that help you learn important drug information on your iPhone or iTouch anytime, anyplace.


PEPID NCLEX Review covers every section of the NCLEX-RN exam.

Topics include:

--- Management of care
--- Safety and infection control
--- Health promotion and maintenance
--- Basic care and comfort
--- Pharma therapies
--- Reduction of risk
--- Physiological adaptation

PEPID NCLEX Review includes everything you need to prepare for the exam, on-the-go without lugging around a heavy textbook. Our Q&A format makes reviewing essential information fast and easy for busy students.

**PEPID Drug Review**

PEPID Drug Review contains 200 drug review cards, plus a comprehensive 50-question test. Drug information includes:

--- Class and uses
--- Administration
--- Major side effects
--- Need to know

PEPID Drug Review includes everything you need to study on-the-go. Our bulleted format makes reviewing essential pharmacological information fast and easy for busy students, without carrying around a heavy textbook.

Visit to learn more.

Customer Reviews

  • Fine for a free product

    by MollyMel

    Not too extensive, but free. 40 single answer questions and 20 pharm cards. Better than nothing! I will keep it for the pharm, but would have deleted it after doing the questions otherwise. Thanks

  • Not bad for a start.

    by G.Kerns

    This is a teaser for additional questions that are available for a fee. The general format could use some fine tuning, but the content seems pretty good. Nice little study aide for nursing students, though there is too little content on this teaser to be of much use.

  • preview of full version

    by wmxl69

    It's not bad but I'm not sure whether I want the full version.

  • Eh

    by AJCJ girl

    Not NCLEX style questions and only a few of them at that. They just want you to buy the real thing and I wouldn't based on this ap. But it's free to try it out.

  • Pointless

    by Nj1387

    It's only like 6 ?'s per topic area (i.e. Pharmacology). No point in downloading unless you want only 50 "okay" teaser questions. This is a test run, they want you to buy the product.

  • doesn't work on ipod

    by Erinduriel

    This app doesn't work on iPod touch. Shame...looks nice.

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